Second Grade: Unit 4 Magnetism. magnetmagnetic field magnetism

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Text of Second Grade: Unit 4 Magnetism. magnetmagnetic field magnetism

Science Literacy

Science LiteracySecond Grade: Unit 4Magnetismmagnetmagnetic field magnetism

Kiki Marie and the Magnetic Wiener DogOnce there was a little monkey named Kiki Marie.

Knowledge Rating ScaleWordI can draw it.I can tell you about it.I can give examples of it.Magnet


Magnetic Field

MagnetismStatementYesNoWhyMagnets have north and south poles just like the Earth.Magnetism comes from electricity.Magnetic force can travel through objects.All planets have magnetic fields.The Earth is made of magnetic minerals.

Once there was a little monkey named Kiki Marie.

Aftercleaningherroomsixteentimes, shetookherallowancetothe magnet store.

There were many magnets to choose from.

She picked the wiener dog,

and paid one nickel.

She loved the wiener dog magnet very much.

Shetookiteverywhereshewouldgo, andshoweditallofherfavoriteplaces.

Butasshegotclosetotheriver,whererealwienerdogslive, somethingstrangestartedtohappen.


Shetriedtowalkon,hopingtheywouldjustfallofforsomething. Buttheydidn't.



There,intheriver,weretwoalligatorstrappedinthe rapids!


Shegatheredallherstrength(mostlyfromeatingbroccoli), andhurledthewienerdogsacrosstheriver.

Due to the magnetism, they formed a magnetic wiener dog bridge.


The King of All Alligators presented Kiki Marie with a blue ribbon for saving the day.

And she, and all of the wiener dogs and alligators, slept very soundly that night.


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