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IMC Plan Presentation. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2. Marketing Communication: Course Name MKTG1257: Course Code Melvin Fernando : Instructor. Group Members Nguyen Thuan Hieu – s3221969 Tran Thi My Dung – s3231518 Trinh Thi Que Nhu – s3209895 JungSoo Park – s3230147 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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IMC Plan PresentationMarketing Communication: Course Name MKTG1257: Course CodeMelvin Fernando: InstructorGroup MembersNguyen Thuan Hieu s3221969Tran Thi My Dung s3231518Trinh Thi Que Nhu s3209895JungSoo Park s3230147YeonJea Lee s3255327Pham Anh Tuan s3160828

Current Problem and Communication Objectives

Segmenting VariablesSub - CategoriesTarget MarketDemographicsAge15 50 years oldGenderMale & FemaleFamily Life cycleYoung generations: prefer high-tech productsSingle person: still try achieve more high position on careerYoung married without children: tend to focus on their careerIncomeMore than 10 million VND per monthOccupationBusinessmenStudentEducationHigh school graduated and aboveGeo-demographicCountryAll over Vietnam especially 5 big citiesBehavior-graphicsBrand LoyaltyMiddle and high brand loyalty. Due to the various kinds of tablets, people might purchase a tablet base on their emotion about a brand. Customers who have Samsung products before might continue to buy Galaxy Tab.BenefitDo not need to carry out many devices such as: hand phone, laptop, notebook Now they have an all-in-one technical product. PsychographicsSocial ClassMiddle-upper and Upper classPersonalityHigh-tech favoriteFashionableLifestyleBusiness man/ womanYoung people who like to try a newest technologyHigh self- esteem peopleTarget Market Size = 1,205,787Target Market

Competitors AnalysisiPadMotorola XoomProduct- OS: iOS 4.3- Processor: 1GHz A5 chip- RAM: 512 MB- Screen size: 9.7 inch- Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixel- Camera: 720p- LED Flash: No- Storage: 16/32/64 GB- Thickness: 8.8 mm- Weight: 601 g- Battery life: 10 hours- App Store: Yes - OS: Android 3.0- Processor: NVIDIA 1GHz - RAM: 1 GB- Screen size: 10.1 inch- Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixel- Camera: 5 mega pixel- LED Flash: dual- Storage: 32 GB + micro SD- Thickness: 12.9 mm- Weight: 730 g- Battery life: 8 - 10 hours- App Store: YesPrice16 GB: $499 - $62932 GB: $599 - $72964 GB: $699 - $ 82932 GB: $599 - $799PlaceApple StoreApple WebsiteVinaphone (2011)Viettel (2011)VerizonAmazonNot yet distribute in VNPromotion- Free trial testing in Apple outlet shop.- Celebrities: are spotted to be so much into iPad, for example, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus (Caulfield 2010).- Online advertisement: A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price (Apple 2010).- Video clip on Youtube- Launches New Motorola Xoom Promotional video by Verizon. (Vasquez 2011).


PlaybookArchosDell StreakToshiba Folio

Wellcom PadGalaxy Tab 2Apple Ipad 2


Galaxy TabApple Ipad

PlaybookArchosDell StreakToshiba Folio

Wellcom Pad

Position Map

Communication BudgetIMC ActivitiesSep 2011Oct 2011Nov 2011Dec 2011Jan 2012Feb 2012Mar 2012Week1234123412341234123412341234Youtube CommercialBuzz MarketingTravel Seoul with GT2Online BannerABCTV AdvertisingBillboard Physical BannerABCBand RollABCCatalogPosterTrade ShowMagazine AdvertisingBrand Endorser AutographSponsor Thanh Hang MVWhere the love begins : Releasing Day : Time use IMC activitiesA: Promotion Luck Draw Travel Seoul with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2B: Event Autograph of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Brand Endorser from KoreaC: Promotion Where the love begins get cutie for sweetie

Galaxy Tab 2Slimmer than ever

Travel SEOUL with

IMC ProgramObjectivesAttract the attention of consumersImpress the releasing of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Positioning Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the luxury productsSale Promotion Lucky Draw for Seoul TripCampaign Info10 Bentley Flying Spur Speed with image and slogan of Galaxy Tab 2 on side running around HCM cityBig gate decor layout with image of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in front of retail stores01.10.11 (Release Day)Buzz Marketing

