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<p>The Governors Honors Program</p> <p>The Governors Honors ProgramShiloh High SchoolDevin JonesProfessional School CounselorWhat is GHP?Six week (now cut to four weeks) instructional program begun in 1964 for the states most talented studentsA chance for in depth study of academic or artistic fields of interest and be taught by excellent high school and college instructors An opportunity practice interpersonal skills living with peers on a Georgia college campusParticipation paid for by the state, including each students tuition, room, board, and instructional supplies </p> <p>2GHP alumni speak out!</p> <p>What do GHP nominees look like?They are the very top students at this school in their area of study, and are well-rounded, high achieving students across the board. Nominees take the most challenging courses in their area of nomination and they do well. Nominees are passionate about their area of study and participate in various extracurricular activities in that area.What does it mean to be nominated?Your teacher has recognized you as an exceptionally talented student.Nomination in more than one area means decision-making, but multiple opportunities too!Nomination is a feather in your cap but also a big commitment to a lengthy process.You are entering a competition among the smartest, most talented high school students in the state of Georgia for limited spaces in the states most prestigious summer program.Once youre nominatedWhat happens next?Completion of applicationRevision of application with facultySchool interviewsTeacher recommendationCounty interviewsState interviews</p> <p>How are GHP nominees judged?Quality of applicationEvidence of commitment to area of nomination (i.e. extra-curricular activities)Academic performance and PSAT scoresAdditional nominationsTeacher recommendationPerformance in interviews (and subject specific requirements such as writing samples, portfolios, resumes, etc.)</p> <p>Your ApplicationYou never get a second chance to make a first impression!Develop your ideas thoroughly Thorough does NOT mean a few sentences. Each response must be considered an independent composition /essay.List all of your accomplishmentsOrganize and proofreadGet advice and feedback from those you trustApplication QuestionsDescribe your interest in area.</p> <p>Describe what you have done beyond normal class work.</p> <p>Explain why you should be selected.</p> <p>Have you decided on a career? Elaborate.</p> <p>Make any statement supporting your nomination, not covered elsewhere.</p> <p>For more informationCheck out the GA Department of Educations website for students and parents: Explore the website that 2009s computer science majors created: the videos: </p>