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SAP FICO Standard Reports, Your Reporting Requirements Fulfilled!Posted onApril 4, 2014byMurugesanNo Comments Well, Almost! Let us see how.Have you been searching for the right report? You know what you want from the system. You need to know which TCode will get you the information you need. You just have to browse for the right reports from many SAP FICO Standard Reports that come with SAP.Contents[hide] Let us discuss Statement of Account! TCode S_ALR_87012280 Powerful Report for Statement of Account TCode S_ALR_87012332Let us discuss Statement of Account!If you want just a GL Account Statement for a periodquickly, YES, just with FEW parameters, then, the report is SAP Minimal Variant.TCode S_ALR_87012280Menu path: Accounting>Financial Accounting> General Ledger> Information System> General Ledger Reports>Line Items>General Ledger Line Items>SAP Minimal variant

What you need to select - GL Account, Company Code, Document date -From and To dates in Dynamic Selection,Hit F8. Your report is ready!Powerful Report for Statement of AccountIf you are ready for a more powerful report, yes with more parameter choices to make, then read onAs anSAP FICO USERquite often you need statement of account for General Ledger Account Customer Account Vendor Accountand occasionally you may need to refer to statement of account for Assets MaterialsOne Report that fulfills all the above requirements!You need to provide therespective parameters. That is it. It is interesting, isnt it?TCode S_ALR_87012332

Required Parameters Company Code Fiscal Year LedgerGeneral SelectionsPosting Date- From & To DatesIt is advisable to go forDocument Datein most circumstances. Click Dynamic Selection Icon at the top and choose Document Date Range.Further Selections- Here you have the options to choose as required: GL Account Line Items(GL line item statement of account) Asset Line Items(Asset line item statement of account) Material Line Items(Transactions for a given material item) Customer Line Items(Customer statement of account) Vendor Line Items(Vendor statement of account)

Defaulted choices after the above selection is Standard Documents Default selection Parked Documents Noted Items Recurring Entry Original DocumentsOther parameter selections you can safely accept the defaults.You want a GL statement, check GL account line items and give the Account Code per your requirement, say 430000 Salary Base wages.Now Hit F8.You have the report:

Let us discuss more Standard Reports in the next posts!More About Reports: So Cool! SAP Report Layout Time Saving Tip, Reports in ControllingThank you for your time reading the post. Have you found this blog post useful? Please leave your comments Thanks again!

SAP Standard Reports, Your Reporting Requirements Fulfilled!-2Posted onApril 18, 2014byMurugesanNo Comments Hi, Get a cup of coffee, we will discuss one more SAP GL Standard Report!To read the first part of this series please follow:SAP Standard Reports, Your Reporting Requirements Fulfilled!Contents[hide] SAP Standard Report, Document Journal TCode: S_ALR_87012287 What is our requirement? Two Step Process First Step, Get the Document Number Second Step, Get the Document JournalSAP Standard Report, Document JournalTCode: S_ALR_87012287Menu path:Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Information System General Ledger Reports Document General - Document Journal Document JournalWhat is our requirement?To see the journal entry: In the regular Debit & Credit format With GL Account Code With GL Account Description Currency and AmountTwo Step ProcessFirst step, finding the document number and second stepcreate another sessionand run the report withdocument number & without GL Account code.First Step, Get the Document NumberWe will input1. Company code2. Fiscal Year3. Ledger (oL, the leading ledger)4. Posting date interval say from 01.01.2004 to 30.06.20045. GL Account, say 416100 Electricity (Fixed)and hit F8.What we get is a list of Journals or Documents. From the list let us note down the Document Number.Second Step, Get the Document JournalNow we need for a specific document in Debit Credit Format with GL Account Code and GL Account Description. This we can get by inputting one more field, theDocument Numberto the parameters already entered. Let us select say, 1900006225 document which we want to see in regular Debit Credit Format. Parameter selections will be: Company Code1000 Document Number1900006225 Fiscal Year2004 Leger0L Posting date01.01.2004to30.06.2004 DELETE GL Account416100In Output Control: Check Line items only Choose your layout

Note, when we give the Document number weshould not giveGL Account Code. Why? Because if we give GL Account Code as one of the parameter, we will not get both Debit and Credit entries. The output will be only the Debit or Credit pertaining to the given GL Account Code.Run the report to get the regular Journal Format:

When we run the reportfor two or more documents, we will get the Debit and Credit totals information end of the list.Have you enjoyed your coffee and reading the post? Did you find this blog post useful? Please leave your comments in the Comments Section Thanks for your time!

