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  • SharePoint Services For Better Workplace Efficiency, Call on AT&T to Implement, Host and Manage Microsoft SharePoint

    Information is powerbut only if you can find it and share it. Unfortunately, in many companies, employees strain to find the information they need, and work teams struggle to collaborate with the tools they have.

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides relief with enterprise tools for information management, collaboration and automation. AT&T Hosting & Application Services can implement, host and manage SharePoint cost-effectively, allowing you to:

    Create SharePoint sites for managing, sharing and publishing content

    Search for people, documents and data

    Expedite forms-driven business processes

    Access and analyze business data

    AT&T: A Full-Service IT Resource Although Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 makes work easier for the organization as a whole, IT departments are left with the heavy lifting of installing, customizing and maintaining SharePoint every day. Its a big job, even for those who have experience working with SharePoint. And few do.

    To relieve your IT staff from having to cope with a brand new environment, AT&T works as an extension of your staff to:

    Migrate your system from other collaboration platforms

    Develop custom applications within SharePoint

    Install or upgrade SharePoint

    Host the software while providing continuous monitoring and maintenance

    Choose any combination of services that meets your needs. You can ask us to get the software up and running to your specifications, to host and manage your software using our hardware and IT staff, or both.

    AT&T is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner the highest level of competence in Microsoft technologies with Competency in Custom Development Solutions (Web Development specialization).

    The High-Performance Workplace By improving how information is stored, retrieved and shared, SharePoint helps people respond to customer demands, innovate more quickly, build stronger relationships and deliver services more efficiently. SharePoint features:

    Communication and Collaboration Tools Virtual teams can enter a central project workspace to share information, publish documents, maintain task lists and keep work progressing.

    Enterprise Content Management Workers can store and organize documents, records and web content in one central location.

    Workflow The next step in a business process, such as seeking approval on documents, can be activated automatically.

    Search Capabilities Users can zero in on the people, content and processes they need to do their jobs.

    Business Intelligence Workers have easy access to information, along with the ability to view, analyze and produce reports on it.


    Greater workplace efficiency without the burden of maintaining and managing SharePoint

    Better team collaboration and content management through a high-performing, reliable service delivery with clearly defined service level agreements

    Access to scarce SharePoint expertise

    SharePoint applications tailored to your exact business needs

    Help from a named team that knows both your business and your technology


    Worry-free, full lifecycle management of SharePoint environment from implementation, custom application development and hosting to ongoing application management and support

    Fast, cost-effective implementation, migration and upgrades

    Service from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with Competency in Custom Development Solutions (Web Development specialization)

    On-demand computing capacity with AT&T Synaptic HostingSM

    Integration that ties SharePoint with Exchange, ERP and other business applications

    Product Brief

  • Business Process Integration Information can easily be collected from inside and outside the organization and integrated into your business systems and work processes.

    Enterprise Portals You benefit from a comprehensive, highly scalable framework for building internal and external websites. Plus, users can have their own personalized site for storing, presenting, viewing, managing and sharing information and applications.

    Enterprise Social Networking Employees can connect with people inside and outside the organization to find subject matter expertise and gain insight for decision-making.

    Business Forms SharePoint can be used to create electronic forms, streamlining a host of business processes.

    Customizations, Specialized Tasks SharePoint software is powerful, flexible and comprehensive qualities that also make it complex and tricky to customize. Our team has been customizing applications for Microsoft products for a decade and is among the most experienced in working with even the highly specialized components of SharePoint. You can use SharePoint sooner and more completely when you call on AT&T to:

    Develop custom applications for SharePoint, including:

    Portal and content management

    Business applications

    Team workspaces


    Business forms

    Customization of look and feel

    Site templates and web parts

    Deploy Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

    Upgrade and migrate from previous versions of SharePoint or other systems,

    including homegrown intranet portals

    Troubleshoot and optimize

    Handle ongoing maintenance

    Integrate applications

    Enjoy the Freedom of AT&T Managed Hosting for SharePoint When you outsource SharePoint hosting and management to AT&T, we provide a secure infrastructure and tend to the software every day, freeing your IT staff for strategic priorities. We offer:

    Hosting and application management of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

    A dedicated hosting environment that keeps your data secure, lets you fine-tune the environment to your specifications and allows you to install you own components and software.

    On-demand computing via our AT&T Synaptic HostingSM service utility-based hosting that ramps up when needed to accommodate demand, and you only pay for the capacity you use.

    Ready-made templates for most common SharePoint applications, including document review, contact management, advanced team workspaces and tracking of inventory, projects and assets.

    Support for various functional components in SharePoint, including forms services, search, and integration with Microsoft Exchange server.

    Backup, restores and tape retention you choose the plan thats right for you.

    Service level agreements that define levels of availability to be delivered.

    24x7 support and monitoring of your environment with a designated, named support team.

    Security services to help protect your servers on multiple levels, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, firewalls and intrusion.

    Software updates, patch management and other day-to-day fixes.

    Active Directory integration for single sign-on.

    AT&T Hosting & Application Services (H&AS) combines the power of AT&Ts network, hosting capabilities and application expertise acquired with AT&Ts purchase of USi.

    Product Brief - SharePoint Services ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2

    For more information call 800.809.3003 or contact your AT&T Representative. Visit us at

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    Assess Your Needs, Start a Plan with Help from AT&Ts Strategic Deployment Planning Workshop for SharePoint

    Determining whether to adopt new technology and planning next steps can be so daunting that companies delay getting started. AT&T makes the process easy with our Strategic Deployment Planning Workshop.

    In structured, efficient sessions well work with you to:

    Assess your need for portals and collaboration tools

    Clarify how the tools tie in with your business goals and IT strategies

    Promote buy-in by stakeholders

    Define requirements, map those to SharePoint out-of-the-box capabilities and suggest areas for custom application development

    Prepare a detailed written analysis that will form the basis for your project plan

    Call today to request a Strategic Deployment Planning Workshop for SharePoint! 800-809-3003