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Analysis of alcohol consumption

Data warehouse and BI

Presented byAli Asad, Amaldas AS, Ankita Banerjee & Israa Tolson ToProf. Monica LuxemburgAlcohol consumption among students A3I data analyst Business Consulting Master

Ppt file and excel files email to prof after final presentationPdf version in felix after presentation1

AgendaCompany profile & ObjectiveProblem statement & Business CaseKPI descriptionStar schemaExcel prototypeSAP BW & Data flowsQlikview AnalysisConclusionRecommendationLessons learnt2

Company profileFOUNDED: 2012

INDUSTRY: IT/Data analytics

HEADQUARTERS: Stuttgart, Germany

BUSINESS PROCESS: Customer oriented

STRATEGY: Growth and innovation

CUSTOMERS: Open to all kinds of projects, clients ranging from Banking to Retail etc.3

ObjectiveInspecting,cleansing,transforming, andmodelling datawith the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

Emphasizing the generation of actionable insights that lead to tangible improvements in constituent touch points across the organization.

Improve the member experience and deliver more value to customers.4

Problem statementNGO approached us to analyze data to measure alcohol consumption among students and the main factors that play a role in this case.

Statistical analysis of several attributes that could lead students to consume alcohol, behavioral elements for example.5

Business Case


Key performance indicatorAlcohol consumption (Weekend + Weekday consumption)First Term gradesSecond Term gradesFinal grade(Average of term 1 and 2)

Dimensions : TimeStudentSubject


KPI descriptionFirst term grade


More details more marks 8

Second term grade


Final grade


Alcohol consumption Weekdays


Alcohol consumption Weekend


Average alcohol consumption


Star Schema


Add legend14

Excel prototype: Fact table


Excel prototype Weekday alcohol consumption

With alcohol consumption of 1(lowest) pass percentage is 71.37%


Include fact table and dimension from excel as wellCreate link on the slideAdd legend16

Alcohol consumption weekdays

With alcohol consumption of 5(highest) there is a considerable drop in the pass percentage 38.89%


Alcohol consumption weekend

With alcohol consumption 1 pass percentage is 65.56%


Alcohol consumption weekend

With alcohol consumption of 5 there is a slight change in pass percentage ie 53.57% as its the weekend and generally doesnt affect the grades much19

Naming Convention20DimensionsKey FiguresData SourcesStudent A05_STD_NSP_05StudentSubject A05_SUB_NSP_05Student_IDA05CHSTDIDGrade_1A05KFGRDTimeA05_TIM_NSP_05AgeA05CHAGEAlcholo_cons_WA05KFACWDFact TableA05_FT_NSP_05SexA05CHSEXAlchol_cons_weekendA05KFACWEFamily_statusA05CHFAMSAvg_alc_consA05KFAVGCPstatusA05CHPSTATAverage_gradeA05KFAVGGstudytimeA05CHSTUDTstudentsA05KFSTDfailuresA05CHFAILpass/failA05KFPORFactivitiesA05CHACTabsencesA05CHABSSubjectInfo PackagesSubject_idA05CHSIDStudent A05_STD_NSP_05Subject_nameA05CHSNAMSubject A05_SUB_NSP_05TimeA05_TIM_NSP_05TimeFact TableA05_FT_NSP_05TermA05CHTermTerm_DescA05CHTerm


SAP BWDatasources




Info ObjectInfo provider22

Data FlowsData flow for transaction data gradesData flow for students dimension23

Data flow for subjects

Data flow for term24

Analysis of data in Qlikview

We would be looking into the following parameters for our analysis and will try to draw some meaningful conclusion from the same.

Grades vs weekday alcohol intakeGrades vs weekend alcohol intake Family size vs alcohol consumptionParents status vs alcohol consumptionStudy time vs alcohol consumptionStudent activities vs alcohol consumptionPast failures vs alcohol consumption


Sap screenshot of work, create infocube,etl,upload data one slide per each step,one slide abot naming conventionData flow chart explaining the etl process to infocube25


For our analysis we have taken subject Portuguese Term 1 and Mathematics Term 126

Weekday and weekend alcohol consumption Term 2 subject Maths27

More insight in weekday alcohol consumptionAlcohol consumption of scale 1Alcohol consumption of scale 528

