Share Point 2010 and SAP Integration

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Revolutionizing the SAP user experience with SharePointMatthew Ordish SAP Solutions Director. SCD Microsoft Corporation

SPC 386


Agility Reach Adoption



The next 70min!!Relationship

Architecture and Design Principles Today Tomorrow

Microsoft and SAP A Strong PartnershipClient Interoperability SAPGUI on Windows mySAP CRM Mobile Client on Tablet PC Project Mendocino Ships as Duet TM Solutions on Pocket PC Office announced as a native SAP UI (along with Web, SmartClient, SAP Desktop Office Interop and Mobile) Duet V3 will be built on the next version of the Office Platform including SharePoint Integration with Exchange Server DCOM Connector

Applications & Services


Application Infrastructure

ity bil Joint Commitment to Advanced Web Services era op Portal Development Kit .NET er Int SAP .NET Connector SAP Enterprise Services Explorer for Microsoft .NET ull F SAP 64-Bit Windows (for Itanium) SAP Is SQL Server 2005 Launch Partner Mendocino Business Alliance

SAP R/3 on SQL Server SAP R/3 on Windows NT Microsoft Becomes SAP Customer

SAP is Windows 2000 Launch Partner mySAP SCM for Xbox Manurfacturing

Business Alliance

Agreement Between Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner

SAP and Microsoft sign new agreement covering and communicate plans for next three versions of Duet

SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft .NET Announcement

1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2008

SOA and OBA strategy

Web 2.0 Portal

Co nProvision New Hire

R e a ch

Create Work Order Create Opportunity

Co m



eDevices & People


Custom Apps

Ex po sCRM

po s


eDelete P . O . Order to Cash

ERP Data Trading PartnersShip Product Engineering Change Request

A g ii l ty

Single Sign On Dashboard ECC, SRM, BW, Maximo Application DataApprovals Dashboard to approve any item in process Quick Links for easy access into core Backbone functions Top Reports list the top 5 reports from each section Search Center to search across Backbone on any item you have access to Real Time Information about projects displays simple report data

SAP Goods Movement Consolidation of 7 SAP Screens


1 MOSS = 7 SAP Screens

Role-Based Supply Chain WorkbenchesProcurement Cockpit

20+ SAP screens to perform desired action Off-line approval workflow Data dumps into Excel for analysis E-mail collaboration ockpit combines SAP analytical and transaction workflows and data in a with partners

Supplier CollaborationImprove usability and access to back-end business processes for suppliers Improve supply chain processes that are unstructured, lacked consistency, and required heavy amounts of verbal and written communications, all of which resulted in repetitive and lost communications as well as delays in order processing.

te information relevant to the business process provides holistic context

The ECC (Expose,Compose,Consume) approach to SOA & OBA

C o n s Sharepoint Server: Office Client: u Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight Microsoft Mobile Platform C, Forms, ExcelServices, Web DynPro, iViews, BSP Outlook, Word, Excel, Silverlight, WPF, InfoPa m e

C o m p o s e

Optional Human/Human Workflow: K2, AgilePoint, Nintex, SharePoint WF Sap XI/PI BizTalk WCF RFC/BAPi Web Service Ent Service API/WS 3rd PartyWCF Adapter

E x p o s e


Planning, Production & Maintenance Other Legacy System Systems

SharePoint Server Integration

G ra b th e U I i i w s V e W S R P B S Ps, W e b D yn p ro G ra b th e d a ta B I o n l sce n a ri ; d o n o t a tte m p t o th e rw i y o se O p e n H u b . N E T d a ta p ro vi e r fo r S A P B u si e ss d n W a re h o u se G ra b th e A P I B A P I , R FC s, e tc . s O th e r I te g ra ti n S ce n a ri s n o o S e a rch , D o cu m e n t M a n a g e m e n t,

Overview SAP Integration with MOSS

WSRP Web PartNetWeaver Portal offers a WSRP Producer SharePoint Server 2007 can consume WSRP compliant Portlets WSRP (still 1.0) has lots of limitations WSRP implementations vary from vendor to vendor

iView Web PartiViews are SAP Enterprise Portals equivalent of Web Parts Lightweight integration of portlets MOSS SSO is a prerequisite to iView Web Parts No Drag & Relate or other inter-portlet communication available Users must be mapped UI/stylesheets apply partly only (hard to apply themes)

