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    REQUEST FOR PROPOSALSandy City is issuing this RFP on behalf of the newly forming Millcreek City.This is a formal solicitation of sealed proposals, which will be privately opened and reviewedto determine that the functional requirements of Millcreek City are met. The City of Millcreekshall be the sole judge as to which bid constitutes the "lowest responsible bid". The bid will beawarded after the appropriate approvals are received.



    INSURANCEInsurance will be required as stated in the Exhibit A attached to this request.

    PROPOSAL SUBMITTALProposals must be received no later than 11:00 AM, Thursday, November 17, 2016 by thePurchasing Department at Sandy City Hall, 10000 South Centennial Parkway, Suite 330, SandyCity, UT 84070 where they will be privately opened and reviewed. Proposals received after thedeadline will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that the proposalarrives at Sandy City Purchasing prior to the time and date indicated above.

    Proposals should reflect best and most competitive offers. However, Millcreek City reservesthe right to negotiate best offers prior to final award.

    Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and clearly marked with MILLCREEKCITY FEASIBILITY STUDY on the front of the bid envelope along with bidders name andaddress. Please submit one (1) original and five (5) copies.

    For further project information, please contact Jeff Silvestrini at (801) 541-6500. For biddingquestions, contact Erica Langenfass, Sandy City Purchasing Agent at (801) 352-4477.


    Sandy City CorporationErica Langenfass, Purchasing Agent

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    Millcreek CityRequest for Proposals

    Feasibility Study for the Greater Salt Lake Municipal ServiceDistrict

    Due Date and Time: November 17, 2016, at 11:00 a.m.

    1. Introduction/Background.Salt Lake County provides municipal-type services to the unincorporated areas of the Countythrough the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD). On November 3, 2015, SaltLake County held a local special election pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 10-2a-404 to determine ifthe Millcreek Planning Township (an unincorporated area of the Salt Lake County that receivesmunicipal-type services from the MSD) should incorporate as a metro township or as the city ofMillcreek City. At the November 3, 2015 local special election, voters approved the incorporationof the Millcreek Planning Township as the city of Millcreek City (City); a map showing theboundaries of the City is attached hereto as Exhibit B.

    As part of the incorporation process, Salt Lake County held a primary election for the City Mayorand City Council on June 28, 2016. In order to facilitate the incorporation, all the candidates inthe general election for City Mayor and City Council (Final Candidates) have participated instudy sessions regarding various issues including the procurement of municipal-type services.Utah Code Ann. 17B-1-502 allows the City the option to withdraw from the MSD and choosealternative methods of service delivery. The City of Millcreek may choose this option, provided,among other things, a feasibility study that complies with the requirements of Utah Code Ann. 17B-2a-1110 has been completed, the City Council adopts a resolution no later than 180 days afterthe effective date of incorporation approving the withdrawal from the MSD, and a copy of theresolution is delivered to the board of trustees of the MSD.

    2. Services Requested.It is anticipated that the City will formally incorporate on or about January 3, 2017. Therefore, ifthe City wants to withdraw from the MSD pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 17B-1-502, then the Citymust satisfy the prerequisites identified in Utah Code Ann. 17B-1-502 prior to July 3, 2017. TheFinal Candidates are requesting proposals (sometimes referred to as Request, Proposal orRFP) from qualified firms/individuals (Proposer) to conduct a feasibility study as outlined inUtah Code Ann. 17B-2a-1110 so that the City may properly evaluate withdrawal from the MSD.A copy of Utah Code Ann. 17B-2a-1110 is attached hereto as Exhibit C.

