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Text of SCHOOL PRAYER with Invocations - 2 Wk 1... · 5 Maroon 5 Silver 6 Maroon 1 Maroon ... 6 on Thursday

  • SCHOOL PRAYER with Invocations

    Compassionate God, draw us to your loving heart;

    In Mercy, teach us to forgive as the Father forgives; In Mercy, challenge us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus;

    In Mercy, transform us with your Spirit to welcome those we meet; and give us strength as we journey in faith;


    Venerable Catherine McAuley PRAY FOR US

    St Mary of the Cross MacKillop


    Sacred Heart of Jesus PRAY FOR US

    And may we always remember

    TO PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    April 2016

    Dear Parents and Members of our Sacred Heart School community, Welcome back to second term. Hoping your Easter break was refreshing as well as an opportunity to be with family. I also hope it created an opportunity for you to revisit your religious roots and spend some time in thought around the true meaning of the Easter season. I always find Jesus ultimate act of love through the Easter story more than a little humbling. That Jesus loved you and me (the world) so much that he gave up his life, that one day we too may be saved. Isnt that the ultimate to give ones life for another? And Jesus death is not the key to the story rather it is the resurrection of Jesus that is our cause of hope. If we stopped our reflection on the Easter story at Jesus crucifixion then we end in despair. Its the good news after that that brings us new life (symbolised by a sign of life an egg which we recognise often as made of chocolate, but which truly symbolises the new life of the resurrection). And so we are people of hope in the promise of Jesus resurrection. ENROLMENTS

    Were heading into our third week of enrolments for Prep 2017. Whilst this is probably my most busy time of the year it also the most enjoyable. I get the opportunity to talk with many new families, and particularly to hear of their hopes for their children, and this nurtures my soul. If you or a neighbour or a friend has a child ready to start school next year then make sure you contact the School Administration with haste to arrange an enrolment interview.


    MON, 18th


    Meet n Greet 8:25am

    Jubilate Deo DDJ Music Lessons

    TUES, 19

    th April

    Buddy Lunchtime P & F Meeting 7pm

    WED, 20

    th April

    Parents in Partnerships Early Years Reading 7pm

    School Board Mtg 7pm

    THURS, 21st


    Year 6 attend Student ANZAC Ceremony in city

    FRI, 22

    nd April

    School ANZAC Assembly led by 3S @ 9am

    Assembly 2pm (Awards etc)


  • My huge thanks goes to the many families who have been spruiking loud and long out in the community about the great school to which we all belong. I am being told time and time again by the families I meet with that they have been influenced in their decision by an existing school family. Your stories instil in them a trust even before they arrive on our doorstep in 2017. For this I am most thankful. SINGING UP A STORM

    On Monday our Senior Choir will join with the choirs of a number of Catholic schools in the annual Jubilate Deo day. Its a great day for the choirs as they work with other teachers and other students in producing a unique concert at the end of the day. My thanks to all involved from our end, particularly David OKeeffe, our Classroom music specialist. PARENTS-IN-PARTNERSHIP (READING)

    This coming Wednesday night is our night which focuses on Reading. Led by our PLL (Primary Lead Learner), Mrs Jo-Anne Downing, the night aims to provide you with new ideas and new ways of engaging your child with reading. Its far more than moments of peace and quiet in the house. So come along 7pm in the Library to learn how best you can support your child with reading. SO, WHATS GOING ON?

    The short answer is Lots! Next question How do I know? Can I strongly suggest that you:

    Read your Class Blog (accessed via the Parent Portal) which your childs teacher updates twice per week to keep you informed about classroom and other activities. These are constantly changing so check them out.

    Watch out for information coming home from your childs teacher about the curriculum focus being utilised this term. It may come in the form of a letter or email, but the class blog may also include this information.

    Read the school newsletter. It is the source of the latest information and contains practically all you ever need to know.

    Access the Parent Portal Trish in the Office works hard to constantly update and refresh this site. It contains a wealth of information that you will need so this part is essential.


