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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Share Point Products Comparison</p><p> 1/10</p><p>o Improved 2007 n New in 2007 </p><p>Features/Benefits Description</p><p>Collaboration</p><p>Real-Time Presence and Communication</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Social Networking Webpart</p><p>Standard Site Templates</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Wikis</p><p>Blogs</p><p>People and Groups Lists</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Calendars</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Email Integration</p><p>Task Coordination</p><p>Surveys</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Document Collaboration</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Issue Tracking</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Feature Included</p><p>Windows SharePointServices 3.0</p><p>SharePoint Portal Server2003</p><p>Office SharePoint Server2007 for Search</p><p>Office Forms Server2007</p><p>Office SharePoint</p><p>Server 2007 Standard</p><p>CAL</p><p>Office SharePoint Server</p><p>2007 Enterprise CAL or</p><p>for Internet Site</p><p>The enhanced real-time presence smart tag icon, displayed virtually everywhere a persons nameappears in the system, tells users whether a person is online and available for a telephone or audioconference call, instant messaging, or two-way video conversation.</p><p>Include Social Networking Web Parts that use information about yourorganization, communities, and electronic communications in Public My Sitepages to help establish connections between colleagues with commoninterests.</p><p>Windows SharePoint Services V3 includes the following standard collaborationsite templates Team site Document workspace Blank site Blog</p><p> Wiki Meeting workspaces (5 workspace types)</p><p>A wiki is a new site template in Windows SharePoint Services V3 that makes it easy to create, edit,link, and restore an individual Web page. Wikis can be used as creative forums to brainstorm ideas,manage knowledge bases, create designs as well as instruction guides or simply gather informationin an easy-to-edit format. Wikis are easy to create, modify, and annotate; in addition to trackingcontributions and changes.Key features include: Fast and easy page creation Easy and automatic linking Version differences WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Web page editingWikis leverage existing SharePoint functionality including search, navigation, alerts, and customfields.</p><p>Blogs provide a publishing-oriented experience for a single user or a team.Windows SharePoint Services V3 includes a site template that supports: Article posting Reader comments Archive views RSS feed generation</p><p>People and Groups offer a unified place to find, communicate with, andmanage people and their permissions, including support for custom fieldssuch as Department, Office # and Area of Focus; in addition to the newPerson field type. The Person field type creates rich displays of lists of peopleincluding support for a People Picker for browsing a list of users.Member Group provides: Re-use of groups across sites Distribution list for the members of the site</p><p>Calendars have been enhanced with richer calendar views, expanded supportfor recurring events, and all-day events.</p><p>Document libraries, discussion boards, calendars, and announcements can beenabled to receive new postings via e-mail. In addition, extensible support isprovided for custom e-mail handlers in Windows SharePoint Services V3.Similar to the functionality provided by public folders in Microsoft ExchangeServer, e-mail enabled discussion boards support: A highly scalable, topic-based architecture New super rich-text field type Unified experience for both e-mail and Web-based discussions One-step creation of Active Directory distribution lists as part of the sitecreation process Unified SharePoint group and Active Directory management functions</p><p>The new Project Tasks list template provides lightweight task managementfunctionality including Gantt charts for visualization of task relationships andstatus.</p><p>Surveys now include conditional branching as well as support for inserting page breaks in longsurveys such as annual employee satisfaction or and customer surveys.</p><p>Improvements to SharePoint document libraries include: Checking out documents locally Offline document library support in Outlook 2007 Major and minor version numbering and tracking Support for multiple content types Policy, auditing, and workflow Tree view support</p><p>The Issue Tracking list template has been updated to use the enhancedversioning and version-history storage features of Windows SharePointServices V3.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Share Point Products Comparison</p><p> 2/10</p><p>o Improved 2007 n New in 2007 </p><p>Features/Benefits Description</p><p>EnterprisePo</p><p>rtal</p><p>My Site Personal Site</p><p>o n nContent Syndication</p><p>o n nUse RSS feeds to syndicate content managed in a portal site.