SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - University of Cal. : Hazza Abo-Rabia ... See the full schedule of events and activities and register at ... Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)

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<ul><li><p>MAURICE GREENBERG CENTER FOR JUDAIC STUDIES</p><p>FALL 2014SCHEDULE OF EVENTS</p><p>Fall Focus: Honoring the Past</p><p>CU</p><p>RR</p><p>EN</p><p>T </p><p>EX</p><p>HIB</p><p>ITIO</p><p>NS</p><p>Will</p><p>iam</p><p> Sin</p><p>ger</p><p> Gal</p><p>lery</p><p>, Mu</p><p>seu</p><p>m o</p><p>f Je</p><p>wis</p><p>h </p><p>Civ</p><p>iliza</p><p>tio</p><p>n, M</p><p>ort</p><p>ense</p><p>n L</p><p>ibra</p><p>ry, H</p><p>arry</p><p> Jac</p><p>k G</p><p>ray </p><p>Cen</p><p>ter, </p><p>Un</p><p>iver</p><p>sity</p><p> of </p><p>Har</p><p>tfo</p><p>rd </p><p>Ret</p><p>urn </p><p>to t</p><p>he L</p><p>and</p><p>: Je</p><p>wis</p><p>h Fa</p><p>rmin</p><p>g a</p><p>roun</p><p>d t</p><p>he W</p><p>orld</p><p> M</p><p>inni</p><p>e G</p><p>old</p><p>enb</p><p>erg</p><p> Pho</p><p>tog</p><p>rap</p><p>hy E</p><p>xhib</p><p>itio</p><p>n</p><p>The </p><p>Irvi</p><p>ng a</p><p>nd F</p><p>ran </p><p>Wal</p><p>tman</p><p> C</p><p>anto</p><p>rial</p><p> Exh</p><p>ibit</p><p>ion </p><p>The </p><p>Joel</p><p> and</p><p> Sus</p><p>Ann</p><p>a G</p><p>rae </p><p>Ant</p><p>iqui</p><p>ties</p><p> Col</p><p>lect</p><p>ion</p><p>Fo</p><p>r m</p><p>use</p><p>um</p><p> ho</p><p>urs</p><p> an</p><p>d d</p><p>oce</p><p>nt-</p><p>led</p><p> to</p><p>urs</p><p>, co</p><p>nta</p><p>ct t</p><p>he </p><p>Gre</p><p>enb</p><p>erg</p><p> Cen</p><p>ter </p><p>at </p><p>86</p><p>0.7</p><p>68</p><p>.49</p><p>64</p><p> or </p><p>mg</p><p>cjs@</p><p>har</p><p>tfo</p><p>rd.e</p><p>du</p><p>. </p><p>NO</p><p>NP</p><p>RO</p><p>FIT</p><p> OR</p><p>GU</p><p>S P</p><p>OS</p><p>TAG</p><p>E </p><p>PAID</p><p>UN</p><p>IVE</p><p>RS</p><p>ITY</p><p> OF</p><p>HA</p><p>RT</p><p>FO</p><p>RD</p><p>JUDAIC STUDIES COURSES</p><p>FALL 2014Classes begin Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Registration and tuition are required for all courses. </p><p>Special rates for select courses are available through the Mandell Jewish Community Center. Call the Registrars Office, University of Hartford, at 860.768.4999.</p><p>Professor Mathilde Mukantabana, Rwandan ambassador to the United States (center), discusses the exhibit that was part of the University of Hartfords Kwibuka20 commemoration of the genocide of the Tutsi people in Rwanda at the Greenberg Centers Museum of Jewish Civilization in April.</p><p>Avinoam Patt (left) and Matthew Rubin present the 2014 Joseph Zola Memorial Holocaust Educator Award to Emily Hernberg (second from left) and Christian Bonarrigo of New Canaan High School for their curriculum, Literature of the Holocaust, in May.</p><p>Many supporters filled the 1877 Club rotunda in May at the opening reception for Return to the Land: Jewish Farming around the World photography exhibition.</p><p>Shoshana Coven 14 (left), Judaic studies major, and Evan Bennett 14, Judaic studies minor, celebrate their big day at the University of Hartford Commencement on May 18.