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The May issue of the official student newspaper of Santa Fe Trail High School

Text of Santa Fe Trail Red and Blue Review

  • Red & BlueReviewSanta Fe Trail High School

    Where Do They Go?

    Aaron Ackerman, 11, kicks up dust as he sprints onto home plate. Photo by Maria Penrod.

    Sprinting Through the FinishSchool may be slowing down, but baseball, softball, boys golf, and track and field are still winding up on page 2.

    Seniors share worries, excitement, and plans for the future on page 6

    Volume #45 Issue #6May 2013

    Carbondale, Kan.

    Brand New SchoolRead about remodeling and monolithic dome construction to begin this summer on page 4

    Musical Throwdown Band and choir students bring the noise to regional and state music festivals on page 5

    Flying the Coop Find memories, advice, and future plans from the Class of 2013 on page 11

  • What gets you pumped up for your sport?

    Chaz Wright, 10, likes to listen to music and mess with friends.

    Starting Off HotBY JAEDEN ROMINE

    1. Weston Gloss, 10, tries to score some

    more runs while playing Eudora at

    home. Photo by Maria Penrod

    2. Morgan Brown, 12, gets ready to

    throw the ball to second base during

    warm ups. Photo by Mike Beckman

    3. Austin Reser, 12, stares down the

    competion. . Photo by Mary Burgett

    4. Andy Dennison, 12, does pole vault at

    the track meet.

    Photo by Julie Iwig Preston

    5. Adam Fischer, 10, waits for his turn to

    golf. Photo by Mary Burgett

    6. The Varsity softball team huddles

    together after getting an out against

    Nemaha Valley.

    Photo by Mike Beckman

    7. TJ Kemble, 12, does his field event,

    triple jump, at the Track meet.

    Photo by Julie Iwig Preston 2.


    Spring sports are in session

  • Jennifer Hall, 11, said that her team-mates get her pumped up.

    Gripping the shaft of the club gets me pumped, Connor Simmons, 11, said.

    High Point

    Low Point

    My high point of all four years Ive played would have to be senior year. We are stacked! said Morgan Brown





    PAGE 3

    There has been a lot of coach-ing changes this year. Brenda Dahl has become an assistant coach for softball . Jim Dun-can has become head coach for baseball . Another change for baseball would be Josh Cauthon being the junior varsity baseball coach. Scott Flanary is now the head track coach. The only thing that remains the same, coaching wise, would be the golf team. Despite all these changes all teams are going strong. Jim Duncans coaching style is good. Hes doing a good job with discipline, and he has a strong coaching staff behind him as well, Lane Clark, 12, said. All of the athletes dont seem bothered by the changes. I dont mind the coaching changes because I like all of the coaches that Ive had. Flanary has always been coaching so its not a big difference, Natasha Ward, 12, said. The golf team has done well so far. The team has brought home a third place medal from Osage City. They have also got-ten fourth out of ten teams and sixth out of fourteen teams. Austin Reser, 12, Dakota Boyd, 10, and Caleb Snyder, 12, have all brought home individual medals. The best score I have gotten this year is an 84 at Emporia. Emporia is probably my favor-ite tournament to go to. I have gotten a medal at the Burlington tournament as well, Reser said. Baseball has had a rough

    start. So far the teams record is 1-7. The season has been a little rough so far. Weve have played the best teams in our league so things should look up from here. I believe that we will have a 500 or above record be the end of the regular season. As always re-gionals will be tough, but I think that we will be able to work our way through that as well . Any-thing beyond that is icing on the cake, Clark said. The softball record so far this season is 6-2. We shouldnt have lost to the team that we did. Our batting just wasnt there and our execu-tion could have been better in the field. There is always room for improvement, Amber Moore, 11, said.

    Morgan Brown also stated that a low point would have to be not being able to catch every game her last year for SFT because she is playing third base.


