Second language learning in the classroom

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<p>Karina Salcedo Viteri</p> <p>SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOMPSYCHOLOGY AND LANGUAGE LEARNING</p> <p>In this chapter the authors describe six different proposals about how a second language should be taught in the classroom.</p> <p>For each proposal they give a brief overview and they discuss the implications of this reseach on theaching in the classsroom.</p> <p>SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING IN THE CLASSROOMGet it right from the beginning.An approach that focuses on grammar drills and lost of repetitions.</p> <p>2. Just listen and read.Learners listen to books while reading along at the same time.</p> <p>3. Lets talk.Obligates learners to negotiate for meaning</p> <p>4. Two for one.Content-based instruction in a second language.</p> <p>5. Teach what is teachable.Instruction which is designed to follow developmental stages.</p> <p>6. Get it right in the end.This approach is a mixture of structural and comrpehensive isntruction</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>


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