</p><p>Monday, October 6Exhibit Opening and LectureLaurel Leff, Buried by the Times Exhibit Opening: 1945 </p><p>OCTOBER</p><p>EXHIBITOPENING </p><p>AND LECTURE</p><p>Martelange, Belgium, February 1945 </p><p>Photo: Samuel Cotzin, courtesy of Norma Passow and Alan Cotzin</p><p>JS 205 Israel: History and SocietySection 45206: Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:554:10 p.m.Instructor: Avinoam Patt</p><p>JS 214 Jewish History: Exile to EnlightenmentSection 42121: Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:302:45 p.m.Instructor: Richard Freund</p><p>JS 308 Bible and Archaeology: Old Testament Section 41552: Tuesdays, 57:20 p.m.Instructor: Richard Freund</p><p>JS 310 Ancient Art: EgyptianSection 46948: Tuesdays, 4:507:20 p.m.Instructor: C. Manassa</p><p>JS 425 Contemporary Studies in Jewish Civilization:Survey Near Eastern HumanitySection 43163: Thursdays, 7:309:50 p.m.Instructor: Hazza Abo-Rabia</p><p>LANGUAGE COURSES</p><p>ARA 110 Elementary Arabic ISection 42976: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:304:45 p.m.Instructor: Hazza Abo-Rabia</p><p>HBR 113 Elementary Hebrew ISection 40199: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:2510:40 a.m.Instructor: Yifat Avner</p><p>HBR 115 Intermediate Hebrew ISection 43122: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:50 a.m.12:05 p.m.Instructor: Yifat Avner</p><p>HBR 117 Advanced Hebrew Language: Conversation and ReadingSection 47351: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:053:20 p.m.Instructor: Yifat Avner </p><p>WINTERTERM 2015 COURSES</p><p>Be a Greenberg Center Rhodes Scholar and travel to our archaeological project in Rhodes, Greece, or in Nazareth, Israel, or both. </p><p>JS 307, POL 377, SOC 307JS 380 Independent study</p><p>PLEASE KEEP US UP TO DATE</p><p>Do you receive our mailings under the wrong name?Would you like your name removed or someone elses name added to our mailing list?Do you have email, so that we can keep you informed of Greenberg Center activities?</p><p>If you answered yes to any of the above, please call the Greenberg Center at 860.768.4964 or email Susan Gottlieb at, so that we can update our database.</p><p>PARKING: For all events in Wilde Auditorium, use parking lot D. Handicapped parking is available in Millard Circle and at the rear of the Harry Jack Gray Center (between Abrahms Hall and The Hartt School). For events in Mali I and II (Charles Dana Hall), use parking lot H.For events at the Museum of Jewish Civilization, use parking lot K (opposite Hartford Art School). For events at Konover Campus Center, use parking lot F. A map of the campus is available online at</p></li><li><p>Tuesday, October 14, 7 p.m.Mali II, Charles Dana Hall, University of Hartford</p><p>Who Were the First Christians? Adolfo RoitmanLizbeth and George Krupp Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls Shrine of the BookIsrael Museum, Jerusalem</p><p>Limited seating; reservations required: 860.768.5018 or</p><p>Sponsored in part by the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies and St. Thomas Seminary.