Seniors 2012: Valencia High School & Century High School

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Seniors 2012: Valencia High School and Century High School Published by the Valencia County News-Bulletin. Copyright 2012


<p>MAY 16, 2012</p> <p>SENIORS 2012</p> <p>V alenc ia High Schoo</p> <p>l</p> <p>C entury High School</p> <p>2 Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School Valencia County News-Bulletin May 16, 2012</p> <p>Deborah Fox-News-Bulletin photo</p> <p>THE TOP 10 Valencia High School graduating seniors are, pictured, from left, Nisa Rascon, Michelle Traynham, Bryana Johnson, Antoinette Strong, Brain Chavez, Mikayla Byer, Kaylee Newey, Rachael Amble, Frank Espinosa and Marlisa Kerbs.</p> <p>Top 10 VHS seniors know what it takes to succeedBy DeBorah FoxNews-Bulletin Staff Writer</p> <p>The first response that came from the Top 10 Valencia High School graduating seniors to what they are looking forward to this summer is, No more AP (Advanced Placement) summer homework! They are all looking forward to some rest and relaxation before launching their college careers. Some of the students are looking forward to going on trips with friends or family, some will go camping in Chama, another will visit relatives in California. One will attend her brothers graduation in Texas, some will search for summer jobs to help with college expenses, and one says shell be in pre-training for basketball. Some of the schools students will attend the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Tech, Highlands University, Northern New Mexico College, Brown University in Rhode Island and Rice University in Texas. They are interested in careers in politics, theology,</p> <p>art, film, medicine, physical therapy, entrepreneurial business, music and professional sports. Bryana Johnson and Michelle Traynham have sports scholarships. Several students are interested in mechanical, genetic and chemical engineering. Nisa Rascon is very interested in chemical engineering because, she said, you can make pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes and other products. Frank Espinosa is a devout Evangelical Protestant and would like to become a pastor. These veteran high school students have some very good advice for incoming freshman things they wish they would have known and taken seriously when they first started their secondary education. Rachael Amble was home-schooled, and her first experience of public school was high school. She said she was nervous and quiet her freshman year because she didnt think she had the people skills. I was so panicked because I didnt know anything about people, Amble said. I wish that I knew that I could just start off being myself, and I didnt have to stay so quiet about my opinions. Like, you can be your own person. You dont have to hide things, you can be yourself. Taking your education seriously is paramount, the</p> <p>students say. So are making social sacrifices so you can study when you have a test the next day, and building a social network at school of fellow students with the same attitude about succeeding and doing your best in school finding people who support your success. Its the time to develop your personality and stay focused, because when the four years are over, life starts, said Newey. One of the big reveals seniors learned in hindsight was the need to start thinking about college and taking the college entry exams the SAT and ACT tests early on in high school. Scores have to be in the 30s to be competitive 25 at a minimum students said. Some say they would have gotten better scholarships if they had known the scholarships requirements. I didnt know how big and important they are, said Antoinette Strong. I didnt study the first time, and the second time I didnt score that high either. They suggest starting in your sophomore year taking both tests to get a feel for them. There is a charge for the test, but students say a fee waiver is