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I have done many trend and consultancy researach for products from Shell, Intel, Philips, Ferrari and Senz. Consumer, materials and digital research are my strengths.


  • Sharon Gohs Design Reseach

    Brand commercialization to Asia

    Car interior design marketing

    Unifying a worldwide brand

    Target Persona branding


    Research on massage shavers Gamers interface laptop design

  • Working with Philips Singapore to develop shaver designs for young men,

    my task was to incorporate new innova;ve methods to enhance the

    way men shave.

    1. User inforgraphics 2. Innova4on studies

    3. Scenario mapping 4. Design features

    Research on massage shaver

    Researched the concerns men have when they shave their hairs habitually using infographics.

    Studied the use of low frequency electro wave to massage face muscles for revitaliza;on.

    Envisioned how a working man will use this shaver product to relax his muscles.

    Created massage pad designs on the shaver to provide a soothing therapy on the face.












    Combining the insights gained from different aspects of shaving can lead to many innovative ideas.

    Men like to start their day with shaving in order to feel good. They like the warm water and the touch

    of their skin.

    There are various individual habits and rituals of shaving

    influenced by the time of the day and the


    Leon I think that women like it if a

    man's skin is smooth so do many men.

    Men are often impelled to shave because of their environment (job,

    social norms etc).And specially the opinion

    of women.

    Men feel comfortable about themselves after


    Ernesto The little whirlpool in the sink plug hole there, where the tiny hairs always catch, and it's an enormous hassle to clean it out, so I always try to watch out for that to make sure it gets washed away all right.

    Leon Well, it's kind of different if you shave in the

    evening, when you go out, or into town, or when you go out to a party. Then it's really different . Then you have more time, you are more


    Time availability strongly affects a good shaving

    experience. Men often rush with the shaving but would like to spend time on it.

    Leon about Moroccans and Turks 'they don't shave because they do not feel a pressure from their personal environments, because they are not influenced by their

    womenfolk. Ernesto I cannot shave other than in front of the

    mirror, using a razor, then it is maybe, because it is an automatic thing. I think it is quite a relaxing thing to


    Shaving is only enjoyable in the right space, with enough time and the right tools.



    George. Well, when I donT have an

    opportunity to shave, It's like a chair with one leg missing, well, that's

    how I feel then.

    Cleaning after shaving is perceived to be the

    most common problem, besides other personal


    It is seen that men often shave due to external pressure.

    Much can be done to make shaving more enjoyable, rather

    than just a chore.

    Depending on the cultural background, shaving and having a beard is experienced differently e.g having a

    beard can be a symbol of masculinity

    in some cultures.

    Leon But it's warm, so your skin opens up in the shower.

    Some men shave themselves in a sauna, and that's allowed. Sometimes it's allowed, sometimes it's not. But your whole skin is just real warm and then shaving is the

    nicest thing there is.

  • ARIES massage shaver

    Smooth pulsa;ng of the massage pads provides a soothing therapy on the face.

    Retractable massage pads for ease while shaving.

    Massage shaver design

  • OTO Bodycare is a health & wellness company in Singapore, where I

    looked at designing a foot massager for the

    female market.

    1. Healthcare problem deni4on 2. Technology trend studies

    4. Product-user scenario 3. Product design development

    Healthcare research design

    Iden4ed the possible feet problems women face wearing high heels (eg blisters)

    Considered technologies that can be used to solve such problems (UV/infra red light)

    Incorporated aromatherapy with ligh4ng for female users in foot massager design

    Proposed a UV-aroma massager product-user scenario for ladies

  • Shell is a a global oil and gas corpora;on in the Netherlands. Aiming towards unifying the brand, I advised and strategized the designs created

    worldwide in our Shell Brands Interna;onal team.

    1. Shell Brand hierarchy 2. 3M VAS Analysis

    3. Brand Design policy wri4ng 4. Crea4ng Apps on innova4on

    Provided brand consulta4on to design agencies and Shell design teams worldwide.

    Reviewed artworks using eye tracking studies to see what interests readers on rst impressions.

