Shakespeare's Sonnet 30 Analysis, and an Original Sonnet

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An analysis of Sonnet 30, by William Shakespeare, as well as an original sonnet


<p>Sonnet 30: A Recollection of the PastRecollection of the past brings about despair and remorse: However, the poet finds comfort in his troubled memories and is able to suppress his mournful emotions. Shakespeares Sonnet 30 is filled with longing for the past. The poet portrays his sentiments through lush diction placed throughout the story; words such as dateless, moan, woes, and grievance suggest that the pain the poet is feeling is lasting and aching. The poet admits that he copiously sheds tears over his past in the line, drown an eye, unused to flow. His use of consonance and alliteration in the first linesessions of sweet silent thoughtsets the tone for this sonnet, a tone of elongated grief. Deaths dateless night is everlasting, and the word-choice emphasizes the extended period of time in the poets life spent mourning. Although the poet spends his time feeling sorrow for his past self, the memories he sheds tears over end up comforting him in his troubled moments. The poet personifies his memories, referring to them as a dear friend. His memories, rather than being tragic, bolster his spirit. Previously in the sonnet, the poet utilizes assonance, in the lines, woe to woe tell oer and fore-bemoaned moan. The repetitive oh sound echoes in the readers mind, creating a sense of anguish, as if saying, ohh noo. However, the use of consonance in the last line tells the reader that the emotions of the poet have shifted, and he has found a way to cope with his past. Rather than being irregular and wavering, the last line flows smoothly, symbolizing the peaceful transition the poet has made. The memories are no longer ones of anguish, but ones of encouragement.</p> <p>Fading PastOh, how I long for precious childhood time,When all the children gathered round the slides,To bump and shove their way up the feared climb,Only to tumble down, giddy inside.Oh, how I long for serene and tranquil naps,When sleepy heads would press gainst plush pillowsHeld strong in dream, not waking to a snapNot hastening to the stage when one must grow.Oh, glory memories, dont rush by so quick;The future bears down with alarming speed.The past is far-gone, leaving me homesick.How will I cope without my youthful deeds?Alas, I must tread past these boundaries,For the future holds many great journeys.</p>