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  • 1. Search is Sexy
    Sri Sharma, Managing Director
    June, 2011

2. Introducing Net Media Planet
Operate across 59 markets and 28 languages
Over 90 million in client revenue annually
Passionate about PPC
We are an award winning paid search marketing agency operating on a performance basis
3. Where search is today
Consumers have more ways to search
A better user experience of search
Social and search are getting closer
Search is better integrated with other channels
ROI remains No. 1 focus
4. Social Search
5. social media advertising revenue to reach $4-5 Billion in 2011, paid search advertising to reach $30 Billion in 2011
Source Deloitte 2011 Technology and Media Report
6. social media advertising revenue to reach $4-5 Billion in 2011, paid search advertising to reach $30 Billion in 2011
Source Deloitte 2011 Technology and Media Report
7. Improve relevancy using social signals
8. From across social networks
9. Get stickier/ more socially engaging
10. A quick look at Bing!
11. Become a social destination
12. No affect on QS but likely to affect CTR
Unique to PPC text ad-so factor into optimisation
Unique to SEO landing page - so factor into optimisation
Soon to be on GDN and on websites
Google +1 Consider ...
13. Driving Sales from YouTube
14. 15. Our Approach: search meet display
16. Think Customer
Understand your product
Customer demographics
Customer psychographics
17. Target relevant media
18. 19. Build scale
Extend themes
Target specific demographics
Update schedule regularly
20. 21. Test
Text ads vs Image ads
Keep ads fresh
22. Take advantage of SOCIAL BUZZ
23. 24. Test YouTube for affiliate sales and brand awareness for your affiliate site
Find a fit between the customer and the product
Target on a granular level - be hyper relevant
Use Image ads over Text ads
Take advantage of social media buzz
Google TV?
Consider ...
25. 26. Drive Revenue
from mobile
27. 170% growth in revenue from mobile paid search marketing
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
28. Buying behaviour on mobile
29. Mobile & Tablet still have cheaper traffic than desktop
CPC by device
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
30. Mobile & tablet impressions are x% of desktop
Impressions by device
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
31. Target Tablets for higher AOV
AOV by Device
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
32. Tablet and Desktop conversion rates are similar
Conversion rate by device
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
33. Optimise by time of day
Sales by Time of Day: Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet
Source: Net Media Planet (Retail)
34. Simplicity of mobile commerce - Click to call affiliate opportunities
35. NFC makes mobile easier
Bridges online/offline
36. 37. Affiliate revenue opportunities exist in mobile
CPCs are lower on mobile and tablet devices
Tablet users are affluent - target them
Maximise sales through time of day optimisation
More Click to Call affiliate opportunities
PPC online to offline activity - Google Wallet
Consider ...
38. Top 3 Takeaways . . .
Really understand your target customer
Use highly targeted PPC for branding and sales e.g. on YouTube and Facebook
Use targeting in mobile PPC to grow sales
39. Thank you
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