SHAPE Design Element Shape To understand and apply the design element Shape

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SHAPEDesign Element ShapeTo understand and apply the design elementShape.ShapeShapes are a basic element of design. They are made up of closed contours and three dimensional objects placed In the design.

Shapes are used to convey meaning and organize information.There are three basic types of shapes: geometric shapes organic shapes abstract shapes

Geometric Shapes Geometric shapes are what most people think of when they think of shapes.

Organic ShapesOrganic shapes are shapes that are found in nature, but they are also shapes of man-made items. Most organic shapes in Web pages are created withimages. Some examples of organic shapes are: Leaves butterflies

Abstract ShapesAbstract shapes are those that have a recognizable form but are not "real in the same way that natural shapes are. For example, a stick- figure drawing of a dog is an abstract dog shape, but another dog in a photo is a natural shape. Some examples of abstract shapes are:alphabet glyphsiconssymbols

Geometric VS Organic

What shapes do you recognize?Realistic VS Abstract

Perspective & Shape

Vertical location: higher objects appear farther away.Size: larger objects appear closer, smaller shapes appear farther away.Psychology of shapesCircle =protective or infinitealso, eternity, connection, community, wholeness, endurance, movement, safety, perfection, power, energy, integrity, perfection, completeness, home, restrictionRefers to the feminine: warmth, comfort, sensuality, and love, wholeness and unity

Psychology of shapesTriangle tension or conflict or actionalso, energy, power, balance, law, science, religion. refers to the masculine: strength, aggression, dynamic; movement, self-discovery and revelation.

Psychology of shapes

Spiral expressions of creativity, process Of growth and evolutionPsychology of shapes

square = stability, equality, solidity, security, rationality & honestySome exceptional examples

Some exceptional examples

Some exceptional examples

How does a line acquire a personality?

Match these words with the line drawings above: - timid; aggressive; strong; graceful; nervous


Artist :Carlo Crivelli

The town of Ascoli was under papal rule and in 1482 Pope Sixtus IV granted it a degree of self-government. This altarpiece was painted for the church of SS. Annunziata in Ascoli to celebrate the event. The coats of arms are those of the Pope (left) and the local bishop, Prospero Cafferelli (right). News of Ascoli's new status reached the town on the feast of the Annunciation on 25 March, which then became a special feast day when the town celebrated its liberty. It is rare to include a saint with the Archangel Gabriel in a depiction of the Annunciation. Saint Emidius, the patron saint of Ascoli, is shown carrying a model of the town. Ascoli is dominated by towers and is still recognizable today in the model which Emidius carries.