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November 8, 2012

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  • L O C A L N E W S Y O U C A N U S ENOVEMBER 814 , 2012

    VOLUME 7, ISSUE 45


    Sisters Judy Frank, left, and Jackie Edwards, get ready to go into the polling station at Pacifi c Coast Church Tuesday morning. Turnout appeared to be good throughout the city as residents chose candidates in city, federal and state offi ces. Photo by Jim Shilander

    San Clemente Nurse, Pet Pitbull Provide Help at CHOC SC LIVING/PAGE 19

    Rattlesnakes Discovered at Aquatic Center EYE ON SC/PAGE 3

    SC Chamber of Commerce May Sue Over Election Mailers


    San Clemente Votes

    City turns out for local and federal elections


  • Whats Up With...S A N C L EM E N T E S TO P 5 H OT T E S T TO P I C S


    www.sanclementetimes.comSan Clemente Times November 814, 2012 Page 3

    SAN JUAN CAPISTRANOFormer San Juan Capistrano mayor Roy Byrnes

    and incumbent Councilman Sam Allevato won both available seats on the City Council

    Tuesday. Byrnes, who previously served on the council between 1972 and 1976, was the top

    vote-getter, finishing with 4,962 votes, or 25.7 percent of the total. Allevato, who has served

    on the council since 2004, finished with 4,283 votes, or 22.2 percent. Byrnes fellow Capistra-no Common Sense candidate, Kim McCarthy, finished with 4,010 votes, or 20.8 percent. Al-levatos campaign partner, Planning Commis-

    sioner Ginny Kerr, finished with 3,594 votes, or 18.6 percent. Had Byrnes and McCarthy won

    both seats, they would have likely teamed with like-minded Councilman Derek Reeve, who

    is often the lone opposing vote in 4-1 council decisions on issues such as the citys contro-

    versial Groundwater Recovery Plant.


    DANA POINTChristopher Aragon, 52, of Capistrano Beach was sentenced October 26 to 25 years in jail after pleading guilty to 50 counts including identity theft, grand theft and counterfeiting credit cards to buy high-end goods, then re-sell them online. Aragons sentence includes two enhancementsproperty damage over $1 million and aggravated white-collar crime over $500,000, a statement from the Orange County District Attorneys Office said. Aragon led a white-collar crime ring that operated be-tween 2004 and 2007. His six co-defendants, all members of the ring, include his wife, Clara Aragon, 40, and San Juan Capistrano resident Nancy Diaz Silva, 30. Aragons accomplices in 2007 pleaded guilty to over 80 felony counts each and were handed sentences ranging from one year in jail with probation to up to seven years in jail.



    SCSan Clemente

    THE LATEST: Officials at Southern Califor-nia Edison said during an investor confer-ence call Thursday that the company had incurred approximately $221 million in net market costs related to the outages at the

    THE LATEST: The San Clemente Collabora-tive hosted a substance abuse awareness event Monday at San Clemente, which brought emotional testimony from a San Clemente student about his own battle with addiction.

    Henry Hockett, 17, said hed started drinking and doing drugs at age 14, and had been in eight rehabilitation programs.

    He thanked his parents who had, he said, continued to support him throughout his life even as he was, in his own words, a bad son.

    San Clemente Police Services stated that there had been five confirmed deaths by overdose in the last year in the city, either intentional or unintentional, and another eight deaths that were considered possible overdoses.

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    THE LATEST: Users of the pool at the Aquatic Center at Vista Hermosa Sports Park have noticed some recent unwel-come visitors in recent weeksrattle-snakes.

    Pam Passow, the citys recreation man-ager, said there have been a number of snake sightings in recent weeks through-out Vista Hermosa Sports Park, including the pool area.

    This isnt something we ever expect-ed, Passow said.

    Passow said since the area had es-

    Drugs and Alcohol at SCHS?


    THE LATEST: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Tuesday that it would be meeting with officials from Southern California Edison November 16 to discuss the utilitys response to the NRCs confirmatory action letter, which addressed the damage to the steam gen-erator tubes at the plant.

    The meeting, which would be open to the public, will be held at the Doubletree Guest Suites Doheny Beach in Dana Point.