More insight in weekend alcohol consumptionAlcohol consumption of scale 1Alcohol consumption of scale 529

Weekday and weekend alcohol consumption Term 1 subject Portuguese30

More insight in weekday consumption Alcohol consumption of scale 1Alcohol consumption of scale 531


More insight in weekend consumption Alcohol consumption of scale 1Alcohol consumption of scale 532

Family size and alcohol consumptionFamily size GT3 is family size greater than 3 LE3 is lesser than 3For the report we find that alcohol consumption majorly takes place among students whose family size is greater than 3.Conclusion to be drawn is that loneliness or feeling left out (which may happen if family size is less than 3) is not a reason for the student to consume alcohol.sub: protugese term133

Parent status and alcohol consumption

Parents status T stands together and A for separated.Attention towards the scale of maximum alcohol consumption of 4 and 5 , interestingly we find that the parents status of students is separated.34

No conclusion as such that if parents are separated then more alcohol or less grades.

Study time and relationship alcohol consumptionStudy time of 1 is the least with < 2 hours and 4 is highest with >10 hours.From the report we find that alcohol consumption from scale 1 to 5 is done majorly by students whose study time is the least i.e of 1 and 2 .The maximum alcohol consumption of 4 & 5 is only done by students with study time of 1 and 2


Study time 1 being hightest or lowest?Again marginal difference

Extra curricular activities vs alcohol consumptionMarginal difference so drawing any conclusion from this attribute is not feasible.


Past Failures and relationship with alcohol consumption

Past failures have been measured on scale of 0-3 (0 lowest , 3 highest)Concentrate on alcohol consumption 4 and 5 (highest) we find that count of students is more in this regard with failures of 2 and 3 .37

Female drinking more

ConclusionAverage alcohol consumption data doesnt help us to evaluate or draw any suitable conclusion as the weekend alcohol consumption does not affect the grades of the student majorly.The weekday alcohol consumption clearly illustrates that pass percentage of students with alcohol consumption 5 is 42.46% where as with least alcohol consumption of 1 is 83.37%.The Family size of most of the students who consume alcohol is grater than 3. The Parent status of the majority of students with high alcohol consumption is separated. Study time of students with more alcohol consumption is lessThe student activities show marginal difference but still students with less activity time consume more alcohol.Students with more past failures are prone to more alcohol consumption.


Family status: which draws us to the conclusion that the consumption of alcohol is not due to feeling of loneliness among students.Parents status:, conclusion drawn is that family situation may lead to distress and alcohol consumptionStudy time: most of the students who consume alcohol have lesser study time of less than 4 hours which eventually gives them a lot of leisure time and leads to alcohol consumption and less grades.Studnt activities: students with no activities are prone to alcohol. Mat be they dnt involve in extra curricular activities etc which leads them to alcohol consumption.Past failures: students with more failures in the past record, have a tendency for more alcohol consumption compared to 0 or less failures, though there are 446 students with 0 failures who consume least alcohol among 1044 students which counts to 42% of students.

RecommendationsWe have provided the NGO with our analysis and our recommendation would be that the parents and teachers should look into study time and activity time of the students and the parents should also look into their family atmosphere.

Because building a better world starts with raising healthy , happy and empowered children.39

Lessons learntData quality plays an important role for correct decision making.Some roles with names of not assigned populated but for data quality we changed the tag to 0 to make more sense.Aggregated data is not always meaningful , segregation can be more useful in certain situations.E.g.: Average alcohol consumption & weekday consumption.Multiple analysis possible with multidimensional start schema. E.g.: Initial scope of project was to analyze alcohol consumption with grades but with multidimensional data model we could identity more attributes for analysis.


1. Some roles with names of not assigned populated but for data quality we changed the tag to 0 to make more sense.40

Project planProject phaseTaskStart dateEnd date ProgressPreparationSetting topic and scope18.10.201624.10.2016100%Business case25.10.201607.11.2016100%Defining KPIs25.10.201607.11.2017100%Modelling and PrototypingIdentifyting and collecting data sources08.11.201614.11.2016100%Analysing the data sources15.11.201621.11.2016100%Defining the star schema22.11.201628.11.2016100%Creating excel prototype29.11.201605.12.2016100%Data warehouse ImplementationCreating infocubes and dimension