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  • School Direct (PGCE)

    Programme - Structure and

    Overview 2013/14 at UoC

  • CONTENTS Welcome letter 1


    School Based Experience 2

    University Based Experience 2

    Professional Graduate Certificate of Education 2

    School Partnership 3

    The Professional Tutor / ITE Coordinator 3

    The Mentor 3


    3. KEY DATES 13


    Professional Studies - Secondary 14

    Subject Study - Secondary 16

    Professional Studies and Subject Study - Primary 17

    School Experience 19

    Level 6 Honours Descriptors 20

    Being Reflective 21

    Transferable Skills 21

    Personal Development Profile (PDP) 21

    Exemplar Structure of the Programme 23

    Registration and Attendance 24

    5. STAFF LIST 26

    6. ASSESSMENT 28

    Formative Assessment 28

    Summative Assessment 29

    Summative Assessment of School Experience 29

    Summative Assessment of the PGCE 30

    Grading Criteria 31

    Submission of Assignments 32

    Turnitin 33

    Academic Malpractice 34

    Extensions 34

    Late Submissions 35

    Non-Submission 35

    Mitigating Circumstances 35

    Role of the External Examiner 35

    Failure in Assignments 36

    Awards 36

    Failure of School Experience 36

    Award of PGCE 37

    The Examination Board 38

    Appeals 89

    Intermission and Withdrawal 39


    School Mentor 41

    University Link Tutor 41

    References 42

    University Support Services 44

  • Dyslexia Service 44

    Careers 45

    Learning Resources 46

    Portia 49

    Key University Policies and Procedures 50

    Complaints procedure 50

    Disciplinary procedures 50

    Harassment Policy 50

    Whistleblowing procedure 51

    Equality and Diversity Policy 51

    Policy on Religion and Belief 51

    Policy on Sexual Orientation 51

    Student Mental Health Policy 51

    Car Parking 51

    Health and Safety 52


    Education Management Team 53

    PGCE (School Direct) Programme Board 53

    Link Tutor Group 55

    Evaluation 56

  • 1

    Welcome to the School Direct Programme at the University of Chichester

    This handbook provides you with an overview of the School Direct programme (Salaried and Non-Salaried routes). It tells you how you will be taught, how you will learn and how you will be assessed. The handbook will guide you through each stage of the programme, and will inform you of what you need to do in order to complete each element successfully. There will be a Secondary and Primary cohort of School Direct trainee teachers and although you will be spending much of your training year in school, there will be opportunities to work together when you attend the university training days for professional studies and subject study as well as working in your school areas / alliances. Tutors at the university and mentors in our partner schools are all looking forward to meeting you and to working with you throughout the programme. They will all be very supportive of you, answer your questions and guide you in your studies as you develop into beginning teachers. However, they will also expect you to work hard on all aspects of the programme! The School Direct Administrator is Daniel Newton ( 01243 812077). He can be found in the Administration Office, First floor, in St Michael’s building and he will be able to help you if you have any administrative concerns, for example to do with registration details or submission of assignments. School Direct aims to develop professional, reflective and effective teachers by encouraging such qualities as creativity, commitment, enthusiasm and intellectual liveliness. We know that following this programme will be very demanding but we hope that you enjoy the experience and at the end of it feel well prepared for the challenging but highly rewarding job of helping children to learn and become confident, critical and well equipped members of society. We wish you every success. CHERYL LETTS School Direct Programme Coordinator 01243 812156 JULIA O’KELLY Head of PGCE Secondary 01243 812160 CHRIS SHELTON Head of PGCE Primary 01243 812028

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    1. FEATURES OF THE PROGRAMME School Based Experience During the School Direct year, you will spend the majority of your time in your base school where you will be working closely with your mentor and other key colleagues who will be able to support your professional development. How your teaching timetable is constructed and phased, and required training activities are designed can be found in more detail in the School Experience Section. Also, you are required to spend at least 6 weeks in a second school placement in the Spring term. Secondary trainees in addition, are required to spend the equivalent of 5 days in Primary and 3 days post-16. Primary trainees are required to extend their experience to include the equivalent of 5 days in Early Years and 2 days Year 7 transition.

    University Based Experience School Direct trainee teachers are expected to attend 20 days at the university – 10 days in the Autumn term and 10 days in the Spring term which will consist of 50% subject study and 50% professional studies for secondary trainees, and 70% subject study and 30% professional studies for primary. In addition, if trainees have chosen the PGCE route they will be required to attend self study days during half term weeks. Primary university based days are blocked 2 weeks in October and 2 weeks in February. Secondary university based training will consist of a block of 5 days professional studies in October and 4 days in February. The equivalent of 5 days subject study will be scheduled around availability of subject tutors and facilities and in some instances may join with the full-time PGCE teaching groups which run from September–October and January-February.

    Professional Graduate Certificate of Education

    The University of Chichester is offering the following award within the School Direct model: Non- Salaried (tuition fee) and Salaried (employed by school): (Bespoke) Professional Graduate Certificate of Education (Honours level*) with QTS School arranges and delivers majority of training (professional and academic at the equivalent of Honours level) in accordance with programme requirements and documentation, arranges school placements, and jointly assesses the trainee against the Teachers’ Standards. University of Chichester delivers aspects of training and provides academic support with the preparation, assessment and moderation of PGCE assignments (3 required), tutor visits, quality assurance and assessment against the Teachers’ Standards. * A trainee will be able to obtain Masters credits if they choose to extend their study.

  • 3

    School Partnership With the new School Direct model, schools are expected to take on more responsibility for high quality professional and academic training. This is still characterised by close working relationships between the University and schools in designing, implementing and managing the Programme and in being responsible for training teachers. You will find much more information about how the partnership operates in the School Direct Partnership Agreements (Salaried and Non-Salaried) to be found on Moodle via the School Partnership website: The roles and responsibilities of mentors and professional tutors are outlined below The Professional Tutor (Secondary) and ITE Coordinator (Primary) The Professional Tutor / ITE Coordinator is responsible for the whole group of trainee teachers in her/his school and for their overall school experience. Some of their responsibilities are: to ensure that trainees are familiar with whole school issues, manage a programme of Professional Studies and liaise with university tutors regarding their visits to students in school. She/he will oversee the selection of mentors and will support them in their work with student teachers. A full list of the responsibilities can be found in the School Direct Partnership Agreements. The Mentor The mentor works closely with the trainee teacher and is responsible for guiding, supporting and training them during their time in school. She/he will liaise with other colleagues that the trainee will be working with in order to make sure the requirements of the placement are addressed successfully. She/he will meet the trainee teacher on a weekly basis to discuss practical and theoretical matters relating to the teaching of their subject/class. A full list of the responsibilities of the mentor can be found in the School Direct Partnership Agreements.

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    2. PROGRAMME SPECIFICATION Guidance Notes: Transferable skills must include key skills and other skills; Programme Specifications are not legal contracts but are intended to provide informative guidance to all stakeholders. Programme specifications should refer to (i) relev