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SFS intec S.p.A. / I-33170 Pordenone / Via ... hardware and building supplies. Over 7000 employees are ready to assist customers in more than 70 sites spread over 25 countries. SFS

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Text of SFS intec S.p.A. / I-33170 Pordenone / Via ... hardware and building supplies. Over 7000 employees...

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    SFS intec catalogue: The quality of choice - for everyday

  • 1 Catalogue user guide

    4 Hinges for technical and heavy duty doors

    4.1 SFS intec hinges for flush fit application

    4.2 SFS intec adjustable hinges for glass doors

    4.3 SFS intec adjustable hinges for rebated application

    4.4 SFS intec standard hinges

    5 Hinges for timber doors and windows

    5.1 SFS intec adjustable hinges

    5.2 SFS intec standard hinges

    6 Hinges for German application

    6.1 SFS intec standard hinges

    7 SFS intec hinges for shutters

    7.1 SFS intec hinges for shutters

    7.2 SFS intec hinges for third wing

    8 Hinges for PVC-U doors 8.1 SFS intec adjustable hinges

    9 Hinges for PVC-U doors and windows

    9.1 SFS intec standard hinges

    10 SFS intec accessories and fitting tools

    10.1 SFS intec caps and accessories

    10.2 SFS intec fixing supports for hinges

    10.3 SFS intec jigs and fitting tools for timber

    10.4 SFS intec jigs and fitting tools for PVC-U

    SFS intec S.p.A. / I-33170 Pordenone / Via Castelfranco Veneto 71 / [email protected] /

    3 Hinges for design doors

    2 Universal hinges for Eurogroove

    3.1 SFS intec pivot hinges

    3.2 SFS intec concealed hinges

    3.3 SFS intec self closing system

    2.1 SFS intec universal hinge for PVC-U

    2.2 SFS intec universal hinge for aluminium

    2.3 SFS intec universal hinge for wood

  • SFS intec S.p.A. / I-33170 Pordenone / Via Castelfranco Veneto 71 / [email protected] /

  • 6.1 9220-15-C03 Central barrel with self lubricating bushes

    For timber frames

    Load per hinge 35 kg

    Article Material Finish Salt spray test hour


    489292 Steel Old bronzed 2 100 843374 Inox Matt stainless steel 20 843372 Steel Chromated 20 20 489293 Steel Brassed 4 100 489294 Steel Nickel 20 100 630410 Steel White RAL 9010 1000 20 843367 Steel Zinc coated 120 100

    a mm

    c mm

    d mm

    e mm

    f mm

    i mm

    15,0 48,3 50,0 7,0 22,0 8,0

    associated articles

    220-15-L01 220-15-L20 012-RM-017 p. 6.1 8 p. 6.1 7 p. 10.2 10

    SFS intec s.p.a. / Via Castelfranco Veneto 71 / I - 33170 Pordenone / [email protected] /

    intec Catalogue user guide

    Article description code Chapter

    Sub chapter

    Page number

    Type of application, load and technical characteristics of

    the article

    Article codewith description of the finish, corrosion performance,


    Possible associated articles in the catalogue

    Application type

    Dimension table

    Technical drawing

    SFS intec S.p.A. / I-33170 Pordenone / Via Castelfranco Veneto 71 / [email protected] /

  • The SFS group has been in business for more than 50 years. During this time it has continually evolved, becoming even more adaptable to the demands of the markets. From 2013 the activities of the Group have been divided into three segments and each segment offers its services and products under four different brands. The common goal is always the same: to create benefits for the customers.

    In the Engineered Components segment, we act as a development and manufacturing partner for precision cold formed components, special fasteners and assemblies. Under the brand SFS intec, we mainly deal with the automotive industry and general industrial sectors. Under the brand Unisteel we serve customers in the electronics industry.

    The Fastening Systems segment operates as an innovation and solutions provider for application-optimized fastening systems and hinges.

    Under the brand SFS intec, we serve the construction industry and under the brand GESIPA, the automotive industry, trade and other general industrial application segments.

