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<p>Slide 1</p> <p> 2015 TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SOFT SKILL TRAINING STUDENTS MODULES </p> <p> GRAMMAR This session helps the candidates to recap the basic grammar concepts and TENSES.</p> <p>The session may be presented in a PPT for the better understanding.</p> <p>After the brush up, the session is followed by an activity either role play or quiz.</p> <p> phonetics </p> <p> To improve pronunciation Skills .</p> <p>PHONETICSThis session helps the individual toknow and improve the pronunciationof English letters which includes :</p> <p>Vowels ( Sounds)</p> <p>Consonants ( Sounds) </p> <p>Creativity</p> <p>Simulation </p> <p>Anticipation</p> <p>Situational Vocabulary</p> <p>Clichd Words / Phrases</p> <p>Interaction In English Activity - ROLE PLAY To help communicate better in English </p> <p> body language </p> <p> Dress sense &amp; Physical appearance.</p> <p>2.Sitting , Walking &amp; Standing Postures.</p> <p>3.Gestures, Body movements, Expressions.</p> <p>4.Hand shakes.</p> <p>5.Emotions &amp; Behavior etc.INCLUDES - </p> <p> team management </p> <p>Team Building concepts</p> <p>2.Process of Team Work.</p> <p>3.Stages in Team management.</p> <p>4.Objective.</p> <p>5. Result.INCLUDES - </p> <p> etiquettes Etiquette is a qualifying characteristic in a person to be socially pleasing and is an important part of ones personality as etiquettes reflect grooming and finesse.</p> <p>1. GeneralManners Demeanor Conduct</p> <p>2. At Public Places</p> <p>3. At Formal Gatherings</p> <p>4. Telephone Etqt.</p> <p>6. Social Etqt.</p> <p>7. Dining Etqt.</p> <p> stress management This session includes :</p> <p>Identification of stress factors.</p> <p>Effects of stress.</p> <p>Techniques to overcome stress</p> <p>Yoga </p> <p> anger management Anger is part of life no less than memory, happiness, and compassion.No one chooses to be angry. Anger is a reaction thats built into yournervous system. In fact, anger is one of the first emotions mothers recognizein their newborn infants. So, its never too early to start anger management.</p> <p> Time management</p> <p>Time and energy management can make your life easy and fun filled and reduce your stress level.</p> <p>This session will bring out the techniques for managing the time for different required activities</p> <p> ASSESSMENT</p> <p>This session involves assessing the individual on the training sessions conducted so far. </p>