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    SARALA BIRLA PUBLIC SCHOOL, RANCHIEnlightening Souls With Quality Education

    (Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)

    Our MentorsShri B.K. Birla and Dr. (Smt.) Sarla Birla


    Dear Parents/Guardians, Please send your Students/Wards to boarding at the time of reporting with the required list of articles given below. Your kind co-operation is highly appreciated-

    List of ArticlesS.No. Name of the Article Number Required


    Casual wear (For Boys)Bath Towel(Non Turkish) Napkins Socks (Casual Black) White Socks (For Sports)Hand Kerchiefs Rubber Slippers Nail Cutter Ear Buds Lock &Key Comb/ Hair BrushHair Oil Soap & Soap Case Brush & Tongue Cleaner ShampooShoe Brush & PolishTooth Paste Kurta Pyjama Set (White)Leather Slippers/ Sandals

    4 Pairs 3 Nos. 4 Nos. 4 pair3 Pairs10 Nos. 1 Pair1 No. 1 Pack2 Pack 1 No. As Required As Required As Required As Required 2 +2 Piece As Required3 pairs1 pair

    The school will provide School Uniforms, Sports Dress, Shoes & Bags to the students to maintain the similarities & decorum of School & Boarding and it will be charged to students.Note:-

    i. Bed Cover will be provided by school whose maintenance and responsibility lies with the school.ii. All Clothing items should be clearly be marked before sending the pupil to the school.

    iii. Nothing should be brought other than above mentioned articles. iv. Medical papers regarding any illness or medical history of your ward must be submitted to the

    Office before start of session positively.


    Sundays - Making or Receiving phone call (All Classes) (Timing 10.00 am to 12.30 pm)

    2rd Saturday - Boarders outing by school

    3nd Sunday - Boarders exit and parents visiting day.

    Note :-The exit/outing may cancel or change depending on school curriculum. The expenses of Boarders outing will be paid out of the pocket money deposited by parentsTo maintain discipline and decorum of boarding. Parents are requested to make calls or visit

    only during the particular time period and days given by school.

    In case of emergency, if the parents want to meet the ward out of the given schedule, the parents need to take prior permission from office of Hostel Co-ordinator.

    SBPS BOARDING(A Home Away From Home)

    Dear Parents You are requested to abide by the following rules and regulations of school for smooth functioning of boarding and nurturing ability of your child in all the way of education.

    1. Parents are hereby advised to try to make phone calls and interaction with their wards on scheduled days and timings. The duration of phone call should not exceed 5 minutes.

    2. You are advised to avoid making phone calls and interaction with your ward during the examination and school activities.

    3. Parents can take their child home only in long break like Summer vacation, Diwali Vacation, Dusshera Vacations and Winter Break.

    4. If school closes for 3 - 5 days continuously or more and telephonic or digital (email, SMS) information is given by the school, then only parents should come on the last day of school and take their ward by 05:45p.m. The information would be sent from school one week in advance.

    5. Parents are hereby advised that your child must report on given date prior to school opening/reopening between 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m after leave/holiday/vacation. In case of delay without reason, fine will be imposed 200/- per day.

  • 6. No leave can be granted to the boarders to go home for attending any function during school days.

    7. Leave can be granted on the basis of serious illness, sad moments and marriage of real brother/Sister.

    8. Parents are advised not to apply for leave during the test or examination and school activities because it is not in the best interest of students.

    9. Parents make sure that for any absence from the school, written information should be sent to the head of the institution. Fine will be imposed on absence of without reason and permission.

    10. Parents can communicate with the head of the institution or office to know the progress of ward or in case of an emergency. They can talk to them through reception. Parents must deposit medical record of their ward or any information. It is must for the proper medical care of your ward.

    11. Parents are advised to inculcate reading habit during holidays/vacation and motivate the child to abide rules and regulation of school.

    12. Parents are hereby advised that pre-information through reception or through school email id should be given to the head of the institution/Office before coming to the school for any reason.

    13. Parents are advised not to give any costly items like Ornaments, Camera, Tape-record, CDs Mobile and any eatable substance like Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Mixture Packets, Nuts, Bourn-vita, Horlicks etc. Finding of above mentioned items will be confiscated.