</p><p>Tuesday, October 21, 7 p.m. Mali II, Charles Dana Hall, University of Hartford</p><p>The Real/Reel Moses and Mary in Film and ArchaeologyRichard Freund, Director Maurice Greenberg Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Limited seating; reservations required: 860.768.5018 or</p><p>Monday, October 27, 8 a.m.3 p.m.1877 Club, Harry Jack Gray Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Holocaust Educators WorkshopLearn from the Past, Teach for the FutureRegistration required by Thursday, October 16. Fee: $40 (limited scholarships available) </p><p>Thursday, December 4, 7 p.m. Wilde Auditorium, Harry Jack Gray Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Muslim-Christian-Jewish Songfest and Poetry Evening Presented in cooperation with the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, Muslim Student Association, and Hillel.</p><p>Wednesday, December 10, 7 p.m.Mali II, Charles Dana Hall, University of HartfordThe New Diaspora: The Changing Landscape of American Jewish FictionEdward Lewis Wallant Award 50th Anniversary Anthology</p><p>Panel:Josh Lambert, Academic Director, Yiddish Book CenterAvinoam Patt, Associate Professor, Maurice Greenberg Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Moderator:Carole Goldberg, former books editor, Hartford Courant</p><p>Made possible by the Waltman Family Fund.</p><p>SEPTEMBER OCTOBERLECTURE</p><p>FILM LECTURE</p><p>WORKSHOP</p><p>SONGFEST</p><p>BOOK LAUNCH AND DISCUSSION</p><p>PANEL DISCUSSION </p><p>PANEL DISCUSSION AND EXHIBIT CLOSING </p><p>CELEBRATION</p><p>LECTURE ANDEXHIBIT OPENING</p><p>All Greenberg Center programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.</p><p>A TASTE OF THE GREENBERG CENTER</p><p>LECTURE AND TASTING Opening of the Quran</p><p>DECEMBER</p><p>Rabbi Stanley Kessler</p><p>Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rabbi Stanley Kessler</p><p>Laurel Leff</p><p>Crown Market West Hartford, Conn. 1950s</p><p>SEPTEMBER</p><p>Ever want to return to college for a day?Find out why the community comes to the Greenberg Center to learn. Registration required for each sample class listed below, with limited seating available (first-come, first-served basis), by Thursday, September 4. Call 860.768.5018 or email</p><p>Tuesday, September 9, 57:30 p.m. Bible and ArchaeologyThe Origins of Biblical ArchaeologyInstructor: Richard Freund </p><p>Thursday, September 11, 7:309 p.m.Contemporary Studies in Jewish Civilization: Survey in Near Eastern HumanityThe Origins of IslamInstructor: Hazza Abo-Rabia</p><p>Friday, September 12, 121 p.m.In Our Own WordsHolocaust Testimonies of Second and Third Generations Project The New Holocaust and Genocide Rare Books Collection of the University of HartfordInstructor: Avinoam Patt</p><p>Monday, September 8, 7 p.m.Wilde Auditorium, Harry Jack Gray Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Honoring the CrownShow your support at a food tasting for the New Year. A Jews and food event to honor those who saved West Hartfords historic Crown Market.