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  • 1. Get To The Pointeer! WorkShops Monthly News-P ow deas he nd In T le a n O op ur f PeT O September 2010 -Mr. WattAre you ready for the 2011? Have you revised your plan?INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Repositioning your company can be an invigorating move - it's exciting to take afresh approach and go after new opportunities. But change is also risky and over time,the momentum behind it can wane. When that happens, it's not uncommon for indi- Option Finder 2viduals, units, or entire organizations to default to the old strategy. If your team re- with Bill Newkirklapses, how can you get things back on track and people re-focused on the new direc- Pics of the Month 3tion?Kudos 4What the Experts SayThe reality is that very few strategic changes are successful. In fact, only 5% of large- Team building Tip 4scale changes actually work, according to John P. Kotter, Chief Innovation Officer atKotter International, a professor emeritus at Harvard Business School, and author of Coupon4numerous books, including A Sense of Urgency. Taking a different approach one that doesn't disconnect execution from strategycreation helps prevent stalls before they happen, keeps your team focused, andcould put your organization into that elite 5%. Create a "guiding coalition"Kotter suggests that all change efforts include a "guiding coalition" a diverse,cross-functional, multi-level group with different skills and strengths. He warns thatthis is "not some dorky task force" but people who are excited about the change andready and able to roll up their sleeves to drive it. If your team defaults back to the oldstrategy, consider bringing together a group of individuals who can take responsibilityfor pushing the change through. Choose the people who are most enthusiastic aboutthe new direction and give them real work to do, focused on pushing the team for-ward. (Excerpts from The Harvard Business Review) The environment plays a huge role in the results you get when attending a strategicplanning meeting. If you are meeting at work, in the same room that you have yourroutine meetings, you will continue to get routine answers and ideas. Companies thatbring their teams to WorkShop get better results. Participants are much more relaxedand the environment lends itself to opening the doors to creativity. Everyone has avoice at WorkShop. Use the coupon on page 4 for your next meeting and check outour new ADA compliant space. Rainmakers in Louisville

2. September 2010 Bill Newkirk, Louisville, travels all over the Country facilitating his unique way for participants to share their inner most thoughts and ideas in a safe manner. Bill uses the Option Finder . He has used it here at WorkShop with many groups who are truly looking for the solution and want their staff to be part of that solution. The Option Finder method is used to achieve results in meetings where anonymity is important. The process guarantees 100% anonymously, 100% inclusively, it is incisive, and it insures specific printed and graphic feedback.Bill is a certified Option Finder instructor. He takes the participants will through a polling process designed to identify what they perceive to be obstacles in the pursuit of the their mission. Based on the needs of the team and the leadership goals, Bill may send out questionnaires prior to a session or he may use questions that he deems necessary based on the pre-meeting consultation. The questions are presented on a projection screen along with a list of responses from which the participants can choose using an Option Finder keypad. The keypad is just like your remote control at home, so they are easy to use. The response results are instant and displayed as a graph. This is interactive process allows for complete participation, anonymity, speed, democracy of input, and public display of everyones opinion. Bill does have the ability to use demographics within the polling. For example, in a room of Senior Leadership and Mid-Level Managers, the responses could be separated. This gives instant feedback and will give a true indication of whether or not your team is on the same page or if there are serious issues within the leadership. Your team will be lead through a series of discussions regarding the polling results and they will be given an opportunity to work together finding solutions for the issues at hand. At the conclusion of the Session, Bill provides the client with printed, graphic feedback and will also provide you a debrief on the days activities. Bill has many years experience with Change Management, Leadership training and Strategic Planning. Bill Newkirk, Consultant502-432-9123 3. September 2010 Are You A FAN of WorkShopTeambuildingFun atAugust2010 Many companies enjoyed the opportunity to get their teams out of the office for a day. August was full of Adventure in the Ville, The Corydon Quest and The Adventure in the Wild. Our team adventures this past month helped the kids from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, the Seniors at Mt. Holly Nursing Home, and the Cralle Day house of the Home of the Innocents. Not only do the teams experience the qualities of an effective team (communication, shared leadership, trust, organization, planning, sharing information, and many more) they also give back to the community together. 4. September 2010 Check out our FAN page: Are you looking for a way to get your meeting started? Getting your team towork together at a Monday morning meeting is not the easiest thing to do. Here is alittle exercise to generate conversation and Special Thanks to:put a little match to the fire.David Frick, Eric Brown, Elaine Troutwein, Deanna Philpot, Bill Worley, and many other friends of WorkShop for helping keep the WorkShop doors open during the passing of our family member.You are so appreciated.Stephanie and Jenness Can you make four equal triangles using six matchsticks, withoutTurn On the Power of People and Ideas. breaking them or bending them?The next time you go to your hair stylist, askthem how they stay inspired and get newideas for styling. Many people do not realizethat hair stylists have opportunities for train- matches will all meet at the top of the pyramid. from each corner to meet above the center. The tips of theing and hands on education at WorkShop ontriangular base, using three for the base and one risingSundays and Mondays. David Frick, Salon Form them into a pyramid with three triangular sides and a Inspirations, is a consultant and training co-ordinator who has brought many Educatorsfrom across the country including New Yorkand California to Louisville to share theirBuild on what you know,expertise with local stylists. It is verydiscover what you dont!exciting to see the stylists leave the sessionswith that glow of inspiration. That, cant20% OFF MEETING SPACEwait to try this look on their face. CALL TODAY. 502-583-8555They can reach David at (502) 645-6804. Healso has a great program for Salon Owners. Coupon valid for meetings booked after Sept. 10. Good thru October 30, 2010