Scurvy: Just Think about It

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<ul><li><p>Scurvy: Just Think about ItFigure 2. Bilateral knee radiograph showing marked rightknee swelling.An 11-year-old boywith epileptic encephalopathy due tocongenital cytomegalovirus infection presented to ourhospital with a 6-month history of hemorrhagic gingi-</p><p>vitis (Figure 1) associated with marked anemia, relevant rightgonalgia with antalgic flexion, and diffused skin coarseness.</p><p>Bilateral knee radiograph showed marked right kneeswelling (Figure 2); knee echography suggestedsupracondyloid, subperiosteal femoral hematoma, withoutsigns of articular effusion.</p><p>We found profound ascorbic acid (vitamin C) deficiency(</p></li><li><p>Vol. 163, No. 6 December 2013these patients. Because laboratory diagnosis is easy, therapy isreadily available, and response to treatment is rapidall youhave to do is think about it. n</p><p>We thank Lauren Ryan, MD (University of Alberta), for her assistancein editing the English of the final manuscript.Enrico Valerio, MDAlessandra Meneghel, MDSusanna Masiero, MDTiziana Zangardi, MDStefania Zanconato, MDDepartment of Woman and Child HealthMedical SchoolUniversity of PaduaPadova, ItalyReferences</p><p>1. Lind J. A treatise of the scurvy. In three parts. Containing an inquiry into the</p><p>nature, causes and cure, of that disease. Together with a critical and chrono-</p><p>logical view of what has been published on the subject. Edinburgh, UK:</p><p>PrintedbySands,Murray andCochran forAKincaid andADonaldson; 1753.</p><p>2. Ghedira Besbes L, Haddad S, Ben Meriem C, Golli M, Najjar MF,</p><p>Guediche MN. Infantile scurvy: two case reports. Int J Pediatr 2010;</p><p>2010:717518.</p><p>3. Dube M. Scurvy in a man with schizophrenia. CMAJ 2011;183:E760.</p><p>4. Maltos AL, Portari GV, Saldanha JC, Bernardes Junior AG, Pardi GR, da</p><p>Cunha DF. Scurvy in an alcoholic malnourished cirrhotic man with spon-</p><p>taneous bacterial peritonitis. Clinics (Sao Paulo) 2012;67:405-7.</p><p>5. Gorman SR, Armstrong G, Allen KR, Ellis J, Puntis JW. Scarcity in the</p><p>midst of plenty: enteral tube feeding complicated by scurvy. J Pediatr Gas-</p><p>troenterol Nutr 2002;35:93-5.</p><p>6. Leger D. Scurvy: reemergence of nutritional deficiencies. Can Fam Physi-</p><p>cian 2008;54:1403-6.1787</p><p></p><p>Scurvy: Just Think about ItReferences</p></li></ul>