    In Distribution & Logistics segment we are in our home market of Switzerland under the brand, SFS unimarket. We stand out as a reliable supply and logistics partner for trade, crafts and industry. The product range includes fasteners, tools, hardware and building supplies.

    Over 7000 employees are ready to assist customers in more than 70 sites spread over 25 countries.

    SFS intec S.p.A in Pordenone produces hinges for doors and windows for the SFS sites worldwide.

  • intec SFS intec s.p.a has been an integral part of the SFS group for more than thirty years. The continuous interchange of expertise among colleagues from different market organisations has expanded the growth of the production capabilities which has developed a high-level of knowledge in cold -forming technology

    SFS intec is able to meet the increasing demands of customers regarding products, service and quality. The central theme of the SFS intec corporate model demands that the four aims are respected:

    1. We seek partnership We are committed to providing maximum customer value through innovation and quality. We want to be our customers’ preferred partner. Better performance and service unites us with customers and suppliers. In those selected market segments we concentrate on, we target a leadership position measured on a global scale.

    2. We need commitment Our people are fully committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs. They are loyal and highly qualified. They promote continuous improvement. As co-entrepreneurs, they assume responsibility and claim the necessary authority. Their career development, compensation and rewards are based on performance.

    3. We respect the community We apply ourselves actively for the community and the environment. We promote free enterprise and free-market economy and democracy. SFS products, services, factories and jobs should be models of innovation, safety and efficiency.

    4. We seek success Through long-term above average development, SFS maintains its independence. We achieve this through positive dynamics, adequate earnings and international orientation. Success make us attractive and reliable to customers, suppliers, people and investors.

    The great investments for the application of the philosophy, have been possible thanks to a constant growth of the turnover, both of the Italian and foreign markets. Financial solidity allows the group to effect these investments with its own resources.

  • The daily activities of all the SFS market organisations, and therefore also of SFS intec - Italy, are based on six core competences.

    Innovation Customer focus Quality Logistics Application expertise System offering

    Our fasteners are in daily use on building sites around the world. This fact, linked with close cooperation with end users, forms the basis of our creativity. The on- going refinement of existing products and processes, together with the development of new ideas, means that site productivity, comfort and safety are being continuously improved.

    Understanding our customers’ needs is vital to us. Only by recognising different requirements can we match our range to the markets’ needs. The global presence of our building and construction specialists enables short communication pathways and direct information exchange.

    The SFS intec brand stands for quality products and services. That is rooted in technical advice and support. It applies to development and product manufacture. It runs through to sales and after- service. A single high-quality system delivering impressive results.

    The best of products can only do its job if it is delivered on time, in the right quantity, in the right version and to the right place! Thanks to years of experience and a well established sales network, SFS intec guarantees smooth, secure logistical solutions.

    Ever-increasing demands on safety, corrosion resistance and economy, and the many new efficient energy-saving components, require appropriate fastener solutions. By working closely with system producers, SFS intec develops and supplies mechanical fastening systems, which are ideally matched to the different applications in which they are used. A comprehensive training concept ensures that the relevant know-how is spread throughout the entire marketing network.

    SFS intec offers more than superb quality fasteners. Rather, we are a full service supplier. Application- specific installation equipment makes for time-saving and ergonomic use. Our consultancy service and training of operators, including on-site support mean that operators will achieve their optimum function.

    Our core competences

  • SFS intec maintain a global Business Management System encompassing quality, environmental and health and safety management: ISO 9001/2000 and TS 16949:2000. The quality culture of all our employees is the principal factor of success of our firm. Conscious of our own responsibilities we are fully committed to our customers. The awareness of the quality does not appear only in the quality of our products, but also in the customers focus, in the service and finally in the satisfaction of the customers requests.

    The certification

  • Material Type The right material for all requirements

    Zones with aggressive climates (e.g. coastal or industrial regions). High corrosion potential

    Zones with critical climates (e.g. regions closest o the coast or industry).

    Zones with uncritical climates.

    Material selectio

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