available from the counselor. n See VHS, Page 10</p> <p>May 16, 2012 Valencia County News-Bulletin Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School 3</p> <p>V alencia high schoolclass of 2012Courtney Abernathy Anita Aguilar Ashley Allen Rachael Amble Kari Angelucci Shawnee Aragon Misty Archuleta Angelica Armijo</p> <p>Raquela Aumiller</p> <p>Kayla Ayon</p> <p>Audrey Baca</p> <p>Selena Barajas</p> <p>Arianna Barela</p> <p>Samantha Barela-Apodaca</p> <p>Lana Baughman</p> <p>Kai Benally</p> <p>Rachel Burris</p> <p>Mikayla Byer</p> <p>Edgar Cabrera</p> <p>Mary Carabajal</p> <p>Roberto Carrasco</p> <p>Jessica Carter</p> <p>Alexandria Chavez</p> <p>Brian Chavez</p> <p>Ciara Chavez</p> <p>Ryan Clayton</p> <p>Kaitlin Cordova</p> <p>Jose Corral-Chavez</p> <p>Bradley Cosper</p> <p>Adrian Delgado</p> <p>Justin Driskell</p> <p>Desiree Duran</p> <p>Siro Duran</p> <p>Frank Espinosa</p> <p>Ashalyn Eylicio</p> <p>James Gallegos</p> <p>Josephine Gallegos</p> <p>Mikayla Gallegos</p> <p>Zamira Galvan</p> <p>Oscar Gamboa</p> <p>4 Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School Valencia County News-Bulletin May 16, 2012</p> <p>Lana Garcia</p> <p>Steven Garcia</p> <p>Victor Garza</p> <p>Joshua Gerken</p> <p>Dillon Gibbs</p> <p>Lewis Glass</p> <p>Morgan Gonzales</p> <p>Sebastian Gonzales</p> <p>Shelbi Gonzales</p> <p>Samuel Gonzalez</p> <p>Kaitlynn Grace</p> <p>Katherine Graf</p> <p>Carlos Griego</p> <p>Christina Griego</p> <p>Claudia Griego</p> <p>Kassandra Griego</p> <p>Molly Holliday</p> <p>Maya Holt</p> <p>Dakota Hubler</p> <p>Edward Ibuado</p> <p>Bryana Johnson</p> <p>Clayton Jones</p> <p>Cody Keefe</p> <p>Marlisah Kerbs</p> <p>Los Lunas Schools are committed to providing a quality education!Los Lunas Schools Board of Education, Administration and Staff wish to Congratulate the Class of 2012 and wish them the best in all their future endeavors</p> <p>Great job... Los Lunas High School, Valencia High School, Century High SchoolWe have helped lay your academic foundation and know that you will join our future alumni ranks of Physicians, Attorneys, Educators, Scientists, Government Officials, Large and Small Business Owners and many more contributing members to our community.</p> <p></p> <p>May 16, 2012 Valencia County News-Bulletin Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School 5</p> <p>Amanda Korfe</p> <p>Jacob Larson</p> <p>Myra Legarda</p> <p>Shane Lewis</p> <p>Isaac Leyba</p> <p>Andrew Lindberg</p> <p>Raquel Lopez</p> <p>Erica Lucero</p> <p>Kristine Lucero</p> <p>Sarah Lujan</p> <p>Terry Lynn</p> <p>Andres Martinez</p> <p>Jasmine Martinez</p> <p>Lorenzo Martinez</p> <p>MariSol Martinez</p> <p>Robert Martinez</p> <p>Kristina McCoy</p> <p>Krystal McCoy</p> <p>Josefina Mendoza</p> <p>Priscilla Mendoza</p> <p>Yoel Mendoza</p> <p>Sandy Monsibais</p> <p>Chantel Moya</p> <p>Kaylee Newey</p> <p>30_04965 9.56x5.6 bw</p> <p>Youre on your wayWe can help you reach your destinationCongratulations to the Class of 2012. As you embark on your future endeavors, remember were ready to help you with all your financial needs. Go Jaguars! Los Lunas1027 Main St.505-248-9560</p> <p> 2012 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. (717730_04965)</p> <p>6 Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School Valencia County News-Bulletin May 16, 2012</p> <p>Chelsea Nourse</p> <p>Andres Orona</p> <p>Patricia Otero</p> <p>Lynette Padilla</p> <p>Angelica Pena</p> <p>Jude Pepke</p> <p>Elizabeth Perea</p> <p>Hannah Pfeiffer</p> <p>Armando Piro</p> <p>Kendall Platt</p> <p>Ston Quaglia</p> <p>Daniela Ramos</p> <p>Marissa Renteria</p> <p>Bertha Reyes</p> <p>Alex Romero</p> <p>Alonzo Romero</p> <p>Christina Romero</p> <p>Eddie Romero</p> <p>Elias Romero</p> <p>Felicia Romero</p> <p>Lucas Romero</p> <p>Nicolas Romero</p> <p>Priscilla Romero</p> <p>Rafael Romero</p> <p>Bank, n Credit Unio e and In Hous Financing!