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  • Feast of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara and St. Sebastian

    Season of Lent ( Nombukalam )

    Santhom Tidings


    February 08, 2016

    a newsletter published by

    Volume 7 Issue 2

    608 Welsh Rd, Philadelphia PA 19115 Phone: 215 464 4008

    Holy Qurbana Schedule

    Sunday, February 7 & 21

    8:30 & 10:00 AM ( Malayalam )

    Sunday, February 14 & 28

    8:30 AM ( Malayalam ) 10:00 AM ( English )

    Monday - Friday : 7:00 PM Saturday : 9:00 AM

    Novena & Devotions (After Weekday Mass)

    St. Alphonsa : Thursdays Divine Mercy : Fridays

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help : Saturdays

    Adoration Fridays : 8:00 PM 3rd Wednesdays : 9:30 - 1: 00 PM 3rd Fridays : 8:00 PM (Youth & Teenagers)

    Confession Thursday and Friday 6.30 PM

    Saturday 8:30 AM

    Stations of the cross Fridays after 7:00 PM Mass

    CCD: Sunday 11:30 AM

    Bring your TRUE SELF to Holy Week

    Ash Monday - February 8th

    Ash Monday Service : 7 P M

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    The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus mark the climax of His salvific acts. The seven weeks between Denha and the feast of Easter are set apart for prayer, fasting, abstinence and reparation. The basis of this lenten season is the

    forty days fast of Jesus. Still, we call this period Anpathu Nombu(50 days fasting). Probably, because St.Thomas Christians fasted and abstained from pethurtha Sunday to Easter Sunday. The Syriac term pethurtha means looking back, reconciliation etc. Lent is a season set apart mainly for repentance and reconciliation.

    We who became Gods children and new creation in baptism drifted away from God by committing sin. During this season we meditate upon mans sin and its consequences, the need for repentance and conversion, the infinite love and mercy of God towards repentant sinners and the passion, death and burial of Jesus Christ. Lenten season calls our attention in a special way to the need for reconciliation with God and fellow beings. Therefore, in this period, the Church persuades the faithful to receive the sacrament of reconciliation. The Church reminds us to spend the lenten period in fervent prayers, sincere fasting and generous almsgiving and to eradicate our evil desires. Like Jesus who conquered death and entered into life, let us also die to sin and enter into eternal life.

    Events / Important days - Month of February

    02 Tue The Presentation of our Lord in the Temple

    04 Thu Feast of St. John Britto

    05 Fri Commemoration of the Dead, First Friday

    06 Sat Bl. Kunjachan Ward Meeting

    07 Sun First Sunday of Lent

    08 Mon Day of Fasting

    Ash Monday Service 7:00 PM

    11 Thu Our Lady of Lourdes ( Day of the sick )

    13 Sat St. George & St. Chavara Ward Meeting

    14 Sun

    Second Sunday of Lent

    Parish Council Meeting

    St. Marys Ward Meeting

    21 Sun Third Sunday of Lent

    Palliyogam ( Parish General Body Meeting )

    24 Wed Feast of St. Polycarp

    28 Sun Fourth Sunday of Lent

    Feast of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara and St. Sebastian on January 3rd 2016

    The parish community celebrated the feast of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara and St. Sebastian on January 3rd, 2016. The feast celebration was marked by a grand procession following the Holy Qurbana, Novena prayers and veneration of Holy relic. The tradition of Kazhunnu (Ambu) Nercha was celebrated during the

    celebrations. St Sebastian is the patron of plague sufferers for his reported cures of those afflicted with many diseases. St. Chavara ward under the leadership of ward president Paulachan Vareed coordinated

    the festal celebrations.

    Please send matters to Chief Editor - Jose Thomas

    Season of Lent

    Preacher : Bishop Mar Lawrence Mukkuzhy ( Bishop of Belthangady)

    Grade 9 to 12 - February 20 & 21 - 9am to 5 pm

    Grade 1 to 8 - February 27 & 28 - 9am to 5 pm




    Annual Parish Retreat - Feb 26, 27 and 28

    Leading by DYA Team

    Lenten Retreat Schedule

    Friday Feb. 26th 4 pm to 9 pm - Ends with Holy Qurbana

    Sat Feb. 27th 9 am Start with Holy Qurbana, to 5 pm Sunday Feb. 28th 9 am to 3 pm, Holy Qurbana at 11 am and ends with Adoration (Sunday there will be only one Holy Qurbana)

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    Vicars Message...