    According to the release announcing the meeting, Edison will make a techni-cal presentation on how the company has gone about identifying steam generator tube wear, as well as the corrective actions it has taken. Unit 3 was shutdown in Janu-ary after the discovery of a leak in a steam generator tube. Unit 2, which was already shut down for maintenance and refuel-ing, was found to have unexpectedly high levels of tube wear after inspections.

    The seating capacity for the room is only 350. More than 1,000 people showed up at an NRC meeting in Dana Point last month to discuss safety at SONGS. The release stated, the public is invited to observe the meeting and will have the op-portunity to talk to the NRC staff after the business portion of the meeting.

    FIND OUT MORE: Visit as more information about the meeting becomes available. Jim Shilander

    THE LATEST: While the local elections may be over, the consequences of some of the advertising in it may keep ill-feelings going.

    The San Clemente Chamber of Com-

    Another SONGS Meeting?

    An Election Lawsuit?

    ... SONGS Recouping Outage Costs?

    Rattlesnakes at the Pool?




    San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, as well as $96 million in inspection and repair costs.

    The utility is intending to seek re-imbursement from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which manufactured the steam generators at both units, including the damaged unit 3. The utilitys insurance company, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited, has been reimbursing Edison at $3.5 million per week, per unit, meaning $7 million per week, since the outage.

    WHATS NEXT: Southern California Edison President Ron Litzinger said the companys interactions with Mitsubishi have largely focused on technical issues related to the steam generators, and not on how the companies would come to a decision on a financial settlement. Edison submitted a $45 million invoice for costs incurred to Mitsubishi June 30.

    Mitsubishi has a liability limit of $138 million but that excludes the cost of con-sequential damages, such as replacement power.

    FIND OUT MORE: To view the documents from the presentation, visit

    sentially been wild, before the opening of the sports park in February, officials had thought they may see some wildlife. How-ever, the rattlesnakes have been a surprise, since they werent seen regularly during construction. Animal Control had arrived within minutes each time a snake had been spotted, she said.

    WHATS NEXT: Passow said special fenc-ing to deter rattlesnakes had already been installed at the Courtneys SandCastle playground and it seemed to have been effective. The department will soon begin installing fencing around the aquatic center, starting with the area believed to be where snakes were coming in.

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    merce threatened Monday to sue the organizers of a political action commit-tee that alleged that the Chamber used government funds to lobby on behalf of its endorsed candidates during the election season.

    Chamber attorney Stuart Leviton con-tacted Charles and Jeri Mann Monday, re-garding the suit. The Manns are involved with the PAC Watchdog for San Clemente Responsible Government, which opposed the Chambers two endorsed candidates, Jim Dahl and Mike Mortenson.

    The Chamber referred to the claims made in the mailers as false and libelous on their face. The Chamber specifically cited accusations that the Chamber used taxpayer funds to support the campaigns, and that the Chambers spending on Dahls campaign represented a kickback, as defamatory.

    WHATS NEXT: Leviton had asked for an apology to the Chamber and its members from the Manns, as well as an acknowl-edgement that the claims made had been false. Leviton stated that if a public apology and retraction were not made by Tuesday, the suit would be filed in court, and that the Chamber would pursue the case fully. Leviton, the Manns and Chamber President Lynn Wood had not returned calls as of press time to see if the case would move forward.

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  • www.sanclementetimes.comSan Clemente Times November 814, 2012 Page 5


    Hamm, Baker Win Council Seats

    By Jim ShilanderSan Clemente Times

    Longtime councilmember Dahl ousted, Alpay and Hanacek take CUSD Trustee seats

    an Clemente voters braved some inclement weather in the evening and some long polling lines in the

    morning Tuesday to cast ballots in a number of local races, in addition to the larger Presidential and state elections.

    Incumbent Robert Bob Baker and Chris Hamm won seats on the San Clemente City Council Tuesday, outpac-ing rivals Jim Dahl, Mike Mortenson and David Clegg to win the two contested seats.

    With all 46 San Clemente precincts reporting at midnight, Hamm was the leading vote getter by more than 1,000 votes, receiving 9,969, for 25.8 percent of the vote. Baker was returned to the council with 23.2 percent of the vote, with 8,937 votesthis despi