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  • FG is Charlie - September-October 2015

    FRIENDS GAZETTEYour articles look at moral reasons for beingvegetarian or vegan which is a veryinteresting mix and unique . . .

    SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015 - ISSN 2053-4426 London and Avignon - e-mail:

    Tim Barford - founder VegFestUK




    Find out which sixFriends Gazettereaders scoopedcomplimentarytickets toVegFestUK London,October 2015Go to page 7

    Special report by Stephen WardKerry McCarthy


    appointed shadow environment

    supremo, Kerry McCarthy, has

    cemented Labours new consul-

    tative governmental approach

    offering to visit voters and swap

    ideas with them.

    McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol

    East, is the new shadow secretary

    for environment, food and rural

    affairs, appointed by Corbyn days

    after he was voted in this month as

    new Labour leader by a thumping


    In a press statement issued to

    Friends Gazette McCarthy said:

    I have been contacted by so

    many individuals, organisations

    and campaigns over the past few

    days, and would like to thank

    everyone who has congratulated

    me on my new role.

    I hope that I will get to swap

    ideas with you, campaign with

    you, visit you and talk to you over

    the coming months.

    Feel free to pass on your

    specific questions and I will get

    answers to them for you as soon

    as possible.

    Corbyns own first prime

    ministers question time to David

    Cameron recently was a

    revelation in consultative politics.

    He told a packed House of

    Commons: I thought at my first

    PMQs, I would do it in a slightly

    different way.

    So I sent out an email to

    thousands of people and asked

    them what questions they would like

    to put to the prime minister and I

    received 40,000 replies."

    As a member of the shadow

    cabinet McCarthy will be at the heart

    of Labours decision-making process.

    But she pointed out that although

    she has been a vegan for many

    years: This will not affect Labour

    policy in relation to the farming


    Among topics on McCarthys to do

    list are:

    l Protecting the environment

    l Biodiversity

    l Promoting sustainablity

    l Marine conservation, and

    l Animal welfare.

    McCarthy has given talks on

    veganism and was a presenter at theContinues on page 13


  • FG is Charlie - September-October 2015




    SALES MANAGERw a n t e d

    Can you sell?Are you friendly?Can you think out-the-box?Then you may be just the person we are looking

    for. Friends Gazette is seeking a consummate

    professional to build up its advertising sales

    department. Salary negotiable with good

    commission. Experience essential, preferably with

    contacts in the vegan/vegetarian world. Send CV

    with covering letter to

    Informal interviews will be held on Monday, 12

    October at the Olympia Hilton, Kensington High

    Street, round the corner from the exhibition centre.

    IKEA's move to capture the veggie/vegan

    market is set to grow, the FG can reveal.

    The store which turned over 1.4b last

    year launched GRNSAKSBULLAR (literally

    vegetable balls) in the spring, welcomed and

    approved by the Vegan Society in June and

    snapped up by customers ever since.

    Now the Swedish store known for its

    flat pack 'affordable' designer furniture is

    set to introduce a 'fully vegan meal' in its

    self-service, in-store restaurants

    incorporating the balls.

    To be offered at IKEA UK and Ireland

    this entirely vegan meal will consist of the

    veggie balls, a tomato sauce, bulgur wheat and

    rice. Customers will be able to add other items

    as they please.

    A spokesman told FG this month: "The IKEA

    food teams have been working on a fully vegan

    meal and I am awaiting confirmation that this

    has been rolled out to all stores."

    The 'fully vegan meal' will mean vegans will

    not have to wonder what to choose to go with

    their veggie balls and can rest assured their

    whole meal is safe.

    IKEAs fully vegan meal as currentlyserved up in its Toronto store.

    HILTON Olympia is to go vegan for two

    days in October to coincide with VegFestUK,

    taking place just up the road.

    Chef Rohan Mehta will be serving up

    vegetarian and vegan dishes in the hotel

    restaurant on 10/11th October.

    A spokesperson told FG: We usually

    have one or two vegetarian meals available

    but our chef says he will prepare even more

    during that weekend.