    Even though outside the scope of a feasibility study as outlined in Utah Code Ann. 17B-2a-1110,the Final Candidates are requesting that the Proposal include a component that evaluatescontracting for services from the MSD. All services as contemplated by this RFP are collectivelyreferred as the Services. For informational purposes only the MSD currently provides thefollowing municipal-type services:

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    public works operation services (e.g. road maintenance, snow plowing, traffic control,traffic signal and street lights, concrete maintenance and construction, storm waterenvironmental compliance, administration and miscellaneous)

    public works engineering services (e.g., project management, permits and regulatory,storm drain, storm water environmental compliance, constituent engagement, newdevelopment, permitting/processing and review, roads and culverts, and transportation)

    animal services (e.g. field operations, shelter operations, veterinary operations, specialprograms, and administration)

    planning and development services (e.g. 24/7 building inspections, code enforcement,storm water environmental compliance, business licensing, planning, records management,and building permits)

    communications services (e.g. earned media, digital media, website, newsletters, publicengagement, training, internal/external communication, community support/liaison)

    economic development services (e.g. business relationships, facilitate business expansion,relocation, retention, redevelopment agency, and community interface)

    parks operation services (e.g. park maintenance and park administration).

    3. Proposal Requirements.One (1) original and five (5) written copies of the RFP are required to be submitted to EricaLangenfass, Purchasing Agent, Sandy City Corporation, 10000 Centennial Parkway, Suite 330,Sandy UT 84070, no later than 11:00 a.m. Thursday, November 17, 2016. Any response,modification, or amendment received after the due date and time is late. No late response,modification, or amendment will be accepted. No electronic Responses (facsimile, e-mail, ortelegraphic) will be accepted. RFPs must include the following elements and be signed by anauthorized representative of the Proposer:

    3.1 Introductory Letter. An introductory letter expressing an interest in providingthe Services should be included. The introductory letter should be addressed to:

    Erica LangenfassPurchasing AgentSandy City Corporation10000 Centennial ParkwaySuite 300Sandy, UT 84070

    Include an e-mail address for the primary contact of the Proposer.

    3.2 Qualifications. The Proposers demonstrated ability to perform the required

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    Services at specified levels described in this RFP. The Proposers indication of the understandingof the purpose and scope of the proposed Services as evidenced by the quality of the Proposalsubmitted. Identify the type of business (corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.) underwhich your firm operates, date business started, and license number to do business in the State ofUtah. Indicate the address for the office that would provide the Services and location ofheadquarter office. Indicate the number of employees in the office providing the Services.

    3.3 Project Team. Provide an organizational chart showing the level oforganizational responsibility of all major participants of your proposed project team. For eachperson listed in the chart, please provide the estimated number of hours or the percentage of timethe person is expected to work on the project. The percentages should be based on a 40 hour workweek. Include resumes of those principals, partners and other key staff members who will bedirectly involved in the overall project. By listing the individuals in the proposal, the Proposer ismaking a commitment that the personnel listed are the personnel who will be assigned to thisproject. The City must approve any changes to the personnel indicated. Millcreek City reservesthe right to request a substitution of personnel. If any part of the work will be provided by asubcontractor(s), please state their company name, their role in this contract, and the estimatedamount of time. The Proposer will be responsible for verifying the qualification and validity ofall licenses or permits for any out-sourced work to subcontractors.

    3.4 Relevant Experience. Provide detailed relevant experience for projects ofsimilar scope and comparable size and complexity which shall include the following: name ofclient, contact person and current phone number, brief description of project, date, total contractamount, and any other pertinent information regarding the experience. Millcreek City, or SandyCity on behalf of Millcreek City, may contact any or all of your clients for a reference. A Proposerwho has completed a feasibility study in the past for another municipality should submit a copy ofsaid study.

    3.5 Proposed Approach. Describe how the Proposer will approach each task of theproject. Describe the overall philosophy and how it will be applied to the project. Give a fulldescription of the methodology to be employed in completing the tasks and deliverables of thisRFP. Rather than stating commonly followed practices, focus on discussing issues and ideas thatare unusual to this project and identifying unique practices of your firm.

