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SB270 ORION InSb 2K X 2K FPA. Status: Newfirm FPAs in production Four times the magic of Aladdin! Nearly all SCAs have > 99% indium bump interconnect yield Good response uniformity Low dark current SCAs currently being mounted on "Engineering" 1 st Generation ORION Packages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of SB270 ORION InSb 2K X 2K FPA

  • SB270 ORION InSb 2K X 2K FPAStatus:Newfirm FPAs in productionFour times the magic of Aladdin!Nearly all SCAs have > 99% indium bump interconnect yieldGood response uniformityLow dark currentSCAs currently being mounted on "Engineering" 1st Generation ORION Packages Package is designed for plug & play

    Upgrades to package availablePhotoshop of 4Kx4K ORION FPA

  • InSb Spectral Response Fig. 7. QE of large-area InSb SCAs as a function of wavelength. The data obtained by Fowler at NOAO is from a 1K 1K ALADDIN SCA with a single-layer, broad-band AR coating. The data from McMurtry at the University of Rochester is from a 2K2K Phoenix SCA with a seven-layer AR coating designed to enhance visible response and maintain high QE in theinfrared as well. The smooth curves are polynomial fits to each data set.

  • Quantum Efficiency Module #14QE uniformity improvements are demonstrated!

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