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  • SeeTest Quality Assurance Platform

    On-premise Digital Assurance Lab

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    On-premise Digital Assurance Lab

    Centrally manage browsers & mobile devices (physical/emulated),

    and allow your team to remotely access them from anywhere at anytime

    Upload your app and interact with it in real time

    Develop automated tests for your mobile app

    Integrate into your favorite IDE, testing framework & CI

    Run your tests across a large selection of mobile

    devices and desktop browsers in parallel

    Analyze your test results

  • SeeTest End-to-end Product Suite Quality assurance platform for digital apps, available as SaaS or on-premise


    Test Automation

    Mobile test development

    Appium Studio


    Grid execution web & mobile

    Test Analytics- web & mobile

    Digital Assurance Lab SaaS


    Remote Access Manual testing

    Development & Debugging


    HP ALM


    Team City



    Full CI Integration












    Visual Studio









  • ScalabilityEnterprise Level


    Centralized On-

    premise Digital Device


    Admin Capabilities

    Key Capabilities On-premise Digital Assurance Lab




    Virtualization &


    Test Automation Manual QA


    Test Analytics

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    Centralized on-premise digital device hub Keep all your mobile devices in a centralized onsite location and allow

    remote access to them from anywhere at anytime

    On-premise digital device hub with physical mobile devices, browsers,

    simulators and emulators residing securely within your companys VPN

    Allow teams to develop and test web & mobile applications against

    these devices directly from their browser, no installation required

    Simple set-up

    Software only solution running on standard Windows or Mac machines

    Easily connect off the shelf mobile devices

    View and manage all devices, browsers, applications, and users from a

    centralized dashboard

  • Centralized on-premise digital device hub - architecture

    Site A

    Digital device lab in your premises

    Site A

    Corporate Network

    Cloud Server

    1 2 15


    Host 1(MAC/ Windows)

    1 2 15


    Host n


    Host 1

    Site B

    1 2 15 1 2 10

    Device Host n

    Site N

    1 2 15


    Host 2

    1 2 7


    Host n

    Test engineer(MAC/

    Windows machine)

    Test. engineer

    SME SMETest engineer

    Manual QA TeamAutomation Team

    Site N

    test engineer

    Test. engineer

    SME DevOps engineer


    DevOps TeamDev Team

    Dev engineer

    Dev engineer

    Device Host 2


    Host 1

    1 n1 n

  • 7

    Enterprise Level Security Avoid security risks from locally connected devices by placing devices in

    a centralized security controlled environment

    On-premise set up enjoying the Enterprise physical and network security standards

    The independent physical, and network environment includes: rack, servers, network equipment and devices, the

    racks are Wi-Fi shielded for full network security

    Supports both TLS and SSL security protocols, use LDAP information to access the cloud

    Avoid USB threats - Eliminate the need to unlock USB ports in your organization

    Physical device security - Secure device inventory in a datacenter to prevent lost, or missing


    Malicious software security Prevent unwanted device upgrades and block the device settings

    including the Wi-Fi network

    User access security secure user portal, strong passwords with password complexity enforcement,

    password aging policy, user access based on roles and permissions

    Eliminate the need for ActiveX or Flash, operate in a purely HTML coding environment

  • 8

    ScalabilityFully scalable digital device hub architecture, enables any number of

    mobile devices, browser hosts and users in any geography

    No limitation on number of devices connected

    No limitation on number of browser hosts

    No limitation on number of users connected

    Server room utilization - Utilize a highly functioning

    server room with up to 250 devices per standard


    High-speed performance also in low bandwidth

    high latency environments

    Robust set up with full recovery, redundancy and

    no single point of failure

    Geographically distributed architecture - work from

    anywhere, on any device at any time no matter

    where the device is located

  • 9

    Admin CapabilitiesEffectively manage large scale projects with advanced reporting and

    management toolsFull administration capabilities:

    User management - Define user roles, permissions, device and

    browser access

    Application management - Install, download and cleanup

    applications on multiple devices simultaneously; Store previous

    mobile application versions on the quality assurance platform

    Device & browser management- Schedule device reservations, and

    filter device selection

    Project management - Assign users, devices, and applications for

    specific projects and create a secure separation between projects

    Simplify iOS first user flow - Automated registration of Apple devices

    to Apple developer accounts, eliminating the provisioning process.

    Reporting and alert management capabilities:

    Dashboard for quick overview

    Reporting by device, browser, user, project, application,

    Email alerts for all of your executions

  • 10

    Test Automation Integrations Develop and execute automated tests including full integration to all

    automation and CI environments

    Develop and run your automated tests against

    browsers and mobile devices (physical/emulated)

    hosted in the lab

    Run XCtest & Espresso tests

    Run Appium/Selenium tests developed in any

    programming language using any IDE & testing


    Seamlessly integrate into any Continuous Integration

    environment (CI), e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, HP ALM,


    Trigger test execution directly from the CI stations


  • 11

    Test Automation Grid Execution Web & MobileLeverage intelligent test execution management to shorten testing

    cycles and to increase coverage

    Runs your tests in parallel across any number of

    desktop browsers, physical mobile devices,

    simulators, and emulators

    An intelligent execution management:

    Dynamic test scheduling, execution, and

    distribution according to specific attributes such

    as device manufacturer, model, OS version

    Mass deployment of apps on target devices

    (RESTful API)

    Automated provisioning processes for apps and


    Provides a grid view of all executions in real time

  • 12

    Test AnalyticsGain up-to-date quality status and key insights for all your digital apps

    Ensure your testing program covers all required

    scenarios and platforms

    Shorten investigation time with automated root-

    cause analysis

    Create customized reports based on your key focus


    Seamlessly integrate to your Continuous

    Integration (CI) environment

    Integrate to all testing frameworks and defect-

    management systems

  • 13

    Manual TestingInteract with physical mobile devices in real-time to test new

    functionality in your application

    View and fully control physical mobile devices

    Simulate all manual gestures incl. multi touch, swipe, flick, drag & drop

    Reboot your device, reset or disconnect the USB connection

    Control all physical and virtual device buttons incl. Home, volume control, power, recent apps, portrait/landscape mode

    Test any scenario e.g. barcode & check scanning, audio features, GPS simulation, TouchID

    Simulate different network conditions and monitor devices vitals (CPU, memory, and battery)

    Generate step-by-step report incl. screenshots & videos

  • 14

    App Development & Debugging Deploy and test your application on physical mobile devices for

    immediate feedback on code changes

    Integrate seamlessly into your development

    environment, e.g. XCode, Android Studio, Chrome

    and Safari dev tools

    View and control a remote physical mobile device

    as if it was locally connected

    Upload your native or web application on the

    device, fully interact with it and view the impact of

    your code changes

    Reproduce issues faster by debugging on the

    device and settings in which the error occurred

    Debug issues directly from your Dev tool, including

    inserting breakpoints

  • 15

    Network Virtualization & Monitoring Test your application under different device & network conditions

    Monitors Device vital during test automation or

    manual testing:

    Device CPU

    Device memory

    Device battery consumption incl. a detailed breakdown of