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  • What Is Service Learning?An opportunity to use your teaching skills in non-traditional teaching contexts.

    An opportunity to explore other employment options where your teaching skills are an advantage.

    An opportunity to make community contacts that may lead to future employment outside the classroom.

    An opportunity to learn more about addressing diversity through services within the community.

  • Why Service Learning?Helps students explore other employment options where their B.Ed. is beneficial

    Different form of teaching experience

    Adds benefit to portfolio

    Another professional contact

    Provides diversity in teaching; helps you really understand differentiation in its many forms

    Explores an area of interest not available through mainstream teaching

  • Non-Classroom Practicum Experiences Provide

    Opportunities for students to recognize the range of the applicability of their developing skills as teachers.

    Opportunities to experience the range of services available in their community that provide some form of teaching support to individuals.

    Settings where students can examine and reflect on their developing skills.

    Experiences that will challenge each students ability to adapt and respond to changing conditions.

  • Why do community-partners invest time in service-learning?Strategy to identify potential employeesExtra helping handsHave a community partnership mandateAppreciation for the role of universities as contributors to societyRecognize the potential of extra support to assist with community focused initiativesImproved profile for their agency/business

  • Timing Of A Service Learning PlacementIn year five you complete thirteen weeks of placement.

    The first four weeks will be Service Learning placements which you arrange (Jan. 9 to Feb. 3).

    You may also do one other alternative placement during the thirteen week block.

    You are supported by detailed directions in an electronic Service Learning Handbook.

  • Any agency that will allow you to teach, whether that be to children, youth, or adults, could be an appropriate placement.

    You can teach to a class, a small group, or one on one.

    A placement averages 6 working hours per day for a total of 120 hours over four weeks.

    It does not have to be the traditional school hours (e.g., could be 1p.m.-7p.m.).Where can I seek placement for Service Learning?

  • Where Can I Do A Service Learning Placement?Big Brothers/Big SistersYMCAFACS/CASRespite Care/Community Care AccessDetention CentersHospitals Pediatric or Geriatric CareReform SchoolsAlternative Schools e.g., School for the DeafNative Cultural CentersLiteracy CouncilsLibrary Literacy ProgramsTutoring ServicesHomeless Shelters/Outreach ProgramsROMOne Kids PlaceOther (as approved by University supervisors)

  • How Do I Obtain a Service Learning Placement?Students may choose to do their SL Placement in North Bay or back home, or any location in Ontario where an approved placement is available; a limited number of placements may be arranged in other countries at your expense; must work with the Chair and International Office to arrange this.

    Students will find their own placement but will still require Faculty approval (via Erin Dokis /Christine Stefanizzi in SL Office).

    Students will have the assistance of Nancy Maynes and Blaine Hatt, as well as the Service Learning Office.

    Your placement must not be supervised by a family member or friend.

  • Your placement MAY NOT be: - with a family member - with a former teacher - in a place you have previously worked - in a place you have previously volunteered

  • Service Learning PlacementA placement will be confirmed once yourplacement supervisor has been contacted to:

    Ensure that the placement is in a safe and professionally monitored environment.

    Ensure that your teaching skills will be valued and used.

    Answer any questions your placement supervisor may have.

    Establish a method of communication directly with your service learning supervisor during your placement.

  • Evaluating A Service Learning Placement There are two evaluations during your four week placement. You are responsible for ensuring that your supervisor is reminded to do these after Week 2 (on Jan. 20th) and after Week 4 (on Feb. 3rd).

    Students are to maintain a time sheet and submit it at the completion of their service learning placement.

  • Paperwork: - your four week timesheet - your Week 2 evaluation - your Week 4 evaluation - your supervisors Community-Partner Questionnaire - your Teacher Candidate Questionnaire

  • Submit timesheets and both evaluations to Erin Dokis/Christine Stefanizzi in the SL office.

    Submit questionnaires to Nancy Maynes (as per directions on each questionnaire).

  • Commitment to the Service of Others

    Potential for Leadership in this Community Agency

    Professional Learning

    Professional Knowledge

    Management and Communication PracticesEvaluation Criteria Include

  • Choosing The Service PlacementA significant teaching component.

    A supervisor who commits to completing the two evaluations, and the questionnaire.

    Must meet all of the limitations mentioned earlier so this is a new and unique learning experience for you.

    Must be known to SL Office not later than November 30, 2011 (June 30 if International).

  • Questions??Contact Nancy Maynes or Erin Dokis /Christine Stefanizzi forfurther (until July 2011) (beginning July 2011)


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