    3.6 Schedule. Time is of the essence in all project activities to assure the earliestpossible project delivery. Provide a brief history of the Proposers past experience and the abilityto complete projects in a timely manner. Provide a time schedule stating when the key tasks ofyour Proposal would be completed. This Section shall demonstrate the Proposers ability toprovide desired Services within time frames specified and at specified levels as described in thescope of work.

    3.7 Cost. The Proposal must include a total not-to-exceed price to complete theproject that includes any and all professional fees and any and all costs the Proposer may incur,including any costs for transportation, lodging, communication, printing, etc. The Proposal mustalso include an hourly rate for each project team member who the Proposer plans to utilize incompletion of the project. Millcreek City is not willing to pay an hourly fee for travel time. Costsshould be broken down into the following subsections (which may or may not be formally required

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    to be included in the costs calculations for the 105 percent rule of Utah Code Ann. 17B-2a-1110);(a) planning and zoning,(b) animal control,(c) streets (including maintenance, repair, snow plowing),(d) weed control,(e) street lights and signals,(f) park and park areas,(g) justice courts,(h) business licensing,(j) code enforcement, and(k) engineering.

    Finally, the study should include a narrative of each service type that includes sensitivities takinginto consideration the age of the City, what is included in the costs, and what percentage of thecost is profit to the organization or corporation. The sensitivities referenced in the previoussentence should be based on past incorporation examples.

    4. Identification of Anticipated Potential Problems. Proposer should identify anddescribe any potential problems with respect to providing the Services.

    5. Evaluation Criteria and Scoring Process. All Proposals received will bereviewed by a Review Panel (defined below). Each evaluation criterion has been given apercentage based on its relative value as a whole. The criteria and each associated percentage areas follows:

    Evaluation Criteria Weight

    Qualifications 20%Project Team 10%Relevant Experience 10%Proposed Approach 20%Project Schedule 10%Cost 30%

    30%Total 100%

    6. Selection. Discussions may be conducted with Proposers determined by MillcreekCity to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for the award. In addition, one or moreProposers may be invited to interview. Provided, however, that Proposals may be accepted withoutdiscussion or interview. The above criteria will be used unless modified in the interviewevaluation. A Review Panel or individual(s) will be appointed by the Final Candidates (referred tohereinafter as Review Panel). The Review Panel reserves the right to modify the interviewcriteria during the course of this process. If such modification occurs, each Proposer beinginterviewed will be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the interview of the revisedcriteria. Based on the results of discussions, if any, interviews, if any, and proposal scoring, theProposers will be rated by the Review Panel, and such recommendations will be forwarded to theMillcreek City Council or City Council elect and the City Council or City Council elect pursuant

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    to the authority of Utah Code Ann 10-2a-218 (which is applicable to incorporations of theMillcreek Planning Township pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 10-2a-413(2)) shall negotiate andmake a service contract. The Millcreek City Council or City Council elect may select one or moreProposers to provide the Services.

    7. General Information. Millcreek City reserves the right to reject any and allProposals. The City reserves the right to amend, modify or waive any requirement set forth in thisRequest. Response to this Request is at the Proposers sole risk and expense. All Proposers mustcomply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Except for written responsesprovided by the contact person described below (Contact Person), Millcreek City has notauthorized anyone to make any representations regarding the subject matter of this Request. Allrequests for clarification or additional information regarding this Request must be submitted inwriting to the Contact Person no later than November 9, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. The Contact Personwill endeavor to respond to such request for clarification or additional information; and if theContact Person deems, in his sole and absolute discretion, that such response is of generalapplicability, his response, if any, will be a formal Addendum (which constitutes a writtenresponse).

    Millcreek City anticipates selecting one or more of the responding Proposers, but there is noguarantee that any responding Proposer will be selected. Responses will be placed in the publicdomain and become public records subject to examination and review by any interested parties inaccordance with the Government Records Access and Management Act (Utah Code Ann. 63G-2-101, et seq.). All materials submitted in response to this Request will become the property...


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