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A Case study on on-page seo optimization and does we can rank top only with on-page optimization Example website :


  • 11/21/2014 Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page Optimization | Employment News Of This Week 1/4

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    Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization Tutorial : Today we will see what are the steps involving On Page Optimization ofSEO and how to write an On page Optimized content. Let us do an experiment now, i will try to write a optimizedarticle by explaining how to do it.

    How to write an On page Optimized content

    Step I : Keyword Research

    Now I have to find out a niche keyword with low competition , most of the time low competition keywords rankmuch quicker and sometimes they doesn't require Off Page Optimization.

    There are many keyword research tools available for free. But i prefer the three below

    Google's Keyword Planner ( For Long tailed keywords)


    I have two keywords in mind now "Seo Optimized content" and " SEO Tutorial" ,but competition for these keywordsare high and its pretty difficult to rank in top 10 for these keywords, so i choose a long tailed keyword with lowcompetition .

    1. "How to write seo optimized content " Competition Level - Medium Avg. Monthly Searches- 202. " Search Engine Optimization Tutorial " Competition Level - Low Avg. Monthly Searches- 1000

    The Second Keyword looks promising and i hope we can rank high in the google .

    Step II Placements of Keywords for better On Page Optimization

    While writing an article keep in mind to place your keyword in these places.

    First Paragraph: Your keyword must be placed in the top 350 characters of the article and i never give "bold" tagthat much importance, but it may also boost your SEO , so why to take a chance bold your keyword in the firstparagraph itself

    Header Tags : Now I Have to Check Whether I placed the keyword in the header tags like H1-H6

    Placing keyword in all the header tags may be considered as over optimization which may have negative effect onyour search engine score.

  • 11/21/2014 Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page Optimization | Employment News Of This Week 2/4

    Higher Priority should be given to H2 and H3 Tags and i think placing the keyword in two header tags is enough foroptimization.

    Permalink : Did i placed my keyword in permalink? what is permalink ?

    Every post contain an URL for it, most of the time the permalink will be the same as your post title. But if the title isbig , some times you have to change your permalink to shorter.

    For wordpress users the SEO optimized permalink structure is : /%category%/%postname%/or /%postname%/

    For Blogger users, it will be under the post settings on the right side of the post editor

    Tip : Don't use stop words in the permalink

    Meta Tags : Did i placed keyword in my meta tags ? what are meta tags ?

    Meta tags comprises of the elements , title, keywords and description. When a googlebot comes to your blog postits checks the meta tags and based on that your post will be ranked.

    For wordpress users : Use seo plugins like all in one seo or other tools to write these.For blogger users : check out How to write meta tags to blogger posts individually

    Tips for writing seo optimized meta tags

    Your Meta Title must be below 70 characters in length and meta description should be below 160 characters .Meta keywords aren't important , but if you write , please make sure keywords length must below 500 characters.

    SEO Optimized Image

    Your Keyword must be placed in an image through 'alt' tag, Actually 'alt' is not a tag , its an attribute in image tag.

    Now i have to add an image with keyword placing in 'alt' attribute.

    Keyword in conclusion

  • 11/21/2014 Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page Optimization | Employment News Of This Week 3/4

    You should place your keyword in the conclusion part of the article, as of now, this is not my conclusion, i will placeit later in the end.

    Conclusion part is the last part of the article , you count place in the last 200 characters of the article.

    Step III Keyword Density

    You can find keyword density checker online tools, check your articles' keyword density.Must maintain your keyword density between 2-3%

    Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page Optimization I think almost all the ON Page Optimization have been done in this article for the chosen keyword. Now i have toindexed this post and ping all the search engines.

    Let us see whether it will rank high in google or not. Remember Rome was not build in a day, in the same way , ithink SEO doesn't show results in a day or two.

    If not we will try the off page optimization in our next article.

    Please comment and suggest if any On page techniques are missed in this article.

    Updated : To my wonder after a perfect Onpage optimization, i didn't even ranked in top 50, then thought to do offpage optimization.

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  • 11/21/2014 Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - On Page Optimization | Employment News Of This Week 4/4

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