    The restaurant in Kensington High Street

    uses sustainably sourced ingredients and is

    offering two courses and a glass of wine for

    20. (See coupon on page 9)



  • FG is Charlie - September-October 2015


    THE JEWISH-Iraqi owner of an iconic

    West End eating haunt is hoping regular

    customer Jeremy Corbyn will soon be

    dropping in for a late night supper but

    admits he may now be "a bit busy".

    Left wing rebel and vegetarian, Corbyn,

    who has appointed a vegan to be a

    shadow secretary of state (see our lead

    story on page 1), rocketed into the political

    stratosphere this month (September) when

    he scored a spectacular win in the battle to

    become Labour Party leader.

    The landslide victory took his political

    opponents both within and outside his

    party by surprise and sent shock waves

    through the British political establishment.

    His leadership triumph has been

    attributed to new young members of the

    party who flocked to support him under the

    Obamaesque slogan "Jez we can".

    Asked if he's expecting the new leader

    round any time soon Gaby Elyahou,

    proprietor of Gabys Delhi just off Leicester

    Square told FG: "No. Not now, he's too

    busy." And he revealed what Corbyn, a

    committed vegetarian, tucks into when he

    does come in.

    "He eats vegetarian. He has falafel,

    moussaka, salads, all that. He comes once

    a month, every two weeks, something like

    that," Gaby said.

    A vegetarian since 1969, Corbyn usually

    pops into the eatery, frequented by both

    politicians and actors from nearby theatres,

    late at night after a session in the House -

    just a short cycle ride away at the other

    end of Whitehall.

    Corbyn who wished his Jewish contacts

    a Happy New Year in an email this

    September, has a tough hand to play as

    Labour leader over the Israeli/Palestinian

    conflict which continues to plague Middle

    eastern politics.

    He is a member of the Palestine

    Solidarity Campaign and has called for the

    starting of a political process to

    decommission Israel's nuclear weapons.

    Corbyn, 66, has been vegetarian since

    the age of 20, following a period working

    on a pig farm.

    Earlier this year he called for a ban on

    the import into the UK of pate de foie gras,

    a French delicacy made out of the liver of

    force-fed geese.

    Gaby Elyahou, (above) a Jewish-Iraqi emigre is the proprietor of Gaby's Deli. He spoke to

    FG in the wake of regular customer Jeremy Corbyns spectacular rise to Labours top job.


    A NORTH-London man has raised thousands of

    pounds for charity by biking nearly 3,000 miles

    across the US.

    Akiva Lipkin, 20, who lives in Hampstead in a

    veggie-friendly household, was one of 14 men and

    nine women in the Bike4Friendship challenge which

    raised just over $74,000 (47,000 ) of which Akiva

    netted $3,145 (2,001) - just by pedal power.

    He said: "It was a good way of keeping fit and

    helping a good cause at the same time."

    The bike tour raises sponsorship funds to benefit

    the Friendship Circle an international non-profit

    organisation that provides programmes and support

    to the families of individuals with special needs.

    Bikers were able to keep the Sabbath (Friday

    sunset to Saturday sunset) and eat kosher thanks to

    a specially designed schedule.

    The men rode from San Diego to New York,

    approximately 3,100 miles, in six weeks. The women

    from just outside Detroit also rode to New York, a

    total of 614.2 miles, in ten days.

    While it is neither required nor prohibited for Jews

    to eat meat, a number of medieval scholars of

    Judaism, such as Joseph Albo and Isaac Arama,

    saw vegetarianism as a moral ideal, not just out of a

    concern for animal welfare but also the slaughterer.

    Jewish vegetarians also cite health and

    environmental reasons for adopting a plant-based


    Akiva Lipkin crosses thefinishing line in the Big Apple





    x Le



    Jeremy Corbyn


  • FG is Charlie - September-October 2015


  • FG is Charlie - September-October 2015




    LY F



    Dear Ed,

    Its interesting to hear of a French chef who

    actually cares enough to go out of his way to

    provide thoughtful, well-prepared vegetarian and

    vegan meals for his customers.

    On my travels across the water Ive yet to find