Sheriff: Kansas teen critically injured in crash

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<ul><li><p>Sheriff: Kansas teen critically injured in crash</p><p>McLOUD, Okla. (AP) -- Oklahoma prison officials have broken ground on a new dog kennel for thestate's prison inmate dog-training program.</p><p>The kennel at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center is expected to be finished next spring. It will offerfemale offenders who participate in the program a place to house and care for the dogs they train, aswell as space for parenting and reading classes.</p><p>The Oklahoman reports ( ) Mabel Bassett became the second site in the state toinstitute an inmate dog training program in January. A men's prison, the Lexington Assessment andReception Center, has had a similar program for years. Inmates in that program have a kennel andobstacle course for their dogs.</p><p>Offenders are allowed to prepare canines for life as companion animals for the elderly in theprogram.</p><p>___</p><p>Information from: The Oklahoman,</p><p>Like this:</p><p>Like Loading...</p><p></p><p></p></li></ul>


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