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This Presentation was done in NSU, Brac & Khulna University

Text of Share Point For Beginners V1

  • 1. SharePoint 2007 for beginner
    M J Ferdous
    SharePoint Consultant
    Technical Author, DevMedia Group

2. Agenda
SharePoint Feature
CMS/SPS/WSS Roadmaps
SharePoint Team site/ Publishing Portal
Installation Steps
Development Tools
Development: Web Parts
Development: Workflow
Development: List Definition
Virtual Lab
3. Platform
ServicesWorkspaces, Mgmt,
Security, Storage,
Topology, Site Model
SharePoint Feature Areas
Server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualization, Report Center, BI Web Parts, KPIs/Dashboards
Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs, wikis, e-mail integration, project management lite, Outlook integration, offline docs/lists
Enterprise Portal template, Site Directory, My Sites, social networking, privacy control
Rich and Web forms based front-ends, LOB actions, pluggable SSO
Integrated document management, records management, and Web content management with policies and workflow
Enterprise scalability,
contextual relevance, rich
people and business data search
4. Content Management Server 2002
SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Windows SharePoint Services v2
Office SharePoint Server 2007
Portal, Web Content Management, and More
SharePoint Portal Server 2001
SharePoint Team Services v1
SharePoint 2010
Windows SharePoint Services v3
5. SharePoint Team Site
M J Ferdous
M J Ferdous
M J Ferdous
Site Content
Gain quick access to all content on the site.
Site Actions
Gain quick access to Team Site actions, including Create Content, Edit Page, and Site Settings.
Document LibrariesStore team documents and collaborate on them.
SharePoint Server 2007 Team Sites are Web sites created from a template and designed for team collaboration. They are hosted on the corporate network. Team Sites are a great way to coordinate team activities with document collaboration and storage.
Topics in this guide include:

  • Create a Team Site

6. Add Content 7. Upload Documents 8. Edit Documents 9. Create a New Document Library 10. Allow Access to Your SitePeople and GroupsControl who can access your site and what content they can view and edit.
Recycle Bin
Restore or permanently remove deleted items.
11. SharePoint Customized Portal
12. Installation Steps
Pre-Requisites for installing MOSS
Install Windows Server 2003
Windows security update
Install SQL Server 2005
Install Framework 3.0
Configure SQL server 2005
Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2
Install SharePoint Server 2007
Note: Download details steps from Simple MOSS 2007 Installation Guide Beta Version
13. Development Tools
MOSS Development Tools are
SharePoint Designer 2007 To Design SharePoint Portal Site
Visual Studio 2005/2008 To use MS SharePoint Extension
Visual Studio2005/2008 Extension for MS SharePoint Service 3.0 To create custom web part, list definition etc.
Microsoft Office 2003/2007 To create document template
14. Development: Web Parts
Open VS.Net 2005/ 2008 to create new Web PartProject
File New Project SharePoint
Create new project using Web Part Template
Write your custom code
Go to your project properties
Change the destination web application URL
Debug Start Browser with URL
Build the project
Deploy Solution
Your custom web part should be available in your SharePoint application
15. Development: Web Parts
16. Development: Web Parts
Web App URL
17. Development: Workflow
Custom workflow to approve page or document
Create custom workflow for Approving & Publishing Page
MOSS Workflow task can be Parallel or Serial
Publish document or page using custom workflow
Note: When we create a web application or sub site under the web app, by default MOSS creates one default workflow: [Parallel Approval] for the page or document list library but there is no workflow for custom list (document or image) library. You have to set a custom workflow for the custom list library as the same way if you want to create a custom workflow for the page.
18. Development: Workflow
FigureK: Graphical Presentation of a custom workflow with two approvers (serial)
19. Development: List Definition
CreateList Definition Template
Open SharePoint Solution Generator
Select List Definition Click Next
Specify your site URL
Choose the List(s) to include in the generated Solution
Generate solution in to specific folder
It will generate a VS. Net Solution
Customize it if you need
Deploy it as like as custom web part
20. Development: List Definition
21. Demo
22. Demo
23. Demo
24. Demo
25. Demo
26. Demo
27. Demo
28. MSDN Virtual Lab
Go to
29. MSDN Virtual Lab
30. MSDN Virtual Lab
31. MSDN Virtual Lab
32. MSDN Virtual Lab
33. Resources
MSDN Virtual Lab
SharePoint Team Blog
SharePoint Webcasts for Silverlight
WSS `Wiki
34. Q & A
35. Thanks for your attention
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