</p><p>A welcome-back reception for our students, new and returning, including a special welcome for new Hillel Director Jason Oruch.</p><p>Reservations required: 860.768.5018 or</p><p>EMPOWERING CHANGEA University of Hartford weeklong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.See the full schedule of events and activities and register</p><p> Wednesday, September 17, 7:30 p.m.Wilde Auditorium, Harry Jack Gray Center, University of Hartford What Would You Do?Panel discussion exploring how people have been empowered to create social change in the past, present, and future.</p><p>Moderator: Warren Goldstein, University of HartfordPanelists:Rabbi Stanley Kessler Hon14, 1960s Freedom RiderDoug Glanville, ESPNMarissa Lawrence 16, College of Arts and Sciences University of HartfordElizabeth Horton Sheff M12, Hon13, community activist</p><p>Sunday, September 28, 7 p.m.Mali II, Charles Dana Hall, University of Hartford</p><p>Jewish Farming around the World Panel discussion on Jewish farmers past and present.Closing of Return to the Land photography exhibition. Museum of Jewish Civilization Mortensen Library, University of Hartford Limited seating; reservations required: 860.768.5018 or </p><p>Sunday, October 5Eid Al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)Major Islamic festival celebration with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian student organizations. Contact the Muslim Student Association for information and reservations at 860.768.5390. </p><p>Monday, October 6, 7 p.m.The N. Richard Greenfield Jewish Journalism LectureWilde Auditorium, Harry Jack Gray Center, University of Hartford</p><p>Buried by The Times: The Holocaust and Americas Most Important NewspaperLaurel LeffProfessor of Journalism, Northeastern University</p><p>Exhibit Opening, 8 p.m.Museum of Jewish Civilization Mortensen Library, Harry Jack Gray Center University of Hartford1945: The 70th Anniversary of Liberation</p><p>Limited seating; reservations required: 860.768.5018 or</p><p>Lecture made possible by the Maurice Greenberg Center for </p><p>Judaic Studies in cooperation with the Connecticut Jewish Ledger.</p><p>OCTOBER</p><p>Wlodawa and Sobibr Memorial Book</p><p>SPECIAL COURSE AUDIT RATE AVAILABLE! The Mandell Jewish Community Center (JCC) and the </p><p>University of Hartfords Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies are collaborating this semester to offer select University courses at a special auditors reduced rate when participants register through the Mandell Center. </p><p> Registration and payment are required for all courses. </p><p>Register at 860.236.1927 or the JCC Member Services Center. </p><p>Fall 2014 classes at the University of Hartford begin Wednesday, September 3.