Science Vocabulary Review for FCAT. How to answer a question. Read each question Look at your choices Then choose your best answer.

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Science Vocabulary

Science VocabularyReview for FCATHow to answer a question.Read each questionLook at your choicesThen choose your best answerThe smallest possible particle of matteratomelementvolumemolecule

A particle made of two or more atomsatomelementmoleculeChange of state

Substance having just one kind of atomhydrogenatommoleculeelement

Process of melting or freezingcompoundChange of stateState of matterChemical change

Results in a new substancePhysical propertyPhysical changeChemical changeChange of state

Another name for chemical changeelementChemical reactionChange of statePhysical change

The amount of space an object takes upmassmattercompoundvolume

A solid, liquid, or a gas can be onemassvolumeState of mattermatter

Takes the shape of their containers and have a definite volumeliquidmattergassolid

No definite shape or volumeliquidsolidgasChange of state

Different kinds of matter mixed completely with each othersolubilitymixturemattersolution

A measure of how much material will dissolve in anotherliquidsolidsolubilitysolution

Two or more substances that are combined without changing any of themgasmixturesolidsolutions

Anything that takes up space and has massmattersolutionliquidmass

A push or pull that causes a change in motionfrictionmattermixtureforce

A force that works against motionforcegravityfrictionmatter

Forces that act on an object but cancel each other outUnbalanced forcefrictiongravityBalanced force

Act on an object-motion changesBalanced forcefrictionworkUnbalanced forces


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