    My dear brothers and sisters

    We are about to enter the most fruitful and grace-filled of

    all liturgical seasons, the season of Lent. This year it has

    deeper significance: this is the year of the extraordinary

    jubilee of mercy. Each of us is called to give out in our

    daily life, the mercy which God the father constantly

    extends to us. During the last 2 months we have been hearing a lot

    about Doors of Mercy. The underlying idea is that as

    Christ is the door through which we enter Salvation and Grace, so also, we

    should be Doors through which others find way to lasting peace and serenity.

    We are called to show mercy because Mercy has been shown to us.

    Let us always remember, Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain

    mercy - Mt 5:7. This is the Beatitude to which we should particularly aspire in

    this Holy season of Lent. Just as Jesus is merciful so we are called to be

    merciful to each other.

    My dear siblings in Christ, let us keep in mind that mercy is the very

    foundation of life in Church. I wish to remind you that our Parish retreat for the

    Lenten season is scheduled on 26, 27, 28 February 2016.

    Bishop Mar Lawrence Mukkuzhy will be the preacher. The CCD students

    will also have the retreat on these days. I extort you all to make use of this

    opportunity to get closer to God.

    The world pulls us in many directions, and it is up to each of us to travel

    back to God to set right our ways and thus to grow in greater Grace and

    Holiness. This is what gifts us spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. Please

    adjust your schedule, so that you can benefit in full measure from this retreat.

    The Holy week which is the culmination of Lent demands of each of us a more

    fervent prayer life and deeds of charity which will be manifested in opening

    our hearts wider to those in need of our help, support, prayer, presence,

    kindness and fraternity

    Let us fill this Holy season with spiritual and corporal works of Mercy as

    desired by Pope Francis. God the Father is patient with us, in turn, let us

    resolve to be more patient and kind. Thus let us live this season of Lent in this

    Jubilee year more intensely and experience and celebrate Gods mercy. Let us

    allow our hearts to be touched by God!

    May God bless you all.

    Johnykutty Achen





    Mar Jacob Angadiath AUXILIARY BISHOP

    Mar Joy Alappatt VICAR

    Very Rev. Fr. Johnykutty Puleessery ( 916-803-5307 )


    Shaji Mittathany ( 215-715-3074 ) Sunny Padayattil ( 215-913-8605 )


    Tojo Jose Sebastian Mathew

    SECRETARY Tom Pattaniyil (267-456-7850 )


    Jose Thomas (Chief Editor) Jose Maleckal (Editor) Antony Cyriac (Editor)


    Antony Cyriac John Joseph Roy Varghese Paulachen Vareed Jyothi Abraham Binu Paul George Thalody Sunny Philip Jose Maleckal Babu K Paul Malisa Mathew Tresa John Jimmy Chacko Jake Chacko George V. George Manju Joseph Cheruvalil

    Volume 7 Issue 2 February 2016

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    Subject : Gospel of Luke and Year of Mercy

    Preliminary Test - Sunday, April 10th

    Semifinal Test-Sunday, May 1st

    A question bank consisting of 200 Sample questions and

    answers from Lukes gospel have been given to all

    students from 3rd grade to 12th grade for study. Please

    encourage your child to read the Bible chapters and

    study well in addition to the sample questions given.

    For the Preliminary test (Sunday, April 10th), questions

    will be chosen from Gospel of Luke question bank as


    Category 1 Grades 3-5: 30 questions (Luke Chap 1-10)

    Category 2 Grades 6-8: 40 Questions (Luke Chap 1-18)

    Category 3 Grades 9-12: 50 Questions (Luke Chap 1-24)

    For the Semifinal test (Sunday, May 1st), 40 percent

    questions will be from the question bank and 60

    percent will be completely new questions based on

    Gospel of Luke for each category. If there is a tie,

    there will be a tie breaker test on Sunday May 8th.

    Grades 3-5: 20 Questions (Luke Chap 1-10)

    Grades 6-8: 30 questions (Luke Chap 1-18)

    Grades 9-12: 40 Questions (Luke Chap 1-24)

    For the Final Jeopardy (Sunday June 5 tentatively), the

    top three scorers of the semifinal test from each

    category will be chosen to form three teams. Each team

    consists of one member from each category.

    Scheme for Final Bible Jeopardy: Questions

    will be from Gospel of Luke 1-24 Chapters and