</p><p>Adolfo Roitman</p><p>In t</p><p>he </p><p>com</p><p>ing</p><p> yea</p><p>r, w</p><p>e w</p><p>elco</p><p>me </p><p>you</p><p> to</p><p> th</p><p>e G</p><p>reen</p><p>ber</p><p>g C</p><p>ente</p><p>r to</p><p> tak</p><p>e an</p><p> intr</p><p>igu</p><p>ing</p><p> cla</p><p>ss, e</p><p>njo</p><p>y a </p><p>sati</p><p>sfyi</p><p>ng</p><p> co</p><p>nce</p><p>rt o</p><p>r st</p><p>imu</p><p>lati</p><p>ng</p><p> lect</p><p>ure</p><p>, or </p><p>join</p><p> us </p><p>for </p><p>a fa</p><p>scin</p><p>atin</p><p>g t</p><p>rip</p><p> ab</p><p>road</p><p>. Wit</p><p>h y</p><p>ou</p><p>r co</p><p>nti</p><p>nu</p><p>ed s</p><p>up</p><p>po</p><p>rt w</p><p>e ca</p><p>n t</p><p>ake </p><p>you</p><p> pla</p><p>ces </p><p>you</p><p>ve </p><p>nev</p><p>er b</p><p>een</p><p>all r</p><p>igh</p><p>t h</p><p>ere </p><p>in y</p><p>ou</p><p>r b</p><p>acky</p><p>ard</p><p>. W</p><p>e ca</p><p>n a</p><p>lso</p><p> giv</p><p>e o</p><p>ur </p><p>des</p><p>ervi</p><p>ng</p><p> stu</p><p>den</p><p>ts m</p><p>uch</p><p>-nee</p><p>ded</p><p> sch</p><p>ola</p><p>rsh</p><p>ip a</p><p>ssis</p><p>tan</p><p>ce in</p><p> diffi</p><p>cult</p><p> ec</p><p>on</p><p>om</p><p>ic t</p><p>imes</p><p> an</p><p>d o</p><p>ur </p><p>com</p><p>mu</p><p>nit</p><p>y an</p><p> alt</p><p>ern</p><p>ate </p><p>app</p><p>roac</p><p>h t</p><p>o J</p><p>ewis</p><p>h s</p><p>tud</p><p>y.</p><p>Ple</p><p>ase </p><p>con</p><p>sid</p><p>er y</p><p>ou</p><p>r an</p><p>nu</p><p>al g</p><p>ift </p><p>tod</p><p>ay. W</p><p>ith</p><p> yo</p><p>ur </p><p>hel</p><p>p, w</p><p>e ca</p><p>n e</p><p>nsu</p><p>re t</p><p>hat</p><p> th</p><p>e G</p><p>reen</p><p>ber</p><p>g </p><p>Cen</p><p>ter </p><p>for </p><p>Jud</p><p>aic </p><p>Stu</p><p>die</p><p>s co</p><p>nti</p><p>nu</p><p>es t</p><p>o g</p><p>row</p><p> an</p><p>d b</p><p>e th</p><p>e p</p><p>lace</p><p> wh</p><p>ere </p><p>the </p><p>com</p><p>mu</p><p>nit</p><p>y an</p><p>d </p><p>lear</p><p>nin</p><p>g c</p><p>om</p><p>e to</p><p>get</p><p>her</p><p>. </p><p>War</p><p>m r</p><p>egar</p><p>ds,</p><p>Dan</p><p>e K</p><p>ost</p><p>in </p><p>Mec</p><p>hel</p><p>le T</p><p>ova</p><p>r O</p><p>lrt</p><p>egu</p><p>iC</p><p>hai</p><p>r, B</p><p>oar</p><p>d o</p><p>f V</p><p>isit</p><p>ors</p><p> D</p><p>evel</p><p>op</p><p>men</p><p>t O</p><p>ffice</p><p>rM</p><p>auri</p><p>ce G</p><p>reen</p><p>ber</p><p>g C</p><p>ente</p><p>r fo</p><p>r Ju</p><p>dai</p><p>c S</p><p>tud</p><p>ies </p><p>Un</p><p>iver</p><p>sity</p><p> of </p><p>Har</p><p>tfo</p><p>rd</p><p>Enc</p><p>lose</p><p>d is</p><p> my </p><p>gif</p><p>t o</p><p>f $</p><p>50 </p><p> $10</p><p>0 </p><p> $25</p><p>0</p><p> $50</p><p>0 </p><p> $1,0</p><p>00</p><p> O</p><p>ther</p><p>Ple</p><p>ase </p><p>dir</p><p>ect </p><p>my </p><p>gif</p><p>t to</p><p> Mau</p><p>rice</p><p> Gre</p><p>enb</p><p>erg</p><p> Cen</p><p>ter </p><p>for </p><p>Jud</p><p>aic </p><p>Stu</p><p>die</p><p>s</p><p> Isra</p><p>el A</p><p>ctiv</p><p>itie</p><p>s F</p><p>un</p><p>d</p><p> Mo</p><p>der</p><p>n J</p><p>ewis</p><p>h h</p><p>isto</p><p>ry p</p><p>rog</p><p>ram</p><p>s</p><p> Ho</p><p>loca</p><p>ust</p><p> an</p><p>d g</p><p>eno</p><p>cid</p><p>e p</p><p>rog</p><p>ram</p><p>s</p><p> Arc</p><p>hae</p><p>olo</p><p>gic</p><p>al p</p><p>rog</p><p>ram</p><p>s</p><p>Nam</p><p>e </p><p>Ad</p><p>dre</p><p>ss</p><p>Ph</p><p>on</p><p>e</p><p>Em</p><p>ail</p><p>Kin</p><p>dly</p><p> ret</p><p>urn </p><p>this</p><p> car</p><p>d w</p><p>ith </p><p>your</p><p> gif</p><p>t.P</p><p>leas</p><p>e m</p><p>ake </p><p>chec</p><p>ks p</p><p>ayab</p><p>le t</p><p>o t</p><p>he </p><p>Un</p><p>iver</p><p>sity</p><p> of </p><p>Har</p><p>tfo</p><p>rd.