Shape the Future: CILIP Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Consultation Event 18.11.2015 Martyn Wade, Chair, CILIP Nick Poole, Chief Executive, CILIP

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Text of Shape the Future: CILIP Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Consultation Event 18.11.2015 Martyn Wade, Chair,...

Shape the Future London Member Network consultation

Shape the Future:CILIP Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Consultation Event18.11.2015Martyn Wade, Chair, CILIPNick Poole, Chief Executive, CILIP

Objectives for this eventIntroduce the Shape the Future project

Develop a shared model of a successful & sustainable partnership between CILIP in Scotland and CILIP based on common aims & values but respecting distinct contexts and priorities

Identify key external drivers and priorities which should shape and define our respective plans to 2020

Understand your needs and expectations from CILIP as a C21st professional association


14.00 - 14.10Welcome & overview from Martyn Wade, Chair, CILIP14.10 14.20Presentation Shape the Future project aims and objectives, Nick Poole, Chief Executive14.20 14.45Discussion session CILIP today, whats working & what needs to change?14.45 15.00Presentation Overview of CILIPs Strategy to 202015.00 15.15Discussion session Challenges and opportunities facing the profession15.15 15.30Discussion session A c21st association for the library and information professions

15.30 15.45Discussion session Looking ahead together: CILIP in Scotland and CILIP15.45 16.00 Wrap-up & conclusions (MW)Welcome & overviewMartyn Wade, Chair, CILIP

Introducing Shape the FutureNick Poole, Chief Executive, CILIP

Introducing Shape the FutureAn open and collaborative project to develop CILIPs Strategic Plan to 2020

Launched on the 23rd September

Runs to the 16th December

Combination of online, social media and face-to-face engagement:

#uklibchat & #CILIP2020 hashtagMember Network, SIGs & Branch meetings Online questionnaire Direct responsesStrategy Wall at CILIPs London offices

A collaborative projectShape the Future is an example of open strategy


The emerging landscape is too complex & the pace of change too rapid for any one group of individuals fully to encompass

A decentralised approach to strategy and planning enables the whole community to benefit from the insight & expertise of its members

Ownership of the strategy is shared and therefore more likely to represent the collective ideas and priorities of the community

The process itself serves both to engage existing members and encourage new people with new skills and insights to join the community

ObjectivesDeliver a planning process that is interesting, engaging and informative

Secure engagement in the concepts and aims of the Strategic Plan by the widest cross-section of CILIP members and stakeholders

Provide a coherent planning framework for staff in CILIP, CILIP in Scotland, CILIP Cymru, CILIP in Northern Ireland, Regional Member Networks, Special Interest Groups and Scottish Branches and other partners

Engage non-members, lapsed members, critics and competitors in an open and constructive dialogue about CILIPs values, priorities and services

Provide the foundation of a strong and sustainable organisation for the future

One CILIP, four Nations

A common vision & mission and shared goals

A culture of mutual respect and awareness

Delivering programmes which respond to national differences

Supporting and reinforcing cross-border collaboration across the UK

CILIP SectorsSIG - SectorSIG Cross cutting themes/specialismsOther (Career stage)Armed forcesGovernment Information GroupCataloguing and Indexing GroupCommunity, Diversity and Equality GroupInformation Literacy GroupInformation Services GroupInternational Library and Information GroupLibrary and Information History GroupLibrary and Information Research GroupMultimedia Information and Technology GroupPublicity and Public Relations GroupRare Books and Special Collections GroupUK eInformation GroupRetired Members GuildStudent CommitteeGovernmentHealth Care Health Libraries GroupSocial CareCommerce/BusinessCommercial, Legal and Scientific Information GroupConsulting/Independent Information ProfessionalIndustry/ScienceLawNot for Profit/Third SectorPrisonPrison Libraries GroupMuseums, Archives and GalleriesLocal Studies GroupPublic LibraryPublic and Mobile Libraries GroupYouth Libraries GroupSchool (Primary)School Libraries GroupSchool (Secondary)Further EducationAcademic and Research Libraries GroupHigher EducationNational LibraryResearch and LIS Teaching/Research staffOtherPatent and Trademark GroupShared CILIP-wide Strategic Plan, Vision & MissionCILIP Operational Plan 2016-17Annual Forecast Budget 2016-17Performance Indicators & MetricsCommon causeAnnual Forecast Budget 2016-17Performance Targets 2016-2019Performance TargetsCILIP MasterplanRidgmount Street long-term developmentInvesting in our people Information Management & Internal Comms PlanLong-term IT & Systems DevelopmentMember Network & SIG Forward Plans2016 Forward Plans2016 BudgetsCILIP in Scotland Forward PlanScottish Branch Plans & Priorities2016 Forward PlansAnnual Forecast Budget 2016-17Performance Targets 2016-2019CILIP Cymru Forward PlanAnnual Forecast Budget 2016-17Performance Targets 2016-2019CILIP in Northern Ireland Forward PlanDiscussion session: CILIP today whats working and what needs to change?

