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Music Video Purposes Analysis Comment on the following aspects in relation to PURPOSES and BENIFITS for artist/band and target audience

Provide an explanation in relation to benefits (promotion, extension of income & outlets, synergy opportunities and strategies used by producers to benefit label and artist)Provide any research evidence you can find that supports explanations of benefits for artist, record label and audience


To show the promotional side to it scouting for girls uses many webpages such as a well k known page YouTube also Facebook and twitter and also their official fan page.YouTubeYouTube is a well-known multibillion organisation which can let you watch the latest blogs music videos of the band or artist. YouTube is known all over the world so by it being huge organisation such as this it is getting the publicity for example this picture is a print screen from YouTube and it show that just a 3 minuet song has 4,397,886 likes and no dislikes . this link will take you to this page

Official fan page

A great way to get a promotional side to it is to create an official fan page so that you can get even more publicity on your side also like YouTube you can see the latest videos and blogs also like Facebook and twitter you can see the latest pictures and the latest statues this link will take you to the official web page of scouting for girls

TwitterThe official website for scouting for girls is well out together as it covers everything fort example it covers the statuses from Facebook and twitter and like Facebook and twitter you can see the latest pictures also like YouTube you can see the latest music videos and blog videos .

Another website which is a social networking site and is popular for celebrities. Scouting for girls has his own page this link shows the official page of scouting for girls on twitter. This link will take you to the official twitter page of scouting for girls

By having the publicity on your side you are also opening many other doors such as followers downloading the song and buying cloths such as t-shirts and maybe even again leading to opening other doors buying concert tickets.

Extension of income

Extension of income is used here on scouting for girls official website as you can purchase items such as clothing hats also to add to the extension of income it has a banner saying 10 your second t-shirt knowing that this will attract a more of an audience meaning that they will download there music and this will lead to bigger things like concerts and more views on YouTube. This link will take you to this displayed t-shirt so that you can access them your self.

Extension of outlets

Extension of outlets means that the television can show these music video such as MTV can be shown also another extension of outlets is that it can be shown on social networking sites such Facebook and twitter also another extension of outlets is that the artist can make mixed tapes free of charge for example not paying to view them on Facebook twitter or YouTube


Synergy in this case can be shown that the fact that a social networking site can be combined with a media production for example a link from Facebook to see the music video and as Facebook is well known it is getting the publicity also twitter is the same you can access it.

Producers strategies


Producers strategies in this case are touring. Touring is when gigs and concerts occur also blog videos occur here from artist and this is where you can access them on social networking sites


Clothing is a huge thing as a part of producers strategy as it gets the target audience of teenagers to not only buy clothes but download the songs then there other songs and then further connected by tickets to concerts. The picture next to this on the right hand side shows a the picture shows an item of purchase that you can buy that is from


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