★★★★ S e c r e t L i v e r p o o l H i d d e n s c e n e s i n t h e c i t y a n d b e y o n d Mr Grimesdale - Steve Wallace took this image of the illuminated footbridge at Liverpool's Princess Dock

Secret Liverpool

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Secret Liverpool, hidden scenes in the city and beyond

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Page 1: Secret Liverpool



Hiddenscenes inthecityandbeyond

Mr Grimesdale -Steve Wallacetook this imageof theilluminatedfootbridge atLiverpool'sPrincess Dock

Page 2: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 20092 ★★★★


MAIN: Dave Hepworthgot this shot oppositethe new landing stageon the waterfront

Differentviewofcity life

RIGHT: Lee Carussaid St AndrewsGardens is one ofLiverpool’s mostamazing buildings

RIGHT: Stephen Sanders’ nightscape of the Faculty of Engineering,University of Liverpool.He said: “This shot reminds me of the cube optical illusion whereyou're unsure of the direction of the sides of the cube.”

ABOVE: The Old Brit by Richard Morrison on Sweeting Street.“Amazing what/where you stumble across by pure accident, aint it?” hesays

WELCOME to a celebration of theunexpected.

Liverpool is a city of surprises;whether it is the spectacularlyweird (think of a giant steam punkspider striding up Water Streetsurrounded by laughing crowds!)the extraordinarily beautiful, suchas a sunrise over the waterfront, orthe rustically simple – a pastoralview of wildflowers growing in aforgotten city centre corner – thereare new things to be found.

Within the coming pages you willfind plenty of wonder at – not justscenes in Liverpool but from acrossMerseyside: fresh perspectives onfamiliar views and landmarks; thesecret workings of the city’smachinery; and tranquil gardens.

You will find images of scenesthat we tend to choose not to see –forgotten places and people whomake uncomfortable viewing, andso we look away.

The men and women behind thecamera lens that captured theseimages did not look away. Indeed,they sought out what they believedwould make memorable, orimportant, photographs that tell thestory of a city.

The images that make up these 16

pages have been brought to you bythe Flickr group of the LiverpoolEcho – an online community fromall walks of life who share acommon passion for photography.You can see examples of their workevery day on our Letters Page.

These photos are reproduced herewith their permission, and we aredelighted that our group – whichnow numbers more than 230members – has played such anactive role in helping us create thisspecial pull-out.

More people are joining theECHO’s Flickr group every day,uploading their photos, commentingon their own and others’ work, andsharing tips. It’s a friendlycommunity and we’d be delighted tosee you join us.

You need to have a Flickr account(you can create one in just a fewshort steps by following theinstructions at www.flickr.com andthen go towww.flickr.com/groups/liverpoolecho)and start sharing your photos. Welook forward to seeing you there!


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Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 3★★★★

ABOVE: Another by Baz Baziah – Jim McLeod who gave this abstractimage an enigmatic title; “You know it's jealous by nature false andunkind.”

ABOVE: Baz Baziah – Jim McLeod uploaded this ultra modern image aftera visit to Liverpool city centre


Page 4: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 20094 ★★★★

ABOVE: Tony Wilkinson – worked on this stunning portrait of The Old Ferry Ticket Office– Liverpool adding in detail to flesh out his vision of the dilapidated structure

ABOVE: Georgeupstairs is master of spotting the lost worlds of Liverpool.He took this stark shot of Humphrey Street, now bereft of residents, has been securedby barricades to protect the public as demolition proceeds

ABOVE: jimmedia – James Giddins constructed this vibrant shot at the crumblingBirkenhead Docks Tower


Page 5: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 5★★★★

LEFT: FormidablePhotography - MarkMcGowan said: “I foundthis smashed up pinballmachine in a side streetoff Hardman Street –seemed like such ashame that somebodyhad lashed out such acool thing to besmashed to bits in thestreet - I would havehad it!”

MAIN: Dune_uk –Glynne Pritchard visitedthis fairground longafter the last child wastucked up in bed

RIGHT:Georgeupstairs foundthis little phone boxtucked away in thebooking hall off atthe Water Streetentrance to JamesStreet station.He said: “I haven'tbeen inside, and Ihave no idea if thereis actually a phone inthere – the only timeI tried the door itwas locked”


Page 6: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 20096 ★★★★

MAIN: Lee Carus called his pictureat St James Garden, Pool of LightHe said: “I like the pool of light andthe texture on these grave stones.“Really felt magical, not at alleerie.”


