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  • Jean-Pascal Tricoire

    Chairman & CEO - Schneider Electric

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    Schneider Electric presentation

  • Disclaimer

    All forward-looking statements are Schneider Electric management’s present expectations of future events and are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties

    that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. For a detailed description of these factors and

    uncertainties, please refer to the section “Risk Factors” in our Annual Registration Document (which is available on Schneider Electric

    undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of these forward-looking statements.

    This presentation includes information pertaining to our markets and our competitive positions therein. Such information is based on market data and our actual

    revenues in those markets for the relevant periods. We obtained this market information from various third-party sources (industry publications, surveys,

    and forecasts) and our own internal estimates. We have not independently verified these third-party sources and cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness

    and our internal surveys and estimates have not been verified by independent experts or other independent sources.

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    Our technologies ensure that

    everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

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    •+50% energy consumption by 2050 due to urbanization, Industrialization , digitization.

    • Electricity to grow twice faster than energy consumption

    •2.3 bn people do not have either access or reliable access to electricity


    •3X efficiency needed to solve climate change •82% of untapped energy efficiency in buildings

    •50% of untapped energy efficiency in industry


    • 10X more incremental connected devices than incremental connected people by 2020

    • 30bn connected things by 2020

    • Software runs everything

    when life is…

    Sources : Industry Reports

    Schneider makes life Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Sustainable and Connected

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  • Resi. & Non-Resi. Buildings (38% of group revenues1)

    Datacenters & IT (14% of group revenues1)

    Industry & Machines (28% of group revenues1)

    Infrastructure (20% of group revenues1)





    (Low & Medium Voltage, Secure power) END MARKETS

    ~70% of Group


    ~30% of Group

    revenues 1. end-market exposure estimated on 2016 revenues

    A pure play in energy and efficiency connected solutions

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  • 2016 revenues

    (€ bn)



    Building InfrastructureIndustryIT

    Key technologies Low Voltage

    & Building Automation

    Medium Voltage

    & Grid Automation

    Discrete & Process

    Industrial Automation

    Critical Power &

    Cooling, Services


    #1 #1#2 discrete#1 #4 process

    Businesses of

    Schneider Electric

    2016 Adj. EBITA

    Margin (%) 19.6% 9.7%16.7%16.8%

    Serving our 4 end-markets: Residential & non-Residential Buildings,

    Datacenter & IT, Industry & Machines, Infrastructure

    Four global, leading, synergetic businesses

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  • … with a balanced world-wide presence – 2016 Sales

    A balanced worldwide presence with leading presence in new economies

    €24.7 Billion 2016 Sales

    144,000 employees in over 100


    5% of sales devoted to R&D

    41% of sales in New


    27% Western


    27% Asia-Pacific

    28% North


    18% Rest of



  • A culture of partnership….

    Page 8Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    Upstream partnerships for supply

    Partnership in technology and IT • A leading network of partners

    ~ 65% of sales via partners

    500,000+ electricians

    35,000+ panel builders

    12,000+ system integrators

    15,000+ machine builders

    11,000+ certified developers

  • Schneider Electric – Assemblée Générale des Actionnaires 25 avril 2016 |

    …enabling our products and solutions to reach customers in key end-markets

    Page 9Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    20 of the largest oil


    11 leading Food & Beverage brands

    100+ water processing


    ~40% of the hospitals

    in the world

    10 world level


    3 of the 4 biggest large-

    scale suppliers to the


    We equip….

  • One EcoStruxure architecture, serving 4 End Markets with 6 Domains of Expertise

    Connected Products

    Edge Control

    Apps, Analytics & Services

    E n

    d t o

    E n


    C y b

    e rs

    e c u

    ri ty

    C lo

    u d

    a n

    d /o


    O n

    P re

    m is


    InfrastructureBuilding Data Center Industry

    Page 10Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    EcoStruxure Architecture


    Grid EcoStruxureTM



    Plant EcoStruxureTM



    Building EcoStruxureTM


  • Asset Performance

    Management as a Service

    Apps &







    Buildings Industrial & machines Utilities & infrastructure Data Centers & Networks

    StruxureWare Building Operations

    allows data collection, analysis,

    and management

    Smart Building Service Plans

    State of the art service plans

    Altivar 340

    Variable speed drive with

    superior performance

    and productivity

    PACis 5.4

    Digital Control System

    Modicon M580 is the first PAC*

    with built-in Cybersecure

    Ethernet capabilities

    Wonderware Online,

    leading cloud based offering turning data into action

    StruxureOn™ increases data

    center resiliency

    Data Center Operation 8.0

    Allow monitoring & Operation

    of DC’s incl. Multi-tenant

    Galaxy VX™

    3-phase power protection

    And we innovate at every level (selected 2016 launches)

    Building IndustryData Center Infrastructure

    Easergy T300

    Remote Terminal Unit

    Masterpact MTZ performance and reliability with

    new digital capabilities

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  • Building

    InfrastructureData Center

    Innovation At Every Level: A snapshot of EcoStruxure’s impact


    Page 12Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |






    Health &



    Fortune Magazine: #24 / 50 Companies that are changing the world

    DJSI Industry Leader

    for the 4th consecutive year

    CDP Climate Leader

    part of the “Climate A list” for the 6th consecutive year

    Ethisphere, world's most ethical companies

    listed for the 7th consecutive year

    FTSE4Good: listed for the 1st time since inception in 2001

    3rd company globally for clean-energy in Carbon Clean 200 List

    27th most sustainable company in the world in Global 100 most

    sustainable corporations

    10th greenest company in the world in Newsweek Global Green Ranking

    Vigeo Eiris Industry Leader

    Oekom Industry Leader

    • Carbon neutrality by 2030 • CO2 impact quantification of large customer

    projects • Investment in R&D for sustainability

    (EUR10 billion over 10 years)

    • Human Rights policy • UN Guiding Principles on Business &

    Human Rights (Ruggie framework) • Supplier Code of Conduct

    • Zero Waste to Landfill • Maintenance, retrofit and end-of-life

    services • Schneider ecoDesign Way to all new offers

    • Employee Well-being program • Gender pay equity • One day training for every employee per


    • Low carbon solutions for access to electricity (for 50 million people over 10 years)

    • Fighting fuel poverty in mature countries • Employee volunteering for development

    Page 13Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

    Sustainability at the core of everything we do – Our commitment is recognized

  • A predictable earnings growth and a strong shareholder focus

    Page 14Confidential Property of Schneider Electric |

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