    With the new term comes a change in focus for our sporting prowess. Our Prep to Year 3 students will take part in session at the PCYC in gymnastics (as well as a focus on soccer for our Year 3 boys). Year 4 6 will hone their skills through clinics as they prepare for the upcoming Zone 6 Gala day where they enter into a round-robin against our neighbouring Catholic schools. Accordingly, sports uniform should be worn this term on the following days:


    Sports Uniform

    3 Maroon 3 Silver 4 Maroon 4 Silver 5 Maroon 5 Silver 6 Maroon

    1 Maroon 3 Maroon 3 Silver

    1 Maroon 1 Silver 2 Maroon 2 Silver 4 White

    4 Marron 4 Silver 4 White 5 Maroon 5 Silver 6 Maroon

    1 Silver 2 Maroon 2 Silver


    We gather this day, not to glorify war or praise victors, but to remember those who have served and still serve our country during times of conflict and crisis, and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice.

    Each year we play a significant role in the local Sandgate ANZAC Day celebrations (April 25

    th). Of all the

    schools represented, we would number as the largest group with students from Prep to Year 6. All are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. Apart from acknowledging the significance of the day in history and the legacy it leaves us with today, our presence within the community on the day is a show of our belief that we exist and find meaning within the wider Sandgate community. Watch out for the letter with all the details coming out early next week.

  • For our school celebrations, Year 3 Silver will lead the school community in our own Assembly on Friday (22

    nd) before ANZAC Day. This assembly will be held early in the day, and we welcome the presence of

    some very proud ex-service men from the Sandgate RSL Sub-Branch. Please join us if you can for this Assembly. Lastly, our Year 6 students join with thousands of school students from South-East Queensland in a specially designed student ANZAC ceremony at ANZAC Square in the City on Thursday 21

    st April.

    I encourage you to talk about the significance of this day with your child and set about marking this day in a very special way. P & F ASSOCIATION

    This coming Tuesday night is our P & F Meeting for April. If you really want a say in how we do things at Sacred Heart; if you really want to feel that youve made a contribution to assist your child; if youve never considered coming then come along at 7pm. Its productive its friendly and its (usually) short. Wed love to see you in the Library for this monthly meeting. PLAY AND STUDY

    In early May I will begin a five week period of leave, incorporating a time of travel in Europe, as well as an opportunity to study with nine of my fellow Principals at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Our main focus will be in the area of the Catholic Identity of our schools. I look forward to both components of my time away. In my absence Gerald Shegog, our Assistant Principal Religious Education will take the role of Acting Principal. I thank Gerald for undertaking this role in my absence. THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK

    The Easter message of the risen Christ, a message of life for all humanity, echoes down the ages and invites us not to forget those men and women seeking a better future, an ever more numerous throng of migrants and refugees including many children fleeing from war, hunger, poverty and social injustice. (Pope Francis) Wishing you a great week as we work together for the benefit of our children. Sincerely

    Chris Chris Bathersby Principal


    Welcome back for Term 2. I am sure that all families have had a most enjoyable and holy Easter break. This is a busy term with the launch of the Blanket Appeal as part of our Outreach into the local community. There will be more details about this in the coming weeks. Year 3 will be participating in a retreat on Tuesday 31

    st May. This will take place in the school grounds.

    May is also the devotion to Mary. There will be Rosary before school in the Church on each Tuesday during the month of May. This will be conducted by the Parish Legion of Mary who has guided the children in this beautiful prayer for a number of years. This is a fantastic way for the school and the Parish to combine in the faith journey of our students. There will be Mass for Year 3 - 6 on Thursday morning commencing at 9:00am taking place in Week 5 and 9. All parents and caregivers are most welcome to join us. Students will celebrate a Liturgy of the Word in Week 3 and 7 in the Donna Philps Centre commencing at 8:45 am. Sacramental Program

    This is a gentle reminder that all students who are involved in the 2016 Sacramental Program may go to either Mass as preparation continues:

  • Church of the Real Presence, Brighton commencing at 6