01.10.11 29.10.11IMC ProgramBuzz MarketingObjectivesChanging consumer perception about Samsung Galaxy TabGain the market share of tablets market by 5%Attract customers and increase sales during the introducing periodMarketing MessageTravel Seoul with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Campaign Info:During 01/10/11 to 27/10/11, when consumers have purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 form any Samsung stores or other retrial stores, they will have a chance to win the trip to Seoul

During all the periodIMC ProgramPrint AdvertisingObjectivesIncrease product image and awarenessChange consumer perceptionRepositioning Galaxy Tab 2 in tablet marketCampaign Info: From 01/10/11 to 27/10/11Billboard: Large picture of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as out-door advertising set in high position of building to attract the attention of customersPoster: Image of Samsung Galaxy Tab will be displayed on the wall at every retailer storesCatalog: The prints includes image, functions and configuration of Galaxy Tab 2 to help consumers have more detail look oh this devices

17.10.11 13.11.11IMC ProgramTelevision AdvertisingObjectivesIncrease product image and awarenessChange consumer perceptionCampaign Info:Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 commercial will be broadcast on television on HTV7, HTV9, VTV1, VTV3 WeekChannelTimeProgram17/10/11 - 23/10/11HTV712h05 - 13h45After VN Film (Mon - Sat)VTV119h00 - 19h45Before Daily News24/10/11 - 30/10/11HTV918h00 - 18h45Before/After Film (Mon - Sun)VTV111h00 - 12h00Program (Mon - Sun)31/10/11 - 06/11/11HTV911h00 - 11h55Before/In/After Noon Film (Mon - Sat)VTV318h00 - 19h00After Film (Mon - Sun)07/11/11 - 13/11/11HTV709h00 - 09h15Before/After Program "Art & Life"VTV118h00 - 18h20Before Short New

30.10.11IMC ProgramTrade ShowObjectivesChange consumer perceptionDevelop product image and awarenessIntroduce brand endorsers of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Ms. Thanh Hang and Mr. Binh Min)Location: Diamond PlazaCampaign Info:On trade show, Samsung Galaxy Tab will introduce their brand endorsers and share their opinion about this tablet. At the end of the show, we will do the lucky draw to get the winner of the promotion Travel Seoul with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

01.11.11 30.11.11IMC ProgramMagazine AdvertisingObjectivesIncrease product image and awarenessIncrease sales by 5% and gain market share from Apple Ipad 2%Campaign Info:On page of the magazine will display the picture of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with their female endorsers (Thanh Hang)Tiep Thi Gia Dinh MagazineSai Gon Tiep Thi MagazinePC World Magazine (The Gioi Vi Tinh)PeriodMagazine NameAdvertising Position01/11/11 07/11/11Tiep Thi va Gia DinhThe last pageSai Gon Tiep ThiThe last pageThe Gioi Vi TinhIntroducing new product08/11/11 20/11/11Sai Gon Tiep ThiAdvertising page insideThe Gioi Vi TinhAdvertising page inside21/11/11 30/11/11The Gioi Vi TinhAdvertising page inside

24.12.11 25.12.11IMC ProgramAutograph of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Korean EndorsersObjectivesThrough the autograph session from one of the most well-known singing groups called Dong Bang Shin Gi and a famous figure skater Yu-Na Kim, achieve 90% of customer awareness towards the new model of Samsung smart tablet Galaxy TabReach more than 70% of potential customers within a yearIncreasing sales by 5%Campaign Info:Samsung will invite 3 brand endorsers of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from Korea (Dong Bang Sin Gi and Yun-Na Kim) come to Vietnam open the autograph event,. On this event, consumers of Galaxy Tab 2 and fans of Korea music will have a change get their autograph and receive special treatment from Samsung which is full packet of Galaxy Tab 2 (Included extra application CD) and have a change take picture with Korean brand endorsers.

January 2012IMC ProgramSponsor Thanh Hang Album, MV and PhotographObjectivesEnhance targeted customers brand awareness toward GT 10.1 to 70% Generate a positive customers attitudes to the brand and help to build a strong brand image in customers mindCampaign Info:Samsung will sponsor for TH to make her music album with the theme of CD cover and pictures are photographs of Galaxy Tab 2 with TH. Moreover, the one MV of this album will take the inspiration form Galaxy Tab 2.Then we also post the behind the scene and trailer of MV to youtube and on music channel (YanTV). Samsung will also provide the fresh conference on online new and also on magazine to promote for this campaign with the sample of autograph