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<ul><li> 1. SFHC Shadyside Family Health Center (SFHC) Visitors Guide Shadyside Family Health Center (SFHC) Contents 1. Your Visit to the Clinic: What do you expect when you see your doctor? 2. Basic Information about SFHC Shadyside Family Health Center 3. A List of Japanese-Speaking Doctors Working at SFHC; as of March 2011. 2011 3 Chapter 1. Your Visit to the Clinic: What do you expect when you see your doctor? IntroductionThere are several differences between visiting a medical clinic in the U.S. and visiting one in Japan. This guide is designed to educate you about your visit to our clinic so that you know what to expect and can better prepare. We believe that this book will be helpful not only for patients who are visiting our clinic but also for patients who are visiting any clinic in the U.S. Step 1 Before You Come to the Clinic Do you have your insurance card? If you dont have an insurance card because you just purchased your insurance, you need to know your insurance ID number and group number as well as the subscribers ID name (the person who actually purchased the insurance.). We recommend that you bring a pen or pencil in case you want to take notes. You might experience a long wait (as long as 1 hour). Therefore, we recommend you bring a book or a magazine to read while you are waiting. If you bring children with you, you might want to bring some snacks or diapers with you. We recommend that you arrive fifteen minutes before your actual appointment. Please leave your house early. Please follow your doctors instructions regarding your visit (e.g. Last visit, your doctor advised you to come to the office fasting because the 15 doctor wants to order blood tests for blood sugar and cholesterol.) We also recommend that you bring your copy of this guidebook with you. PCP </li> <li> 2. Step 2 To the Clinic &gt; When you arrive at the waiting area, you will check in with the front-desk staff. The staff will ask for the basic information below; please prepare for their questions. If necessary, please utilize our Appointment Request Card. If this is your first visit: Your health insurance company and its type of plan - You can just show them your insurance card. If your health plan is an HMO or Medicaid, you will be asked for the name of your designated Primary Care Doctor o (PCP) on the insuranceIf the doctor does not work in our office and you still want to see a physician in our clinic, the staff will ask you to HMO Medicaid PCP change the designated PCP to one of our doctors by contacting the PCP insurance company. If you have a PPO or indemnity plan, you should be PCP able to see any physician without restriction. (Please check with your insurer in advance.) PCP Name This is very important. Make sure that the front desk staff spells your name properly. Just as many Japanese have trouble with the PPO spelling of American names, many Americans struggle with the indemnity plan PCP romanized spelling of Japanese names. DOB (Date of Birth) You can say, May 23rd 1970. But the easier way Name would be to say five twenty third seventy. This way works well. Spelling Spelling DOB (Date of Birth) May 23th 1970 5/23/70 </li> <li> 3. Address You will be asked for your full address and zip code. Address Zip code Emergency contacts - home phone # and cell # Emergency contacts home phone # and cell # Appointment time If you have an appointment. Appointment time () If you come to the clinic without an appointment, in addition to the information above, the staff will ask if you want to see a physician for a Sick visit. A Sick visit is a type of visit where a patient has a medical Sick visit Sick visit issue that requires a doctors urgent attention. If you ask the staff for a Sick visit appointment, they will try to schedule you with a physician who has an opening. (They usually try to find openings in Japanese doctors schedules first.) If all slots are full, they will advise you to go to Urgent care the Urgent Care Clinic located next-door. If your visit is not a Sick visit, the staff will ask when and who you Sick visit want to see in the clinic. You do not need to stick with the designated PCP PCP on your insurance plan. You can choose any physician working at our clinic. If you have any concern about making appointments in English face-to-face with the front desk staff, please use the SSN (Social Security Number) Appointment Request Card. (Optional) SSN (Social Security Number) They might ask your SSN. If you do not have an SSN, you can just say, I do not have a Social Security Number. o If this is not you first visit, you will be asked for: Name Name DOB (Date of Birth) DOB (Date of Birth) Appointment time if you have an appointment. If not, Appointment time () they will ask if this is a Sick visit or not. Sick visitIf you scheduled your appointment online with HealthTrak, you will be asked o HealthTrak for: Name Name Appointment time Appointment time () Front desk staff will enter your information in the computer. After they confirm your appointment or schedule your Sick visit, they will ask Sick visit you to wait in the waiting area until you are called. You will wait until the registration staff call you to the registration area. There are magazines and books in the waiting area but all of them are written in English. We have a kids-space next to the waiting area. In this area, toys and childrens books are available. Please use the space if you bring your children. You can bring a few books or small toys from the kids-space into the examination room, but you must return them. There is a restroom in the kids-space area for patients. If you want to use it, please ask the front desk staff for the key. There are also two restrooms available in the examination area. 2 </li> <li> 4. )&gt; </li><li> 5. b) Materials (pamphlets and documents) Most materials are given only c) to new patients. Patient information/demographic sheet Patient information/demographic sheet After the registration staff finishes all of their procedures, they will hand you this sheet. The sheet lists your basic information Flow and the staff will ask you to review it for errors. Please report (bin) any mistakes to the registration staff. This sheet will go into the bin (Picture 1) next to the Flow area. 1 Receipt (requires your signature) Receipt () If you pay with a credit card, the staff will ask you to sign the sign receipt. And they will give you the copy of the receipt. The staff Billing advises patients to keep this copy for at least two months in sheet case that you are incorrectly charged for this visit in the future. Annual questionnaires (1 ) Annual questionnaires (Green sheet) The questionnaire will ask you about your past medical history, Flow 2 life style habits etc. You will also be asked questions to screen for depression. You will fill out this form while you are waiting in the Flow area (Picture 2) or examination room. If you are a new patient, you will complete a different sheet (White sheet). 1/ Picture 1 2/ Picture 2 </li> <li> 6. Materials for new patients o A handout of HIPPA A handout of HIPPA This documents mainly discusses that we have an obligation to protect patient privacy. UPMC consent for treatment, payment and health care options ( UPMC consent for treatment, payment and health care options ) (Requires your signature) sign This form indicates that you allow UPMC to treat you and that you agree to the terms of payment. You are asked to sign the form form to grant consent. A handout of Medical Decisions in Advance A handout regarding Medical Decisions in Advance Living will(), Power of attorney() You will also receive a handout explaining advance directives Advanced directive (e.g. living will, power of attorney) Advance directive record form (). () If you do not have a POA or other advanced directives, the Advanced directive form Yes registration staff...</li></ul>