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Internship ReportTraining & Development of Renown Apparels Ltd. (This Internship Report Is Submitted For the artial Fulfillment of the Degree of!aster of "usiness Administration with a !a#or in $R!%Prepared For: Bithika Das GuptaLecturerFaculty of Business StudiesBGC Trust University Bangladeshrepared "&' Name: Shahadat HossainStudent ID: (110102086)Semester: 8th Batch: 2nd Program: BBAa!or in H"Su#mission Date: 28th $u%&' 201(Objectives: "road (b#e)tive'The primary objective of my study is to lay down the foundation of trainings and development and analyzing the present developments of employee through trainings and the future prospects of the growth based on the organize expectation.S)eci*ic o#!ecti+e:The specific objective of my study about employee training and developmentis to try to apply my learning in the area of Human Resource so that I cangain significant practical knowledge and understand the nature andimportance of training and development and identify the various inputs thatshould go into any program.Methodology: usinessresearchusedin this reportisofdescriptivenature.Through thisdescriptive research! this report seeks to determine the answers to who! what!where and how "uestions of the cellular industry of angladesh.The methodology of the study will re"uire data at first. The sample size ischosen in order to understand what most of the employee think about trainingprogram. #hen ade"uate datawere collected! it was sorted and displayed as percentage and is depicted in graphs. Thesample is chosen from $% House! %&' (ivision.To prepare the report! research design and methods of this study is described as follows)Data sour)e'(ata for this report has been extracted from primary sources as well as secondary sources.Primar&* ,uestionnaire sur+e&* Direct inter+ie-Datasource* Annua% "e)ortSecondar&* In*orma% discussions* Pu#%ished artic%esdatasource * $ourna%s* Brochures* .**icia% -e# sitesFigure*+rimar& Data'%rimary(ataiscollectedthough"uestionnairesurveywhichisarrangedontrainingprograms of $rameenphone and direct interview is done with corporate employees of$rameenphone +imited.Se)ondar& Data',ajority of the data is collected from -nnual Report! informal discussions mainly withmysupervisor andteammembers! publishedarticlesontelecommunicationsectors!journals! brochures! $rameenphone official web sites.Limitations of the study: .very process usually carries limitations with it. This study is not an exception. The limitations that I faced on my way to this internship report are stated below.Time constraint was a big factor as my internship report was due in / months and I had to do this report along with my regular office work.(ata availability was another big issue here because company was not willing to disclose few the confidential information regarding their managerial strategies and plans.-s the data are collected through the surveyor! it may have hampered the data validity and reliability.$rameenphone! as one of the best private telecom organizations! were sometime unable to spare much time for discussion for discussions..ven though there were some limitations! I tried my level best to collect ade"uate data and information to make the report meaningful.Chapter: 2Literature Review on HRMIntroduction,anagement and Human resource are one and the same. ,anagement is managing people at work. HR, is also concerned with managing people at work. It covers all types of personnel. It draws on a number of related discipline! such as industrial psychology! sociology! social psychology! and economics.De*inition o* H"Human Resource ,anagement is the term increasingly used to refer to the philosophy! %olicies! procedures! and practices one need to carry out people or human resource aspect of management position. These include)0(etermining the nature of each employees job.0%lanning labor needs & recruiting candidates.01electing job candidates.0'rienting & training new employees.0,anaging wages & salaries.0%roviding incentives & benefits.0.valuating performance0Training & developing.0+abor relation.2inally! we can say that management is getting things done through other people./haracteristics o* H"v,ultiplicity of roles assumed by individuals. - person plays many different role in the society. These roles are conflicting in nature.vTwo people are not the same! they are different.v%eople appreciate as times goes on. %eople gain more knowledge & experience.Basic Princi)%e o* H"- principle is a basic statement of truth explaining cause and effect relationship between two or more variables. .very subject is guided by its principle. HR is not an exception. The fundamental principles of HR, are as follows)0(eal with people a complete indivisueals. 