</p><p>Th</p><p>ank </p><p>you</p><p>!R</p><p>etur</p><p>n to</p><p>Mec</p><p>helle</p><p> Tov</p><p>ar O</p><p>lrt</p><p>egui</p><p>Offi</p><p>ce o</p><p>f In</p><p>stit</p><p>utio</p><p>nal A</p><p>dva</p><p>ncem</p><p>ent,</p><p> Uni</p><p>vers</p><p>ity </p><p>of </p><p>Har</p><p>tfo</p><p>rd20</p><p>0 B</p><p>loo</p><p>mfi</p><p>eld</p><p> Ave</p><p>nue,</p><p> Wes</p><p>t H</p><p>artf</p><p>ord</p><p>, CT </p><p>061</p><p>17</p><p>Bill</p><p> my </p><p>cred</p><p>it c</p><p>ard</p><p>:</p><p> Mas</p><p>terC</p><p>ard</p><p> VIS</p><p>A </p><p> A</p><p>mer</p><p>ican</p><p> Exp</p><p>ress</p><p> Dis</p><p>cove</p><p>r C</p><p>ard</p><p>Car</p><p>d n</p><p>o. </p><p>Exp</p><p>. dat</p><p>e</p><p>Sig</p><p>nat</p><p>ure</p><p> D</p><p>ate</p><p>I ple</p><p>dg</p><p>e a </p><p>con</p><p>trib</p><p>uti</p><p>on</p><p> of </p><p>$ </p><p>.</p><p>Sig</p><p>nat</p><p>ure</p><p> D</p><p>ate</p><p> I w</p><p>ork</p><p> My </p><p>spo</p><p>use </p><p>wo</p><p>rks</p><p>for </p><p>a m</p><p>atch</p><p>ing</p><p> gif</p><p>t co</p><p>mp</p><p>any </p><p>that</p><p> su</p><p>pp</p><p>ort</p><p>s h</p><p>igh</p><p>er e</p><p>du</p><p>cati</p><p>on</p><p>.</p><p>Ple</p><p>ase </p><p>incl</p><p>ud</p><p>e a </p><p>mat</p><p>ch o</p><p>f $</p><p> .</p><p>Co</p><p>mp</p><p>any </p><p>nam</p><p>e</p><p>Em</p><p>plo</p><p>yee </p><p>nam</p><p>e</p><p>The</p><p> Uni</p><p>vers</p><p>ity </p><p>of H</p><p>artf</p><p>ord</p><p>s M</p><p>auri</p><p>ce </p><p>Gre</p><p>enbe</p><p>rg C</p><p>ente</p><p>r fo</p><p>r Ju</p><p>daic</p><p> Stu</p><p>dies</p><p>is a</p><p> hub</p><p> of </p><p>acad</p><p>emic</p><p> exc</p><p>elle</p><p>nce.</p><p>Thr</p><p>ough</p><p> bro</p><p>ad c</p><p>ours</p><p>ewor</p><p>k op</p><p>tion</p><p>s, </p><p>our </p><p>stud</p><p>ents</p><p> and</p><p> the </p><p>Gre</p><p>ater</p><p> Har</p><p>tfor</p><p>d </p><p>com</p><p>mun</p><p>ity </p><p>have</p><p> the</p><p> opp</p><p>ortu</p><p>nity</p><p> to </p><p>lear</p><p>n, a</p><p>nd </p><p>proa</p><p>ctiv</p><p>ely </p><p>advo</p><p>cate</p><p>, the</p><p> influ</p><p>ence</p><p> of J</p><p>ewis</p><p>h hi</p><p>stor</p><p>y, </p><p>relig</p><p>ion,</p><p> and</p><p> cul</p><p>ture</p><p> on </p><p>the </p><p>deve</p><p>lopm</p><p>ent o</p><p>f Wes</p><p>tern</p><p>civi</p><p>lizat</p><p>ion.</p><p> In </p><p>this</p><p> vis</p><p>iona</p><p>ry p</p><p>artn</p><p>ersh</p><p>ip b</p><p>etw</p><p>een </p><p>the </p><p>com</p><p>mun</p><p>ity a</p><p>nd th</p><p>e U</p><p>nive</p><p>rsity</p><p>, the</p><p> res</p><p>ourc</p><p>es o</p><p>f </p><p>both</p><p> are</p><p> sha</p><p>red </p><p>for </p><p>the </p><p>bene</p><p>fit o</p><p>f all.</p><p>Buchenwald survivor at liberation, May 1945 </p><p>Photo: Samuel Cotzin, courtesy of Norma Passow </p><p>and Alan Cotzin</p></li></ul>


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