</p> <p>2006 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, 89K MILES $10,995SUPER CLEAN</p> <p></p> <p>Call 869-9309 1600 Bosque Farms Blvd Bosque Farms</p> <p>May 16, 2012 Valencia County News-Bulletin Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School 7</p> <p>CONGRATULATIONSAngel Salas Joseph Salas Steve Salas Amanda Sanchez</p> <p>We have Great Cards &amp; Gifts for every graduate We Accept All Insurance, Including "Medco" School Plans</p> <p>Grads!</p> <p>Joe's Pharmacy3646 Hwy 47 Peralta, NM 87042 M-F 8:30 - 6:30 Sat 8:30 - 3:00</p> <p>(505) 869-3646</p> <p>Congratulations Class of 2012Dulce Sanchez Ethan Sanchez Ashley Sangre Julie Senkow</p> <p>E Elias Barela B 505-866-1252Attorney at Law LLC</p> <p>Alex Shook</p> <p>Zack Skinner</p> <p>Keanu Soto</p> <p>Seth Spitzer</p> <p></p> <p>Senator Michael S. Sanchez would like to congratulateJarrod Storey Antoinette Strong Elizabeth Towsend Michelle Traynham</p> <p>Starlyne Trujillo</p> <p>Ashley Uptain</p> <p>Derrick Valencia</p> <p>Matthew Valencia</p> <p>Senator Michael Sanchez was the author and main sponsor of the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. I encourage every 2012 graduate to use the scholarship as they continue their education.</p> <p>Much Happiness and Success in Your Future!</p> <p>Adan Valles</p> <p>Isabel Vargas</p> <p>Lawrence Vargas</p> <p>Jorge Venegas</p> <p>8 Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School Valencia County News-Bulletin May 16, 2012</p> <p>Jenice White</p> <p>Andrea Wilson</p> <p>Jenae Wolfram</p> <p>Kelsey Worthen</p> <p>Not picturedIrvin Alvidrez Robert Anaya Daniel Avila Juliet Barela Dominque Biancardi Cody Brown Noah Brown Justin Carter Johnny Chavez Luis Chavez Santiago Cordova Tania Corral Adriana Dominguez Gerard Dumas Alicia Duran Cristian Felix Patrina Gonzales Daniel Gonzalez Jesus Gonzalez Reymundo Gonzalez Isiah Griego Marc Gutierrez Charles Hitchcock John Ivey Alexander Koontz Joshua Lujan Isaiah Maez Andrew Maldonado Eugene Martinez Gabriel Martinez Joseph Martinez Justin McClarran Matthew Neff Jessica Neubauer Luis Nevarez Perla Nevarez Justin Ortiz Katie Ortiz Francisco Parada Edgar Parra Michael Raines Jesus Ramirez Nisa Rascon Yoselin Rojo-Estrada Nicholas Romero Jesse Rush Vincent Saiz Gregorio Salazar-Chacon John Sanchez Victor Savedra Eleanor Schmidt Eric Sierra Ryan Sishc Chelsea Williams James Wills Taylor Wilson Cory Zamora</p> <p>Esteban Yalch</p> <p>We carry a full line of livestock, pet needs, Show feeds and show products for all your 4-H and FFA animals. New stock of hats &amp; boots. 20% OFF jewelry</p> <p>Come see our Western Saddles</p> <p>Mike (Mgr.), Ricardo, Amanda, Kassia, Vanessa, Joe</p> <p>Proudly Serving Valencia County Since 1990!3469 Hwy. 47 Los Lunas, NM</p> <p>(505) 865-1515</p> <p>Daring to dream. Preparing for success.</p> <p>CONGRATUATIONS Valencia High SchoolGRADUATES13th Judicial District Attorneys Office District Attorney</p> <p>TO ALL</p> <p>You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Youre on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy wholl decide where to go. - Dr. Seuss</p> <p>Congratulations Graduates from the School of Dreams Academy</p> <p>LEMUEL L. MARTINEZ(505) 866-SODA or 1800 Main NE Suite 250 Los Lunas, New Mexico</p> <p>May 16, 2012 Valencia County News-Bulletin Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School 9</p> <p>V alenciaclass of 2012commencement ceremonyWhen: 9 a.m., Saturday, May 19 Where: University of New Mexico PitI know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. ~Anonymous</p> <p>Your graduation is a door opening, not closingYou did it! But youre just getting started! At UNM-Valencia, well help you grow your dreams.Enroll now at UNM-Valencia. Summer classes start June 4th. Fall classes start Aug. 20th.</p> <p>High School</p> <p>Class motto</p> <p>Class colorsRed, Turquoise and Silver</p> <p>Class flowerLily</p> <p>One Hundred Years by Five for Fighting</p> <p>Class song</p> <p>Student Services Enrollment Hotline: 925-8560</p> <p>The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus 280 La Entrada Los Lunas, NM 87031</p> <p>Dreams start here!