    14. Parents will not send anything to their ward through day scholars or by bus drivers.

    15. Parents are advised to clear the school/Boarding dues well in time.

    16. English speaking is must for all the students in the school campus.

    17. Students will be punished or imposed fine, if found reluctant of speaking English.

    Other instruction to the parents/guardians

    1. An advance of Rs 5000/- per child per term is required to be deposited with the school at the start of session to meet the actual pocket money expenses of the child. Statement of pocket money account is submitted to parents at the end of term.

    2. If a parent desires that the school should directly meet the expenditure on books, stationary, clothing, travelling allowance etc, he must pay an additional advance sum of Rs 6000/- to the school for payment of these charges. Account statement will be given at the end of term.

  • Birthday celebration1. Birthday party will be arranged in the mess at dinner time.2. The expenses of the birthday will be out of the pocket money with the maximum expense

    of Rs 1000/-.3. Local guardians of the students who wish to celebrate their wards birthday can be invited,

    if desired.

    VISITORS AND VISITING HOURSDear Parents,1. You are requested not to visit your ward very frequently. It makes them home-sick and disturbs

    their studies. Performance of the students going out to their local guardians on weekend, suffers a lot. Hence, you are requested not to request for weekend outings.

    2. Local guardians cannot meet the child until and unless they provide suitable proof of guardianship. They will be turned back if the school authority is not convinced of their identity.

    3. Parents may take their child on 3nd Sunday for outing between 09:45 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. with prior permission from Hostel In charge.

    4. You are also requested to enter your name, address, date & time in the Visitors Notebook. If you wish to take your child for outing that also has to be entered in the Outing Register.

    5. Parents / Guardians will meet their wards at the reception in the Hostel. They are not allowed to go inside any room.

    6. Parents are advised not to enter Classroom, Mess, & Hostel to meet their children or Teacher during school hours without prior permission of head of the institution.

    7. Parents visiting from outstation will have to get special permission from the Principal through the Hostel In-charge to see their wards on days other than those specified for visiting. No

    parent will be allowed inside the school hostel or the school premises after 5.00 pm without the prior permission from the Principal in writing. Parents are requested to abide by the school / hostel rules for the smooth functioning of the school / hostel and to avoid inconvenience and embarrassment at the gate.

    8. Parents are requested to kindly co-operate with the Management and not insist to get the entry at the school or the hostel other than the visiting days.

  • DOS AND DONTS FOR HOSTELLERSDOS1. Respond to wake up call.2. Take bath regularly.3. Polish your shoes regularly.4. Arrange your bag and study materials before breakfast.5. Do the homework regularly.6. Must switch off your lights / fans when you are leaving the room.7. Go the dining / study hall in line.8. Maintain the queue in dining hall.9. Wash your hands before dining.10. Check your face and dress before leaving the room.11. Be helpful to others (hostel mates).12. Be sincere in studies.13. Be punctual and disciplined in hostel timing. 14. Be eco-friendly.

    DONTS1. Dont miss your food.2. Dont enter into the kitchen.3. Dont waste food.4. Dont miss the study time.5. Dont waste the study time.6. Dont talk in study hall. 7. Dont sleep in the study hall.8. Dont paint or draw in the study time. Dont paint or draw on walls, tiles and furniture.9. Dont ask for phone calls frequently.10. Dont make noise in the room.11. Dont play inside the room / dining hall / study hall.12. Dont tease others.13. Dont quarrel with anyone.14. Dont waste water (hot / cold).15. Dont use others belongings without their permission.16. Dont bring items such as mobiles / walkman / tape-recorder / videogames / food items etc.

  • FORMALITIES TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE JOINING THE HOSTEL.a. A certificate certifying that no cash / costly belongings are retained with the child. b. List of clothing and other items deposited with the child. c. A certificate regarding items received from the school.

    d. Health certificate regarding medical history etc duly singed by the parents and the Hostel Warden concerned.

    e. A certificate authorizing the school to make arrangements for school activities, like ex

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