  • Coming ChangesBY APRYL CORLEY


    On April 2, USD 434 voted yes to the bond issue. Santa Fe Trail will have more space to accommodate all the performing arts students and to have another gymnasium. According to Principal David Swaim the bond issue is intended to give band and choir more space so that they can expand in the coming years. The domes will cost approximately 4.6 million dollars to build. Construction wont start right away Swaim said before that can happen the district has to actually sell the bonds. Once building starts students wont be able to see much change until the domes are built. When the dome is built Swaim said the students should be able to see changes more quickly. The day after the bond issue was passed I came to school and saw students looking at the board with all the bond issue plans like they were trying to picture what it would look like, Swaim said. Swaim thinks that the biggest advantages to having these dome buildings is that kids will be able to come to a school that is not over-crowded. Plus the sports depart-ment could stop worrying about putting visiting teams in class-rooms since the gym dome will have a locker room for the opposing team to use during games. Students also need to realize that the rooms for fine arts, the stage, and Ryan Reeds room will be replaced by the domes. Swaim said that he does not know what he is going to do with the rooms that will become available yet. The domes will be used by the gym teachers, theatre department, and the music department. Gym teacher Jayson Duncan is looking forward to the completion of the domes because they will give the school more space for all of its activities. With the domes the physi-cal education department wont be put out by the blood drives, testing, or assemblies. Instead, they will have an alternative place to take the students for the day. The domes

    will also allow the students to have more options when they divide up for class. Adding on a bigger weight room should also give us the option for a fitness area. That is perfect for those students who want to work on a treadmill or an exercise bike, Duncan said. Theatre director Ryan Reed be-lieves that the domes will be cheap-er and better on utilities. He also believes that with the extra space the domes bring will allow students to focus on their ac-tual classes instead of focusing on the noises coming from the hall-way. With the perform-ing arts students having a space of their own, itll help them take ownership of the domes. I believe that the students work ethic will increase because theyll feel powerful, Reed said. Music director Lari Jarrett believes that the performing arts students will thrive more than they already have with all the obstacles theyve had to overcome already. Jarrett is looking forward to being able to teach without having to fight for her physical space. Our shows would be able to have a proper set because the stage will not be used as storage space for the wrestling mats, Jarrett said. Over the summer break other changes besides the domes will be occurring. Dorreen Seely-Franciss room and Mary Burgetts room are being remodeled. Burgett is excited for the changes that will be coming to her room this summer break. She is excited about the small and big facilities plus the new equipment that will be added. Burgett has had to sort, clean, and do price and quality comparisons while shopping for new things. Burgett said that the shopping was stressful yet fun. She believes that the students will be excited about the changes. Burgett said that stu-

    Construction on renovations and additions starting this summerdents have been working in 1970s conditions, but coming this school year they will be able to work in newer conditions. Burgetts room will be more spacious and students wont have to work in groups of five or six, instead theyll now be able to work in groups of three. There will be more stations in her new room, but they will be smaller to allow for more hands on activities for all students. Its fun to be fresh, Burgett said.

    Top right picture is of Mary Burgetts room now, it shows the classroom area and some of the stations. Top left picture shows the wall that will be knocked down to allow more space. The bottom photo is a blueprint of what Burgetts room will look like after summer break.

  • 5PAGE

    SFT has its own StyleBY APRYL CORLEY


    On April 13, the band and choirs loaded up on two buses and headed to Baker University to compete for small ensemble. Small ensemble is were Seraphim, Choraliers, and the soloists or triplets compete individu-ally. A couple days later they load up again and head to large ensemble. At large ensemble the band com-petes as a whole, and Seraphim and Choraliers come together to com-pete. At small ensemble the entire vocal department all got threes. Choirs and soloists are judged by one judge and are then scored on a scale of one to four. Four being the worse and one being the best. For the Santa Fe Trail groups that got a three, it just means that they performed at an average level . To be able to advance onto state competition groups or a single per-son need to obtain a ranking of a one. For SFT Michael Crook,12, got a one for his trumpet, and Trevor Jones,12, got a one for his vocal tal-ents. Lari Jarrett said that very few one ratings were handed out. She also said there was a room that only handed out one all day long. Jones and Crook competed at Andover on April 26, where they both earned a one. Crook was really proud of the way he performed and the fact th