Selamat hari Natal - Merry Christmas Selamat tahun ... Selamat hari Natal - Merry Christmas Selamat

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Text of Selamat hari Natal - Merry Christmas Selamat tahun ... Selamat hari Natal - Merry Christmas Selamat

  • Dear Parents

    At the end of the year it is a time to celebrate and

    to express our gratitude. Reflecting on what we

    achieved, individually and collectively, to honour

    those who have excelled and to give thanks.

    At Scotts Head Public School we are strong on

    community partnerships – this is our greatest

    strength and it does not happen by accident.

    We especially want to acknowledge the Young,

    Peachman, Stephens and Fox-Morrison families

    whose time with us formally as a school is at an

    end. Thank you for all you have contributed to our

    school community over the years.

    Congratulations to all of the students. Each of

    you has progressed in so many ways and you will

    be rewarded later in the week with a day at the

    waterslide (then back at school ready to throw

    water bombs at our Year 6s). This is a reward for

    each and every one of you, for doing your best,

    filling peoples buckets and spreading a positive

    ripple effect in our lovely school.

    Our staff are deeply invested in finding and

    nurturing the immense potential inside all

    students so that they are equipped to explore the

    boundless possibilities that lie ahead of them.

    Thanks to all of our teaching and support staff,

    who have invested so much of themselves and

    their outstanding expertise in the pursuit of this

    vision for the benefit of our students and our

    school. I count myself extremely privileged to

    work with such a dedicated team.

    I want to acknowledge Brooke Farnsworth and

    Emma McAuley who are two teachers who have

    gone on to regional positions and are doing great


    To all parents and caregivers, I thank you for

    your passionate support of all things Scotts

    Head PS and for giving us the opportunity to

    work in partnership with you to give the greatest

    gift of all, for all of our children – the gift of


    I extend to all members of our school

    community my very best wishes for a peaceful,

    refreshing and safe holiday. I look forward to

    teaching, leading and learning with you all in


    Thank you for your continued support.

    Gillian Stuart

    Principal’s Column

    Scotts Head Public School - 21 Vernon Street, Scotts Head NSW 2447

    P 65698144 F 65698329 E

    Teamwork Respect Responsibility Honesty

    Important Dates

    Gillian Stuart—Principal

    Indo Corner

    Term 4|Week 10|13th December 2016

    Selamat hari Natal - Merry Christmas Selamat tahun baru - Happy New Year

    Natal - Christmas Tahun baru - New year

    Pohon natal - Christmas tree Malam tahun baru - New Year’s Eve

    Malam natal - Christmas eve Merayakan - Celebrate

    Hadiah - Presents Pesta - Party

    Sinterklas - Santa Claus Liburan panjang - long holiday

    Term 4 2016

    Friday 16/12/16

    Yarrahapinni Waterslide & Last day for students

    Principal Awards Honesty Congratulations to Jasper, Tegan, Jewels and Ella

    “If your plan is for

    one year, plant

    rice. If your plan is

    for ten years, plant

    trees. If your plan

    is for one hundred

    years, educate



    Term 1 2017

    Monday 30/1/17

    Year 1-6 students return

    Mon 30/1 & Tues 31/1/17

    Kinder Best Start Program

    Wednesday 1/2/17

    Kinders start school

    Canteen Roster

    Week 10

    MON 12/12 No Canteen

    WED 14/12 No Canteen

  • Weekly round up

    Scotts Head Public School - 21 Vernon Street, Scotts Head NSW 2447

    P 65698144 F 65698329 E

    Deadly Australians Presentation

    Thanks to Darren Williams,

    Relieving Deputy Principal

    of Orara High School, who

    b r o u g h t t h e O r a r a

    Aboriginal Young Mens

    Didge Group to our school.

    They told us the dreaming

    story of how the didgeridoo

    was made and they

    performed and danced.

    A great time was had by all.

    Orara High Didge Group

  • Parent Information - reminders

    Scotts Head Public School - 21 Vernon Street, Scotts Head NSW 2447

    P 65698144 F 65698329 E

    Library Books

    Any books still outstanding need to be returned to the library by Thursday.

    Mufti Day—Wednesday 14th December

    The SRC are holding a mufti day tomorrow, students to bring in a gold coin

    donation. There will be a disco from 1.30 to 3.00pm.

    Yarrahapinni Waterslide—Friday 16th December

    The whole school will be celebrating the end of the year at the Yarrahapinni

    Waterslide on Friday. Please make sure permission notes are in by Thursday.

    Term 1 2017

    Year 1 to 6 students return to school for Term 1 on Monday 30th January 2017.

    Kinders will be doing their Best Start on Monday and Tuesday (30/1 & 31/1).

    Kinders start school on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

    Kinder have been busy making craft

    love hearts


    School website:


    School facebook




    Skoolbag Application:

    Search “Scotts Head Public

    School” in the app store.

    8.30am Morning

    Supervision (in





    9.00am until


    Morning Session

    (Crunch and Sip)

    11.00am Lunch



    Middle Session

    1.30 pm Recess

    2.00pm-3pm Afternoon


    Bell Times

    Remember to send in a

    note if your child is

    absent from school.

    After 7 days, the system

    automatically records as

    an “Unexplained


    P&C Reminder

     Please remember to send in

    raffle tickets for the Monster

    Raffle (even if unsold), to be

    drawn at Club Scotts on

    22/12/16. Congratulations to

    Arlie for selling the most raffle


     Parent volunteers are needed

    for the holiday discos at Club

    Scotts. The club has also

    allowed us to run a seafood

    raffle on Friday nights which we

    will require volunteers for as

    well. If you are able to help with

    these P&C Fundraisers, please

    let us know via email Updated Canteen menu

  • Scotts Head Public School - 21 Vernon Street, Scotts Head NSW 2447

    P 65698144 F 65698329 E

    Weekly round up

    Presentation Night

  • Scotts Head Public School - 21 Vernon Street, Scotts Head NSW 2447

    P 65698144 F 65698329 E

    Weekly round up

    Staff on Classes for 2017

    The classes for 2017 will be:

     Kinder/Year 1 - Bettina Core (Monday to Thursday), Deb Swan (Friday), Ricky Buchanan School Learning Support

    Officer (SLSO)

     Year 1/2 - Roy Mitchell (Monday to Friday), Eliza Mallett (SLSO) (Monday to Friday)

     Year 3/4 - Annie Baxter (Monday To Wednesday), Lyndsey Caldecott (Thursday, Friday)

    Duke Lee (SLSO) (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

     Year 5/6 - Peter Johnson (Monday to Friday), Leanne Hunt (SLSO) (Monday to Friday)

    Learning and Support Teachers - Deb Swan (K-2), Lyndsey Caldecott (3-6)

    The Indonesian Team will be:

     Bu Bridget (Monday to Wednesday)

     Bu Bibi (Tuesday to Thursday)

     Bu Nik (Thursday and Friday)

     Bu Ilue (SLSO) (Tuesday and Thursday)

    IT and Performing Arts (Band) Terry Simpson (Tuesday)

    Due to the return of our permanents staff from maternity leave, we have

    not the funds to sustain our environmental teacher Mr Wayne Brennan.

    We thank him his contribution to the Bush Tucker Garden and all our environmental programs especially the

    aquaponics, which has been outstanding. Pam Perry is taking a well-earned break in early 2017. Her contribution to

    this community is invaluable. Thanks for everything you have done.

    Staffing 2017

    Congratulations to the winners of the

    Kompetisi Siswa C