</p> <p>MUSIC in the FarmBosque Farms, that is! Bring the family for a day of music and fun</p> <p>Would you like to help organize or participate in this fun event? If interested, please email:</p> <p>Volunteers Needed!</p> <p>Come have a wonderful day at the Village Recreation complex on the North Bosque Loop in beautiful Bosque Farms, New Mexico</p> <p>Summer 2013 - Stay Tuned for More Info</p> <p>10 Seniors 2012: Valencia and Century High School Valencia County News-Bulletin May 16, 2012</p> <p>So, if you take the test and you dont know something on it, but then the next year, you learn it, youll remember it.KAYLEE NEWEY VHS senior</p> <p>You should start applying for scholarships in sophomore year. Theres a lot of scholarships sophomores and juniors can apply for.NISA RASCON VHS senior</p> <p>Congratulations Class of 2012</p> <p>from PAGE 2</p> <p>VHS: Tests, scholarship adviceIve applied for 130 scholarships, said Strong. They also suggest taking independent initiative about finding scholarships and not relying on the school counselors through Google, www. and by researching scholarships online. If a student depends on the counselor to bring scholarship information to them, it wont do them any good, the students said. Look where you are comfortable, said Amble. I found scholarships right under my nose, like the hospital where I volunteer. If you volunteer so many hours, they do a student scholarship for you. Develop good relationships with your teachers, so they are more likely to write good letters of recommendation for you. Scholarships usually require a written essay in the application process. Be prepared to write a basic essay that answers such questions as, Why do you deserve this scholarship? What are you going to do if we give it to you? What are your educational goals? If you answer those questions and you have a really well presented essay, you can alter it slightly for each one, said Amble. But you have a model saved. Even saving some essays from English composition may help with certain scholarship applications. They also suggest developing a professional attitude in school, so being there is pleasant for you and fellow students. Dont take everything so seriously, says Mikayal Byer. Im talking like drama-wise, because ... Avoid drama, the other students say in unison. They value honesty, kindness, hard work and integrity. I just feel that, everybody should have a foundation on what they are uncompromising on, said Espinosa, what they wont cross the line on.</p> <p>Kaylee Newey said taking the tests early will help you know what is being tested. So, if you take the test, and you dont know something on it, but then the next year, you learn it, youll remember it, said Newey. Oh, that was on the ACT, and I didnt know that, but now Im learning it, so Im going to make sure I remember it. But dont like overly stress about it, said Frank Espinosa, because I freaked out about mine the second time and I could have done better. His one regret was only taking the ACT and not taking the SAT test. If you start taking them in your sophomore year, that gives you enough time to be able to get a better score, said Byer. The SAT is more common sense, and the ACT you really have to know what you have learned, said Espinosa. For example, on the SAT, there might be four sections of math, and 20 questions to answer within 25 minutes. The ACT, theres not really anything on there that we shouldnt know, said Marlisah Kerbs. Its just if you can figure it out based on the phrasing and stuff. Some colleges require the SAT and others require the ACT, so the seniors emphasize taking both tests. Several of the seniors learned the hard way. They had taken only one or the other test, and when they went to apply to the college of their choice, they found they couldnt because they hadnt taken the appropriate test. They also advis...</p>