Second Life for School Librarians. I don’t have time for a Second Life

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  • Second Life for School Librarians

  • I dont have time for a Second Life

  • Future of Virtual Worlds for our StudentsOpen sourceMany, many distinct virtual world that may or may not interactSecure environments for students

  • Our tweens & teens come to socialize and game

  • Various educational applications are under development for our students

  • Everyone creates contentVirtual worlds are the future of the Internet, they are where are students are, and where we need to be. Lets start with PD.

  • Librarians in Second LifeAn active, international community of various types of librarians (18+ grid)Virtual links to real life resourcesContent that only exists in Second Life Virtual reference desk servicesArchivingNetworking and collaborationMeetings and classes

  • Types of Library in RL: Public Libraries Cleveland Public Library

  • Types of Library in RL: Academic Libraries Princeton Library

  • Types of Library in RL: State Libraries Kansas State Library

  • Types of Library in RL: School Libraries Chicago Public Schools Professional Library

  • Second Life LibrariesInfo Island

  • Second Life LibrariesCaledon Library

  • Learning Community FormatMonthly drop-in orientation meetings to learn basics of SLMonthly learning community meetings featuring guest facilitators who are recognized leaders in school librarianshipOne hour, 15 20 min lecture followed by group discussionOccasional book rafflesMarla McGee and Barb Jansen speak about Forging Powerful Partnerships for Student SuccessAASL-ISTE SIGMS Virtual Learning Community

  • Joyce Valenza Web 2.0 for Librarians

  • David Loertscher The New Learning Commons Where People Win

  • Rhonda Trueman Virtual Libraries in Second Life

  • Winter Shopping Spree Extreme Avatar Makeover

  • David Warlick Cultivating a Personal Learning Network

  • Mike Eisenburg The Crisis Facing School Libraries and Librarians

  • Chris Smith Keeping Current in a Global Environment (Thailand)

  • Jon Mueller Assessing Critical Skills

  • Will Richardson Googled Well: Helping Our Kids Lead Transparent Lives

  • Marla McGhee & Barbara Jansen Keeping School Libraries Relevant in the Age of Accountability

  • Keeping in touch with the Learning CommunityWe use:

    SIGMS ListservAASL ListservLM_NET ListservSecond Life Users Group

  • Plans for the 09-10 School YearSecond Life Planning Committee Wed, Sept 9th Doug Johnson Are You a Format Bigot? 8pm ET/5pm PTWed, Oct 14th Alan November No More Technology Planning 8pm ET/5pm PTNov Pam BergerDec Mystery Manor and Extreme Avatar Makeovers