Page 7: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 7★★★★

ABOVE: Greybeats - Graham Morgan caught this surreal lighting at The Japanese Garden inCalderstones Park. The strange and beautiful colours were drawn out through use of a longexposure setting

ABOVE: Greybeats – Graham Morgan took this by looking through the railings at the grave yardon Rodney Street

ABOVE: Dave Hepworth’s night shot creates an ultra real world in Liverpool city centre


Page 8: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 20098 ★★★★

RIGHT: Mobilevirgin spotted this field at Otterspool, whereLiverpool City Council has planted a strip of wild flowersdown by the river

LEFT: ihughes22 – Ian Hughes’ black andwhite take on Hillbre Island, Wirral

ABOVE: The Old Brit – Richard Morrison took this sunsetimage at the Marine Gardens using an archway of trees toframe Seaforth's radar tower, at the mouth of the RiverMersey


Page 9: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 9★★★★

ABOVE: Ben Lavell – Fanatical Apathist said of his shot at LeasoweLighthouse, Wirral, “I found it quite difficult to get a good shot becausethere were loads of cars parked right outside. “Whoever forgot to cut thegrass - thanks.”

LEFT: Scousemouse2008 – Sally Lupton peered through the branches tophotograph the sunset at Little Crosby Village


Page 10: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 200910 ★★★★

BELOW: JanRogerson –Urbansoup’sgritty shot alongthe LeedsLiverpool Canal

LEFT: apa4 - DavidAnderson managed a newangle on the anchoroutside the MerseysideMaritime Museum andInternational SlaveryMuseum


Page 11: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 11★★★★

RIGHT:Greybeats -Graham Morganmerged liquidskies with heavyindustry in hisshot lookingtowardsLiverpool docksfrom SandhillsStation

ABOVE: Lee Carus – spotted a Pixar animation lookalike of Wall E. He said: “Atale of two cities here really. The modern thriving business district and thederelict docklands on the edge of Liverpool City centre.”


LEFT: Drawsome– Paul Hughes’produced thiselectric imagefrom themundane sight ofa passing bus onDunnings BridgeRoad

Page 12: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 200912 ★★★★

ABOVE: Cookie Poppets – Sarah James took this deliberately Low Fi shot at St James'Gardens contrasting strongly with Lee Carus’s brooding Hi Res shot

ABOVE: Tim Edwards said: “I watched these two guys cleaning the windows on thenew Liverpool ONE complex. They looked like they really didn't want to be there”


Page 13: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 13★★★★

ABOVE: Jan Rogerson – Urbansoup called this one Floaters. The spooky image was taken at the QPark in Liverpool ONEand conjures up comic book art.

ABOVE: Ihughes22 – Ian Hughes took this clever reflected shot on the corner of OldHall Street close to the ECHO’s building

ABOVE: The Northshore – Martin Waters took this nostalgic image at Hadlow Road,Willaston


MAIN: Hoohaaa – IainFrancis caught the dinof a chance encounterwith a Samba band onMathew Street

Page 14: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 200914 ★★★★

LEFT: ihughes22 -Ian Hughes tookthis luminouspicture in theQPark underLiverpool ONE


Page 15: Secret Liverpool

Monday, August 10, 2009 FEATURES 15★★★★

ABOVE: Les Auld’s shotof the Cathedral bellstaken from a ricketystaircase above thegiant structure

LEFT: Another shot byLes Auld. This timecreating dramaticmovement in his shot atJames Street Station onthe Wirral line

ABOVE: apa4 - David Anderson took this intimate shot inside Mello Jazz Cafe


LEFT: =emma= tookthis intriguing picture ofan escalator inLiverpool One

Page 16: Secret Liverpool

FEATURES Monday, August 10, 200916 ★★★★

LEFT: Mr Grimesdale - Steve Wallace took this etheraltime delay shot at the waterfalls at the Fairy Glen inParbold

ABOVE: Lee Carus took this film noir inspired shot along Dock Road, Liverpool. He attributes the blue hue to being a by product of using an ND9 filter

ABOVE: Baz Baziah - Jim McLeod found a new angle onKing Edward VII and titled it “Ticking away the momentsthat make up a dull day”