</p><p>Privacy &amp; Security</p><p>o n nSite Directory</p><p>o n nUser Profiles and the Profile Store</p><p>o n n</p><p>Audience Targeting</p><p>o n nSite Manager</p><p>Mobile Device Support</p><p>Portal Site Templates</p><p>SharePoint Sites and Documents Roll-up Web Parts</p><p>Colleagues and Memberships Web Parts</p><p>Integration with for Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and Word 2007</p><p>Integration with Outlook 2007</p><p>Integration with SharePoint Designer</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Feature Included</p><p>Windows SharePoint</p><p>Services 3.0</p><p>SharePoint Portal Server</p><p>2003</p><p>Office SharePoint Server</p><p>2007 for Search</p><p>Office Forms Server</p><p>2007</p><p>Office SharePoint</p><p>Server 2007 Standard</p><p>CAL</p><p>Office SharePoint Server</p><p>2007 Enterprise CAL or</p><p>for Internet Site</p><p>for me, by me, and about me. Significant enhancements include socialnetworking, privacy controls, SharePoint Sites and Documents Roll-Up Web</p><p>Use authorizations to control visibility of information in a My Site public view.</p><p>The Site Directory automatically creates a site map and presents it in aneasy-to-use format. The enhanced directory now includes the option to scanfor changed or deleted links to external content.</p><p>User Profiles store personal information for system users. Improvementsinclude multi-valued properties bound to taxonomy from Office SharePointServer 2007, property-level security controls by person or group, open and</p><p>closed vocabularies, and per-site property extensions. Profile synchronizationand directory import support the extended capabilities of the User ProfileStore with enhanced scalability and performance.</p><p>Enables use of Web Part pages, Web Parts, and content to target distributionlists and groups in addition to SharePoint audiences.</p><p>Manage a SharePoint sites navigation, security access, and general look andfeel using this easy drag-and-drop tool. Site Manager unifies sitemanagement tasks for portals and Web sites, including management of</p><p>areas, pages, listings, SharePoint site lists, and associated component parts.</p><p>All SharePoint portal, team site, and list pages now render on international and North American</p><p>mobile devices (including Web-enabled mobile phones) using a simplified text-only format.</p><p>Preconfigured templates streamline creating, customization, and deployment of divisional portals,</p><p>organization-wide intranet portal sites, and corporate Web sites.</p><p>List all the SharePoint sites that a user is part of and documents the user has authored. TheDocuments Roll-up Web Part also supports more general capabilities for querying and filtering the</p><p>documents stored in a collection of SharePoint sites.</p><p>List people the user knows and people who belong to common distribution groups. </p><p>Windows SharePoint Services V3 easily integrates with smart client tools through a set of Web</p><p>services and documented application interfaces. Users can readily adopt these new tools because of</p><p>their similarity to other familiar environments, such as the Microsoft Office system.</p><p>For example, users of Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint,</p><p>Microsoft Office InfoPath, Microsoft Office Project, and Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 can directly</p><p>interact with information stored in SharePoint sites without having to manually download the</p><p>content.</p><p>Users can create workspaces, post and edit documents, and assign tasks, all while working on</p><p>documents stored in SharePoint sites.</p><p>With Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, users can view calendars and contact lists stored on SharePoint</p><p>sites, and create and manage sites for editing documents and organizing meetings.</p><p>Outlook 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services V3 support a new set of significantly enhanced</p><p>functionality including:</p><p> Read/write access to SharePoint items: calendars, tasks, contacts, discussions, and documents</p><p> Synchronization of offline support of document library and lists Ability to check out and edit documents when offline</p><p> Roll-up views of calendars and tasks across multiple lists and sites</p><p> Unified view of personal and SharePoint tasks in Outlook 2007</p><p>Office SharePoint Designer 2007, based in part on Microsoft FrontPage technology, will provide toolsfor rich customization of sites, and creating reporting tools and application templates, without any</p><p>coding.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Share Point Products Comparison</p><p> 3/10</p><p>o Improved 2007 n New in 2007 </p><p>Features/Benefits Description</p><p>EnterpriseSearch</p><p>User Interface</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Search Results</p><p>n o n n n n</p><p>Enterprise Content Sources</p><p>o n n n</p><p>Relevance</p><p>o n n n</p><p>Administration and Management</p><p>o n n n</p><p>Indexing Controls</p><p>o n n n</p><p>Security</p><p>o n n n</p><p>People Search</p><p>Business Data Search</p><p>Feature Included</p><p>Windows SharePoint</p><p>Services 3.0</p><p>SharePoint Portal Server</p><p>2003</p><p>Office SharePoint Server</p><p>2007 for Search</p><p>Office Forms Server</p><p>2007</p><p>Office SharePoint</p><p>Server 2007 StandardCAL</p><p>Office SharePoint</p><p>Server 2007</p><p>Enterprise CAL or forInternet Site</p><p>Simple, clean yet powerful user interface with industry-standard query syntax. Scopes aredecoupled from content sources so users can easily broaden or narrow the scope of a content</p><p>search. Search can be based on arbitrary content properties such as URL, type, and author.Actionable search results can be easily filtered and sorted; used and shared. Alerts and RSS feedseasily provide updated results for common and frequent queries.</p><p>Search results are rendered more clearly. Results are security trimmed so users only see what they</p><p>can access. Results include user-friendly features such as hit highlighting, duplicate collapsing and</p><p>synonym suggestion. Optional integration with real time communications tools allow users to easilycontact content authors and experts.