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SharePoint development services. Certified MOSS developers.

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  • 1.MS SHAREPOINT DEVELOPMENT Month Date, 2009 Location

2. MS SharePoint Development

  • Why the Companies need MS SharePoint
  • Benefits of MS SharePoint
  • MS SharePoint functionality at a glance
  • Stages of MS SharePoint development
  • MS SharePoint at ScienceSoft

3. Why the Companies Need MS SharePoint

  • MS SharePoint helps to solve a set of data management problems within a single solution:
    • absence of centralized and structured documents storage
    • absence of a unified methodfor information and people searches
    • low level of cooperation between departments
    • absence of a corporate knowledge base

4. Benefits of MS SharePont at Different Company Levels

  • SharePoint solutions simplify the work processes and enhance the productivity at all Company levels:

5. Benefits of MS SharePont at Different Company Levels

  • Director
  • Effective management of personnel
  • Assessment of productivity and performance of departments
  • Easy access to information and documents
  • Enhancement of business processes efficiency
  • Employees
  • Easy retrieval of information by both, documents and the address book (directory of departments, tel. directory, etc.)
  • Convenient access to the necessary information
  • Participation in the internal life of the company: the timely receipt of information about the company activities, actions
  • Communication with other departments and among all employees of the company

6. Benefits of MS SharePont at Different Company Levels

  • HR department
  • Simplification of the adaptation and training of new employees
  • T racking of employees performance
  • Informing employees about the regulations and orders
  • Development of corporate culture and internal PR
  • IT department
  • Simplification of maintaining information structure of the enterprise
  • Reception and recording of requests for support of computers and office equipment
  • Facilitating access of staff to the necessary resources

7. MS SharePoint Functionality at a Glance

  • MS SharePoint Web Portal Services:

Collaboration sharing ideas with wikis and blogs, collaborating on documents, managing tasks, conducting surveys. Portal personalize the enterprise Web site, to target content to various audiences based on sets of rules. Search quickly find required information or people across a wide range of sites, document libraries, business application data repositories and files shares. Content Management create, publish, and manage enterprise content effectively. Business Processes rapidly and effectively implement forms-based business processes. Business Intelligence provides a support infrastructure that allows decision-makers to easily access information anytime, anywhere. 8. Stages of MS SharePoint Development Portal Configuration:the SharePoint environment is installed, the portal architecture is designed and security policies are enabled. Development: Out-of-box features are enabled and customized, custom businessrequirements are implemented and company style is integrated. Continuous Support :a dedicated team is set up to continuously support the Enterprise portal. Business Analysis:business requirements are gathered and plans of their implementation are prepared. Deployment & Training :the Enterprise portal is deployed on production servers. Support and training materials are provided. 9. MS SharePoint at ScienceSoft

    • 2 years of experience in MS SharePoint development
    • 5 successfully finished projects
    • 2 projects in development
    • 6 SharePoint developers
    • 2 SharePoint MS Certified developers
    • Microsoft Gold Certified partner since February 2009
    • Average age of developers is 25 years

10. MS SharePoint at ScienceSoft

  • MS SharePoint server deployment configuration
  • Custom development for MS SharePoint-based enterprise portals
  • Business processes automation within MS SharePoint-based solutions
  • Document management implementation on MS SharePoint platform
  • MS SharePoint consulting and training
  • Migration of applications to MS SharePoint
  • Integration of company software tools at MS SharePoint platform

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE TOOLS 11. SharePoint Enterprise Portal Case Study 1

  • The customer was the worlds leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles. After a merger with the second largest player in the market the company was operating in more than 30 countries with about 15000 employees.
  • When the merger took place, the customer faced a problem of inconsistency between the administrative structures and the internal processes of the newly-joined companies.
  • It was decided to utilize MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) as a platform for the integration of business activities at a common enterprise portal. The Customer already used EPiServer CMS for web content management at the intranet and external web-sites. ScienceSoft made the design of new MOSS portal the same as the EPiServer CMS environment, so that to help users quicker and easier learn the new system. After a set of organizational meetings and collaborations a mechanism for project sites creation with the predefined templates and workflows was implemented. This solution allowed integrating and managing all the project activities at the special workspace, and unifying standard processes, tasks, roles at different projects. This unified approach allowed specialists enter quickly to new projects or team.
  • The approach with unified project workspaces allowed gathering information easily and implementing business intelligence solution within an enterprise portal. This provided the company management with the various high level KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports and statistics.The solution allowed to populate new corporate policies quickly andhelped people from previously different companies be closer to each other.


  • ScienceSofts in-house system.
  • ScienceSoft experienced problems related to low integration between departments, lack of communication within the project teams, absence of corporate knowledgebase and etc. These all points were theresult of wide range of technologies and customer needs at different projects.
  • MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) was chosen to integrate all company business processes at one enterprise portal. For each project there was a workspace organized, which integrated all project activities such as collaboration, development, management and reporting together. There were workflows created in order to support business processes like RFP processing, hiring and training, reporting. There were clear and efficient interfaces provided between departments with predefined access to required info. In order to control access to private information at projects, domain security settings were used. Library, wiki and blogs were created to organize enterprise knowledge base. The other administration systems such as issues and time tracking, corporate news and technical support help desk were integrated into the portal.
    • RFP processing and preparing of monthly reports time decreased twice
    • introduction of new people in project time decreased by 30%
    • total time saving on various reporting gave about 10% of additional working time for project managers
    • with new collaboration possibilities the number of defects in developed software decreased, the development process become more clear and transparent for customers

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS SharePoint Enterprise Portal Case Study 2 13. Quick Facts about ScienceSoft

  • 250 full-time IT expertsand network of 100+ developers
  • 200+successfully completed large outsourcing projects
  • Experienced in software development projects of100+ man-years
  • Software developed by us is used inFortune 500companies
  • The Export company of the Year 2008 , Belarus
  • IBM Core supplierfor technical services for 2009
  • ISO 9001:2000certified,CMMI3pre-assessed,
  • MicrosoftGold Certified Partner
  • 30+ customersat the moment

14. Contact Details SCIENCESOFT, INC. 4th Floor, 2 Bedy Str.,Minsk, Belarus 220040 Phone: + 375 17 293 3736USA phone: +1 619 822 2935 USA Fax: +1 617 249 0477 Email:[email_address]