School Gardening Resources for Teachers

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  • 8/8/2019 School Gardening Resources for Teachers



    School GardeningResources for Teachers


    Cronin-Jones, Linda. The Schoolyard Wildlife Activity Guide. Non-game Wildlife

    Program Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission. 1992.

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  • 8/8/2019 School Gardening Resources for Teachers

    2/3 - Youth garden - American Horticultural Society Youth - California School Garden - Chicago Botanic Mosaics, Cornell University - Florida Schoolyard Wildlife Project: EffectiveOutdoor Classrooms Junior Master National Gardening Association Kids National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard - School Garden Wizard, Chicago Botanic - The Edible School Yard change through sustainable - Schoolyard Ecology Leaders Handbook - University of Florida site on school gardening

    Native Plants

    Haehle, R. and J. Brookwell. Native Florida Plants: Low Maintenance Landscaping andGardening. Taylor Trade Publishers, 2004.

    Hammer, R. Everglades Wildflowers. Globe Pequot Press, 2002.

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    Taylor, W. Florida Wildflower in their Natural Communities. University Press of Florida,1998. Florida Native Plant Dade Chapter of FNPS Association of Florida Native Nurseries - Florida Wildlife Commission, FCAT

    style activities for Schoolyard Wildlife Activity Guide

    Pine Rockland Resources

    Austin, D. Pine Rockland Plant Guide: A field guide to the plants of South Floridas Pine

    Rockland Community. Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM). Link to Center for Tropical Plant Conservation (selectSpecies and Habitat Conservation) - Institute for Regional Conservation Pine Rockland Working - DERM, Miami-Dade County
  • 8/8/2019 School Gardening Resources for Teachers


    Butterfly Gardening

    Dole, Claire. The Butterfly Gardeners Guide. Brooklyn Botanical Garden, 2007.

    Ellis, B. Attracting Birds and Butterflies. Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

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    Traas, P. Gardening for Floridas Butterflies. Great Outdoors Publishing, 2001. North American Butterfly Dade Chapter of NABA Broward Chapter of NABA

    Water - North American Water Garden Society - UF publication on native aquatic plants for water gardens - UF resource for water garden - extensive resource from University of Illinois - TAMU

    Educator Supplies - National Gardening Association. - Acorn Naturalists. - Museum Products. 800.395.5400