CILIPs Strategy to 2020

Royal Charter (2001)The objects of the Institute shall be to work for the benefit of the public to promote education and knowledge through the establishment and development of libraries and information services and to advance information science (being the science and practice of the collection, collation, evaluation and organised dissemination of information) and for that purpose the Institute shall have the power to:

Foster and promote education, training, invention and research Collect, collate and publish information, ideas, data and research Unite all persons engaged or interested in information science by holding conferences & meetingsPromote improvement of knowledge, skills, position and qualifications of library & info professionalsPromote study and research in librarianship and information sciencePromote and encourage the maintenance of adequate & appropriate provision of library servicesScrutinise any legislation affecting the provision of library and information servicesPromote such further legislation as may be considered necessaryRepresent and act as the professional body for persons working in library & information servicesForm branches, regional member networks, sections or groupsPrint, publish and sell communications, papers or treatisesInvest and borrow monies in support of these aims

Issues on the horizonInformation literacy as a core competence

The changing nature of education & the curriculum

Equality of opportunity, access to knowledge & the right to know

Celebrating an ageing population

Growth, industry & jobs the Knowledge Economy

A mature connected society trust, authority, privacy & safety


Beautiful placesUnique collections

Creative ideas Engaged customers

To be a librarian or information professional is to be someone who believes that they can change the world through knowledge

R.D LankesCILIP Conference

CILIPs purpose is to unite, represent and grow the library and information professionBut...

Closures, service reductions & hollowing out of public libraries

Reducing role of librarians in school libraries

Downsizing, consolidation or closure of private-sector employers (eg. law firms)

Lack of connection between research outputs & library/information skills

Broader context of de-valuing of professional status

Prioritisation of generic skills over technical/professional skillsWhat do we want?

Every boy & girl has the opportunity to read, develop their information literacy and critical thinking skills

Every school with a library and a library and information professional at its heart

Every community supported by & benefitting from the skills of a library & information professional & able to exert their right to access knowledge

Every business investing in the skills to value and managing knowledge & information as an asset

Every University, enterprise, charity, hospital or organisation with the skills to create, manage and re-use knowledge and information to benefit their users

An inclusive profession

Core priorities

Supporting, nurturing & celebrating our membership

Providing an effective & influential voice for our profession

Helping people plan & build their career in libraries & information management

Working in partnership to further our common interestsStrategic Priorities

We will promote public benefit by delivering the following prioritiesPriority 1:Priority 2:Priority 3: Priority 4:Priority 5: Priority 6:AdvocacyWorkforce DevelopmentMember ServicesPartnershipResearch & InnovationGrowthPublicly-funded libraries

Information literacy

Information Management

Higher Education & learning

Political & media influence

National Library & Information Skills Strategy

Workforce Mapping

Diversifying the Workforce

Promoting CPD


New Member Offer from 2016

Supporting and empowering the Member Networks, SIGs and Branches (in Scotland)

Excellence in Customer Service

Develop high-profile partnerships

Promote sponsorship and investmentBuild the LIS Research and Eviden