Re-use of existing Business Packages from SAP

Web Dynpro Applications run on top of the ABAP stack or the JAVA stack No NetWeaver Portal required if Web Dynpro for ABAP is used Single Sign-On requires SAP NetWeaver JAVA stack Desired look and feel by CSS

Web Dynpro and BSP in MOSS

BDC connecting to SAP WebServicesnFor SAP we choose Web Services connectivity nBDC Definition Editor (part of MOSS SDK download) creates service description nImport XML description file to BDC as Shared Application nCreate Actions if needed

Issues with Consuming SAP APIs BDC limitations Only SOAP or ADO.NET Must have Web Service layer between BDC and BAPIs/RFCs

Can call only one SOAP method at a time Aggregating output from a set of method calls is NOT possible in this release As SAP BAPIs/RFCs are extremely granular, this presents a problem

Youll need a Web Service layer Youll need a composition technique

Silverlight & SharePointConvergence of Silverlight and SharePoint will grow Silverlight within SharePoint offers RIA capabilities for SAP integrations:

Enhanced Office Business Applications

SharePoint Web Part

Silverlight App.

The SAP Enterprise Services Explorer for .NET eSOA design time support for Microsoft developers Succeeds the SAP connector for Microsoft .NET Add-in for Visual Studio 2005 Enables discovery of SAP enterprise services in .NET applications

Searching SAP Content Option 1: have MOSS index SAP content BDC HTTP (for unstructured data) Option 2: federate SAP NetWeaver TREX Use Search Servers new federation feature (Available in Microsoft Search Server) TREX has Web service API (Must be adapted to present OpenSearch interface) Option 3: surface TREX in MOSS UI Add TREX-specific Web Parts to

SAP NetWeaver

End-to-end Identity Management and Single SignOn Single Sign-OnMicrosoft .NETSAP NetWeaver Portal Sharepoint Portal SPNego mySAP Business Suite and SAP R / 3 CRM ERP HR R/3 Exchange Server

ilppsecivreS & noitacilppA , dnetnorF A

Based on AD, Kerberos and SAP Logon Tickets. SAML tokens are not interoperable todayActive Director y MIIS

Virtual Director y Server SAP Net Weaver Identity Management Identity Center

User Management

Microsoft Windows Server

Possible Architecture (MOSS Focus)

Microsoft / SAP Technology Center


Tommorrow BCS iFrames CMIS SAML Silverlight

B u si ess C on n ecti ty n vi E a n ce S h Sn hervia re Po in t p and rm ca p athatitistreamline development ces la tfo tools b il e s w ith out - of - box features , servicesof solutions with deep integration of External Data and Services. Office Apps

BDC Client Runtime

Offline Operations


Design ToolsSharePoint Designer Visual Studio

SharePointDev Enterprise content Collaboration social Enterprise mgmt PlatformBusiness Intelligence Search ECT Store BDC Runtime Out of box SecuritySolution packaging UI





Web 2.0

External Data is Surfaced In Server Client

External listsInfoPath

Web partsBusiness Data XSLTListView, XSLTListForm, Chart Web Part, InfoPath

SharePoint Workspace OutlookCan be extended to include Taskpane

External Data PartsList of items Single item

External Data Column Workflow Search External Content Type (ECT) Picker ECT Instance Picker

Word Access External Data Picker

iFrameiView Web Part no longer available in SharePoint 2010 iFrame Integration of iViews, BSPs, and Web Dynpro Applications BenefitsOut-of-box usage of Business Packages from SAP Security Left-hand Navigation

CMIS GoalsA standard for sharing information stored in disparate repositories that is designed to :

Ensure interoperability for people and for applications among multiplecontent repositories across all platforms

Easy mapping to existing ECM systems

oEnable applications to target one or more ECM repositories uniformly for core content services oExpose standard set of APIs for existing capabilities of CM repositories oLeverage existing content oSimple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) oRepresentational State Transfer (REST) / ATOM oWeb 2.0 oInternet Scale oService-orientation oResource-orientation

Provide several protocol bindings using the common domain model: Exploit web technologies

Enterprise Content Management : SAP Strategy and Relation to KM Out - of - the - Box Business apps with Composite Apps with SAP Furtherembedded SAP core and extended ECM services core and extended ECM services Apps ( e . g . Portal )

nSAP is decoupling the ECM infrastructure layer from the application / consumption layer nSAP will provide and maintain core / basic services, in ABAP and Java. nSAP will closely work with partners to provision extended ECM services.

SAP ECM Service Layer SAP ECM Core Services Basic Conten t Servic es ( KM ) ( JAVA )