Shifting Shopper Preferences: Analyzing The Latest Data on Cross-Channel Trends

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Text of Shifting Shopper Preferences: Analyzing The Latest Data on Cross-Channel Trends

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2. JimBengier Global Retail Executive Sterling Commerce an IBM Company TroyBrown Retail Practice Leader Demandware, Inc. DebbieHauss Executive Editor Retail TouchPoints 3. Agenda for Cross-Channel Brand Interaction 2010 Consumer Preference Survey Introductions Key Results from the Survey Survey Released at Annual Summit Sterling Commerces point of view Demandwares point of view The Future of Cross-Channel Questions 4 2010 IBM Corporation 4. Overview of the 2010 Consumer Preference Survey 2010 versus 2007 consumer expectations Importance of Cross-Channel to the Consumer Required Cross-Channel Capabilities UK versus US Consumer Expectations 5 2010 IBM Corporation 5. Consumers Cross-Channel Expectations Have Changed2007-2010 Comparisons1 Cross-Channel Consumer Expectations2007 2010 Complete an order anywhere 55%61% Modify an order anywhere 65%74% Track an order anywhere56%87% Shipping Notice (via any combination of channels)94%88% Shipping Delays (via any combination of channels)91%91% Delivery Notice (via any combination of channels)78%79% Cross-channel return to store90%84% 1 Source: Cross-Channel Brand Interaction: 2010 Consumer Preferences, Sterling Commerce, DemandWare 6 6 2010 IBM Corporation 6. Theyve Raised The Bar Even Higher 85% of respondents expect a seamlessexperience across all channels for a retailer. 1 1 Source: Cross-Channel Brand Interaction: 2010 Consumer Preferences, Sterling Commerce, DemandWare 7 7 2010 IBM Corporation 7. And, The Spoiled Consumers Expectations Have ExpandedImportance Of Cross-Channel Capabilities 1 Notify when item is ready for in-store pickup (important to very important) 91% A negative experience online gives me a negative impression of the retailer over all 62% Notify when frequently-purchased item will be on sale (important to very important)59%Maintain cross-channel customer history (important to very important) 53% What impact does your online shopping experience on a retailer's website have on your overall perception of the retailer's brand?48% Importance of social media when shopping online or via mobile (important to very important) 22% Access product reviews when shopping online or via mobile (important to very important)75% Chat with CSR when shopping online or via mobile (important to very important)53% 1 Source: Cross-Channel Brand Interaction: 2010 Consumer Preferences, Sterling Commerce, DemandWare 88 2010 IBM Corporation 8. Consumer Expectations in UK Versus US2010 Comparisons1 Cross-Channel Consumer Expectations UK US Have high expectations of a seamless cross channel experience 87% 85% Want in store pick up/returns78% 83% UK consumers less likely to buy extras while picking up at store23% 40% Experience frequent OOS for promotional products 32% 32% Uncomfortable making purchases on mobile phones71% 69% Use mobile to more to assist than to buyCheck product availability 29%28%Purchase products12%7% Market Cross-Channel Brand Interaction: 2010 Consumer Preferences, Sterling Commerce, DemandWare 1 Source: place is the most useful mobile shopping app69%66% 2010 Sterling Commerce intellectual property. All rights reserved. 9 2010 IBM Corporation 9. Survey Was Released at 2010 Annual Summit Tuesday Afternoon Invitation Only Executive Summit 125 Senior Level Retail Executives Key Note Speaker was Terry Lundgren, Chairman andPresident of Macys Comments Terry referred to the new Omni channel and Macys ITbudget Executives took notes on customer preference Everyone was in agreement on the required cross-channel focus 10 2010 IBM Corporation 10. Sterling Commerce Point of View 11 2010 IBM Corporation 11. Retail TransformationStore Primary shopping venueSinge touch pointOn-Line Compete against pure play New customer touch point Cross ChannelCustomers shop Omni Integrate Channels Technology view New Relationships 2010 IBM Corporation 12. Three Key Findings From the 2010 Customer Preference Survey Meet the Rewired consumer No longer separate channels, but consumers usetouch points Connectivity is the answer Convenience and flexibility are deciding factors forthe consumer 66% consider it important to be able to determinein-stock availability before visiting a store Technology in the consumers hands is Leading retailers Mobile capabilities for price, 30%; specials, 28%;availability, 26%; item location, 16% 13 2010 IBM Corporation 13. Order Management System: The Brains of Your Cross-Channel Fulfillment Must Provide: Flexible FulfillmentManagement By ExceptionInventory Optimization Real-time Decision Support (SmartApps) Source: AMR, Unlocking Cross-Channel Benefits Through Advanced Order Management, September 20, 2009 14 2010 IBM Corporation 14. Our Customers Are Investing in Cross-Channel Technology 2009 Sterling Commerce intellectual property. All rights reserved. 15 2010 IBM Corporation 15. Four Areas Where Retailers Are Investing in Cross-Channel Technology Inventory Visibility & Available to Promise Consolidate inventory information across multiple systems, enterprises, and participants Intelligent sourcing engine optimizes inventory use across the extended enterprise to provide best Available-to-promise (ATP ) dates Orchestrate Inventory Fulfillment Coordinate complex fulfillment across the extended enterprise Provide a single order repository to modify, cancel, track, and monitor the order lifecyclein real-time Configurable, adaptive processes Returns and Exchanges Enable cross-channel returns and exchanges Automate returns disposition such as return to stock, return to supplier, or destroy Link return requests to original sales orders, to enable lifecycle tracking Delivery, Service and Scheduling Ability to schedule delivery, installation, and other add-on services at time of ordertransaction Rules-based promising, provider selection and crew allocation 16 Integrated control of inventory, delivery and services execution 2010 IBM Corporation 16. What Is the Future of Cross-Channel? Terminology- Omni seems to be taking hold Technology will continue to lead retailers Seamless customer experience regardless of start and stop points 17 2010 IBM Corporation 17. DemandwareStrongly Branded eCommerce Since 2004Innovated merchant-centered tools to support strongly branded customer experiencesRelieved IT burden with first SaaS eCommerce platform with continuous innovation, full customization and utility-level reliabilityDelivered on a shared success business relationship that builds long-term partnership Your Brand. Your Consumer. Demandware.Copyright 2010Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 18. DemandwareStrongly Branded eCommerce Since 2004 Your Brand. Your Consumer. Demandware.19Copyright 2010Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 19. Brands Extend eCommerce Branded Consumer EngagementCopyright 2010Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 20. Branded Engagement Brand Strength In Every Consumer ExperienceMerchandising Sales MarketingBrand Values Service Brand PromiseBranded Engagement Expresses your brandDelivers relevant Builds an through every aspect of experiences emotional and the consumeracrossrational bond experienceconsumersbetween the needconsumer and your brandCopyright 2010Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 21. Branded Engagement Foundational Considerations Focus investment at the branded engagement application level versus expensive integration and throwaway custom code Flexibly integrate merchandising, sales and service at the business process level, enabling rapid response to changing consumer demands Unified data underpins the lifecycle of browsing, consideration, purchasing, service Customer, product, orders, inventoryCopyright 2010Demandware, Inc. - Confidential 22. Your GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here 23. 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