SAP Standard Reports, Your Reporting Requirements Fulfilled!-3Posted onMay 2, 2014byMurugesanNo Comments What is so interesting about Account Balances SAP Standard Reports?Something interesting!A very useful feature!Let us explore!To read the previous parts of this series please follow:1. Statement of Account2. Document JournalContents[hide] Menu path GL Account Balances & Totals and Balances TCode: S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances TCode: S_ALR_87012301 Totals and Balances Structured Account Balances -Interesting! TCode: S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account BalancesMenu pathAccounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Information System General Ledger Reports Account Balances General GL Account Balances Totals and Balances Structured Account BalancesGL Account Balances & Totals and BalancesTwo SAP Standard Reports for GL A/c balances that fulfills our regular and usual reporting requirements:TCode: S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account BalancesLet us choose the parameters per our requirement and get the report:

TCode: S_ALR_87012301 Totals and BalancesLike before one more option for Account Balances report:From the first report we can get various account balances: Balance Carried Forward at the Beginning of the Fiscal Year Total of the Period or Periods Carried Forward Debit Total of the Reporting Period Credit Total of the Reporting Period End Balance of the Reporting PeriodFrom the second report we get: Debit Total of the Period under review Credit Total of the Period under review Debit Total YTD Credit Total YTD Total Debit Total CreditStructured Account Balances -Interesting!

TCode: S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account BalancesThis is theinterestingpart!Let us see how!

Consider the case when we are responsible for the General Ledger Accounts. We want to make sure that these accounts carry reliable information.Here we have one way of making us feel comfortable about the balances. Make a quick comparison with previous year.This report is flexible and we can get a report giving us comparison between:Period Selection: Any selected periodComparison Years: Current year with any previous yearComparison of reporting data between current year and ANY previous year, say current year 2004 compared with 2003 or 2002 as per our requirement is possible. This happens when for any reason year 2003 is an exception and does not provide a comparable data and we want to compare with 2002 which is of more comparable results.This is very interesting! very useful!

The format is perFinancial Statement Version.Have you found this report something interesting and useful? What reports you use which you find interesting? Please share with us in the comments section Thanks for your time!Month End and Year End Closing OperationsSkip to end of metadata Added by Guest, last edited byJack Wuon Dec 24, 2008(view change) show commentGo to start of metadataMonth EndClosing Operations

ModuleSr. No.Process DescriptionT Code / Menu-pathPeriodicity(D/W/M)Person Responsible / Location

MM1Inventory balanceProgramm ZBILMonthlyLogistic

MM2Inventory RevaluationMR22Logistics > Materials Management > Valuation > Change in Material Price > Change Material PricesMonthlyCorporate Accounts

MM3Physical Inventory Differences-Post , after Physical countingMI07 -Logistics > Materials Management > Physical Inventory > Difference > Post(+ MI01 MI04 )MonthlyDepot/corporate accounts after prior approval from head of finance

MM4PO ClosureME22N -Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > ChangeMonthlyPurchase dept

SD5Check Billing Due List for the last days in the monthVF04 -**Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Billing Document > Process Billing Due ListMonthlyLogtistics/Sales Admin.

SD6General check of SD billing flows ofGoods Issues without invoicesVL06F -Information Systems > General Report Selection > Sales and Distribution >Shipping > Delivery MonitorMonthlyLogtistics/Sales Admin.

FI7General account manual FI postingsFB50 / KE21NMonthlyCorporate Accounts

SD8Release SD billing to AccountingVFX3 -Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Billing Document > Blocked Billing DocsMonthlyLogtistics/Sales Admin.

COPA9Reconciliation between CO/FI/SDKEATAccounting > Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Tools > Analyze Value FlowsMonthlyReporting

FI &COPA10Invoicing Regularisation ofdeliveries non invoicedFB50Accounting -> Financial Accounting-> General Ledger -> Document Entry -> FB50 - Enter G/L Account DocumentMonthlyR