</p><p>Searches over 200 file types in many enterprise content sources, including files shares, web sites,</p><p>SharePoint sites, Exchange Public Folders, and Lotus Notes databases out of the box with the abilityto extend to additional 3rd party repostitories and filetypes through the use of Protocol Handlersand iFilters</p><p>New and improved search algorithms tuned for enterprise content along with the use of relevanceand ranking factors such as click distance, hyperlink anchor text, URL depth, and metadata</p><p>extraction yeild the best results for enterprise content</p><p>Improved administration user interfaces and admin API provides broad support for various searchand indexing scenarios, central controls for resource-intensive operations, as well as tools for</p><p>management and reporting</p><p>Granualr indexing controls for easy inclusion and exlusion of searched content as well as immediateresult removal of any site or item. Continuous index propagation to keep information fresh.Improved crawl rules and crawl log; multiple start addresses per content source; a new browsable,</p><p>filterable index log provide necessary information to optimize search</p><p>Administrator permissions no longer required by crawler. ACL and ACL-only crawls index contentpermissions for compliance, privacy, and protection of IP. Security-trimmed search results onlyallow users to see content they are allowed to access.</p><p>People search capabilities allow users to find people not only by department or job title but also byexpertise, social distance, and common interests.</p><p>Search data residing in your line of business applications using the Business Data Catalog.</p><p>Structured content sources as well as LOB application data and reports accessible through web</p><p>services or ADO.NET can be indexed and retrieved through the Business Data Catalog as searchresults or into a SharePoint list</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Share Point Products Comparison</p><p> 4/10</p><p>o Improved 2007 n New in 2007 </p><p>Features/Benefits Description</p><p>EnterpriseContentMa</p><p>nagement</p><p>Business Document Workflow Support</p><p>* Approval </p><p>* Collect Feedback </p><p>* Collect Signatures </p><p>* Disposition Approval Document Management Site Templates</p><p> Integration with Microsoft Information Rights Management (IRM)</p><p>Document Information Panel</p><p>Document Action Bar</p><p>Retention and Auditing Policies</p><p>Records Repository</p><p>E-Mail Content as Records</p><p>Legal Holds</p><p>High Fidelity Websites with Consistent Branding</p><p>Navigation Controls</p><p> Out-of-the box navigation controls that can be easily customized by end users</p><p>Content Authoring</p><p> Provides the ability for information workers to create content rich web pages using a web browser.</p><p>Content Publishing and Deployment</p><p>Site Templates</p><p>Includes support for several new enterprise site templates:</p><p>o n n</p><p>o n n</p><p>o n n</p><p>o n n</p><p>Page Layouts</p><p>Site Variations</p><p>WYSIWYG Web Content Editor</p><p>Slide Libraries</p><p>Policies, Auditing and Compliance</p><p>Feature Included</p><p>Windows SharePointServices 3.0</p><p>SharePoint Portal Server2003</p><p>Office SharePoint Server2007 for Search</p><p>Office Forms Server2007</p><p>Office SharePointServer 2007 Standard</p><p>CAL</p><p>Office SharePoint</p><p>Server 2007Enterprise CAL or fo</p><p>Internet Site</p><p>Automate document review, approval, signature collection, and issue tracking using workflowapplications.</p><p> The Managed Document Library site template defines large-scale document management sites.</p><p> The Divisional Library site template includes managed document libraries, dashboards, key</p><p>performance indicators (KPIs), and other reporting tools.</p><p>The Translation Library site template helps organizations manage multiple translations of a</p><p>document.</p><p>Helps ensure that access rights applied to Microsoft Office documents in a central library travel withthe documents, even when they are downloaded from the library.</p><p>Makes editing document properties an integral part of the Microsoft Office system document-authoring experience.</p><p>Describes to users what business policy or workflow governs the current document and what actionthey are expected to take.</p><p>Define customized information management policies to control retention period, expiration actions,and document-auditing settings.</p><p>Helps ensure the integrity of the files stored in the repository, and supports informationmanagement policies that consistently and uniformly enforce auditing, and expiration of records.</p><p>Provides consistent, policy-based solutions for managing e-mail content across Microsoft OfficeOutlook 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007.</p><p>Makes it possible for records to be searched and placed on hold during litigation discovery tooverride the retention schedule of the records.</p><p>Provides the concept of Master Pages and Page layouts to enforce the branding and navigation ofweb sites. CSS supports gives pixel level control on the look and feel of these sites.</p><p>Built in approval workflow allows web content to be sent for approval prior to publishing. Contentdeployment to production sites can be schduled by setting up jobs and a "live" time period for eachpage can be specified within which that page is viewable.</p><p>* Th...</p></li></ul>