3onsider employee as a whole peerdson.0Treat employee with respect & dignity.0Treat all employee with justice! there should be no discrimination.0Treat people as adult.0,ake people feel worthwhile & related.0HR, is not personal.0Reward should be earned not given. If it is earned it becomes a gift or donation.01upply employees with relevant information.0%eople ought to be considered as social capital capable of development.0%rovides opportunities for growth within the organization.01ell the personnel program. It must be sold.0$roup interest predominance over individual interest.0(on4t underestimate the potentialof people..#!ecti+es o* H"'bjectives are predetermined goals at whichindividual or group activity in an organization is aimed. The formulation of the objectives of an organization is necessary for the following reason) Human beings are goal directed. %eople must have purpose to do some work. -nnounced organizational goals invest work with meaning. 'bjectives stand out as guidelines for organizational performance.The main focus for HR management must be on contributing to organizational success.The objective of HR, can be described as follows)vTo maintain and sustain industrial peace. #ithout peace prosperity is not possible. It is true for nation as well as business organization. #ithout industrial peace all resources remain under5utilized.vTo improve the productive contribution of people to the organization. In a competitive environment productivity improvements very significant. %roductivity is the function of a ability and motivation. Training and education can improve ability. The HR mangers must take measures to increase employees willingness to put more effort.vTo generate maximum individual development of people within the organization.vTo attract and secure appropriate people capable of performing effectively and efficiently the organization4s specific tasks.vTo maintain a high morale and better human relationships inside the organization.vTo recognize and satisfy individual needs..+era%% H" *unctions The main functions of the HR, department are as follows)6. Recruitment7. 1election/. 'rientation %rogram8. Training & (evelopment9. %erformance appraisal:. %romotion;. Transfer. 1ervicingi & Development:Human resource is one of the most important assets and a part of the organization concerned with the ?people@ dimension. The present conventional one and this change is continuous. -s jobs in have become more complex and challenging! the importance of employee education and training is increasing. .very organization needs to have well adjusted! trained and experienced people to perform activities in order to achieve organizational goals. #hen jobs are simple! easy to learn and influence only a small degree of technological change! there is little need for employees to upgrade or alter their skills. ut such situation rarely exists on present day. Rather! rapid job changes are taking place! re"uiring employee skills to be transformed and fre"uently updated. In organizations! such up gradation occurs through employee training.In general! training refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate employees@learning of job5related competencies. Inade"uate job performance or a decline in productivity or changesresulting out of job redesigning or a technological break5through re"uiresome type of training and development efforts. -s a job becomes complex!importance of employee development increases in e"ual proportion. In arapidly changing society! employee training and development is not onlyan activity that is desirable but also an activity that an organization mustconduct to maintain a viable and a knowledgeable workforce. The goal oftraining for employees is to make them master the knowledge! skills andbehavior that are emphasized in training programs and to apply those intheir day5to5day activities in the workplace.'rganizations today are taking advantage of the fact that training can strengthen employee commitment. 2ew things illustrate a firm@s continuing developments opportunities for them to enhance themselves and such commitment is usually reciprocated. Training has become a mandatory tool to survive in the hard facing workforce .To accelerate the overall human resource management achievement! trainingworks as a major part of its dimensions..,ain training activities consist of in5depth foundation programs for entry level ,anagementTrainees. 1pecialized training programs in the areas like general e5learning! projectmanagement foundationAprofessionalAadvanced trainings programs! feedback & coaching arealso organized by %&' depending on need. 2re"uently outreach programs are organized tomeet demand for new and specialized skills.'rientation programformal orientation program for the new employees. 1 arranges formal orientation program after recruitingnew officer level employees! but it has no orientation program for newly appointed staff or lower level workers. The immediate supervisor is responsible for internalizing the employees of the organization.TrainingThe main function of the functions of the training department is as follows)6. To prepare & implement -nnual Training %r