    Designed apps that advocate the future of energy, where they are adver;sed via QR


    Global brand research

    Implemented brand policies for dierent Shell communica4ons to educate teams worldwide.

  • Design branding techniques - Using techniques such as eyeball tracking and colour studies to innovate brand

    Using the 3M VAS System, we analyzed the strong points of Shell adver;sing to create the Inside Energy App. Drawing colour

    references from our Pecten logo, we created a colour propor;ons paleTe

    to assess Shells designs.

    Top Brands on Facebook

    Number of likes Number of people talking about this

    Coca Cola 41,100,000+ 240,000+

    Microso[ 1,750,000+ 12,700+

    Greenpeace Interna;onal 1,100,000+ 13,500+

    GE 279,000+ 4,440+

    IBM 110,100+ 2,600+

    Cover page and its Interac;ve inside pages to show the depth of deep sea oil drilling

  • Car interior design marketing

    Being a key aerodynamics parts supplier for Ferrari, my role in Ac;ow BV was to inves;gate how they could harness their aerodynamic technology to reinvent

    Ferraris F430 interior.

    1. User Test Market Iden4ca4on

    4.BCG Growth matrix marke4ng

    2. Prototype safety design

    3. Compe44ve sales pricing

    Iden;ed Ferrari drivers to be mainly 50 year old male or 25 year old male show os.

    Designed aerodynamic tac4le responses within car seats through user test drives.

    Considered how much Ferrari cars can be compe44vely priced with the new interior.

    Studied where Ferrari cars would sell using the Boston Consul4ng Group matrix.

  • Being the largest chipmaker in the world, Intel wanted to expand their product poreolio from making chips to laptops. My task was to create a gamer laptop to

    extend their product range.

    1. Game control play research

    3. Design Idea4on 4. Product interface design

    2. Compe4tor analysis

    Gamers laptop studies

    Surveyed computer gamers on their favorite computer games are and how they play.

    Analyzed other rival gamers laptop brands and their unique features.

    Studied how a gamers laptop can be designed to be compact and sleek.

    Turntable laptop with console designed to maximize the ul;mate gaming experience.

  • Asics wanted to redesign their running shoes to target the Dutch runners

    market. I conducted qualita;ve research interviews with Dutch marathon runners to understand how Asics running shoes

    can be further developed.

    1. Context mapping techniques 2. Shoe design research

    3. Color and details studies 4. Runner personas mapping

    Research design on Dutch runners

    Conducted a crea4ve session for Dutch runners for Asics using context mapping.

    Considered the runners feelings towards running and their favorite shoe design.

    Provided 3 color and material direc4ons for Asics to improve their shoe designs.

    Iden;ed 3 runner personas compe44ve-minded, fashionable-oriented, back-to-basics

  • Brand commercialization to Asia

    Marke;ng itself as a premium umbrella Dutch brand in Europe, I

    helped the company senz to commercialize their brand to the

    Asian Pacic market.

    1. Consumer research tes4ng

    3. Materials research

    2. Website consumer tes4ng

    4. Marke4ng plan for personas

    Conducted NetQ consumer studies in Taiwan, Hong Kong , Japan, China, Australia and Korea

    Explored the idea of hydrochroma4c inks changing color on fabrics, for new markets.

    Used consumer tests and Google analy4cs to create the website design features.

    Created a media marke4ng plan aimed towards the target personas in Asia with SPSS research.

  • - Marekting senz to asia pacific

    By studying the dierent Asian target personas and their needs, we designed an umbrella that is

    imprinted with hydrochroma;c inks, where its own brand icon umbrella,

    will change colour when it gets soaked.

    senzproduct marketing

  • senzonline web design - Designing senz asia website through consumer testing

    Using SPSS and Google analy;cs, video demonstra;ons and social campaigns were found to be key

    designs that aTract consumers from Asia Pacic to visit the webshop.

  • More Details of my Design Research Experience

    Life is as high as the sky, Youll never know what you can design, unless you try.

    Thank you for viewing my portfolio! sharonpuayngee@gmai