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1 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06 Salik Development Foundation Annual Report, 2005-06 Head office: Baz Plaza Malakand Rd Takht Bhai, Mardan. Tel: 0937-551244, Fax: 0937-552546 Peshawar Office: Zahir abad ( Shahi bagh), Charsaddah Road, Peshawar, Tel: 0915276284 Ghari Habibullah Office: Near Jump, Balakot Road, Main Bazar, Ghari Habibullah, District Mansehra, Tel: 0997-450197-235135 Muzzaffarabad AJK Office: 8-D, Upper Chattar, Housing Colony, Muzaffar Abad, AJK. Tel: Emails for all Offices: [email protected] , [email protected] [email protected] ,Web Site: www.salikfoundation.com

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  • 1 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Salik Development Foundation

    Annual Report, 2005-06

    Head office: Baz Plaza Malakand Rd Takht Bhai, Mardan. Tel: 0937-551244, Fax: 0937-552546

    Peshawar Office: Zahir abad ( Shahi bagh), Charsaddah Road, Peshawar, Tel: 0915276284

    Ghari Habibullah Office: Near Jump, Balakot Road, Main Bazar, Ghari Habibullah, District Mansehra, Tel: 0997-450197-235135

    Muzzaffarabad AJK Office: 8-D, Upper Chattar, Housing Colony, Muzaffar Abad, AJK. Tel:

    Emails for all Offices: [email protected] , [email protected] [email protected]

    ,Web Site:www.salikfoundation.com

  • 2 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Table of Contents

    1. List of Abbreviations 3

    2. Fore Words 4

    3. SDF Structure5

    4. Detail of Staff .6

    5. Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) 7

    6. Social Mobilization and Organization14

    7. Health Program.17

    8. NUDP Program..19

    9. Environmental Protection ..22

    11. Water Supply & Sanitation ..31

    12. Earth Quake Relief Activities..41

    13. Publications

    14. Auditors Reports..

  • 3 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    List of Abbreviation

    1. SDF Salik Development Foundation

    2. PPAF Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

    3. CPI Community Physical Infrastructure

    4. PHC Primary Health Care

    5. MMR Maternal Morbidity Rate

    6. IMR Infant Mortality Rate

    7. CBA Child Bearing Age

    8. BBCM Broad Based Community Meeting

    9. TMA Tehsil Municipal Administration

    10. TVO Trust for Voluntary Organization

    11. CO Community Organization

    12. PAC Project Approval Committee

    13. AKWS Al-Khidmat Welfare Society

    14. AKTGS Awami Khidmat Gar Tanzeem Garo Shah

    15. SDCC Social Development Coordination Council

    16. M.S.O Male Social Organizer

    17. F.S.O Female Social Organizer

    18. NUDP NWFP Urban Development Project

  • 4 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Fore Word

    Salik Development Foundation (SDF) has

    initiated welfare activities since its establishment in 1989. With the passage of

    time SDF has started various developmental

    activities. During the period of 17 years SDF workers faced many problems, accidents and

    troubles. We learned a lot from experiences and circumstances during interacting with


    During these hard days SDF members, staff, partners and all well wishers cooperated

    according to their capacity. Due to which lacs of people are being benefited by SDF services today.

    SDF partner PPAF has cooperated and guided a lot. With the

    guidance of Mr. Kamal Hayat, Chief Executive of PPAF all staff of PPAF and especially CPI unit has guided and facilitated all partner

    organization in Pakistan for the alleviation of poverty, which is

    exemplary. Affiliation with PPAF is considered an honor. SDF has completed the CPI schemes in the backward communities of

    District, Mardan, Sawabi and Peshawar successfully while several schemes are in progress. Which help poverty alleviation?

    Beside PPAF collaboration, SDF has completed several

    developmental projects with collaboration of UNICEF, TVO, OXFAM, NUDP, DSP, NCHD, TMA (Takht Bhai, Mardan) and Pompier de

    Urgence and Secure Populair from France successfully. Due to which not only the area developed but mutual cooperation and trust has

    also been raised.

    I resolve and conclude that we would like to collaborate with those organization and individuals who work for development and peace

    in the world in order to establish a peaceful, developed and

    prosperous society.


    Jehan Zeb

    President SDF.

  • 5 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    SDF Structure

    General Body Members Board of Directors President Secretary Executive Director Staff members.

    SDF Goal

    Efforts for the Establishment of a Peaceful, Prosperous,

    Developed and equal Society SDF Objectives Provision of educational facilities and awareness raising in back ward

    communities. Efforts for the provision of basic health facilities, health education and

    awareness raising about prevention and control of diseases.

    To alleviate poverty and efforts for availability of basic needs of life i.e employment, skill trainings, safe drinking water, sanitation and

    community physical infrastructure to deprived and backward communities.

    To improve natural resources for the protection of Environment

    through awareness raising and capacity building trainings. Capacity building of farmers, information sharing and provision of

    facilities for agricultural development. Advocacy for peace, equality and human rights (esp. women and


    Coordination and linkage development, Information sharing and capacity building of CSOs / CBOs for participatory development and

    human resource development. Relief and Rehabilitation efforts in case of natural disasters and


  • 6 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Salik Development Foundation (SDF) Staff Detail


    S.# Name Designation

    Head Office Takht-Bhai STAFF


    Regional Office: Ghari Habibullah


    1 Muhammad Ibrahim Jan Executive Director 1 Abdur Razaq Office Coordinator

    2 Jehanzeb Khan Admn Officer 2 M. Imran Accountant

    3 Musharaf Shah Finance Officer 3 Ejaz Coordinator

    4 Imran Accountant Regional Office Peshawar

    5 Naveed Ahmad Engineer (CPI) 1 Aftab Alam Computer Operator

    6 Arshad Ali Social Organizer 2 Shaad Khan Coordinator

    7 Ibrahim Khan Coordinator CPI* 3 Ms. Sabeen Coordinator

    8 Farooq Khan Field Coordinator.

    9 Musaver Field Coordinator

    10 Bakht Zada Watch Man

    11 Mohammad Shah Driver

    12 Khan Mohammad Driver

    Salik Health Center Staff

    1 Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Medical Doctor

    2 Dr. Najma Lady Doctor

    3 Shaukat Ali In Charge

    4 Bashir Ahmad Lab Technician

  • 7 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) Program Introduction. CPI program launched in District Mardan, Swabi and Peshawar Districts in 2002. Salik Development (SDF) signed an agreement for CPI Phase I with PPAF. The CPI schemes begun properly in 2002. Three phases of CPI have been completed successfully during the year. While the 4th phase agreement has been signed and projects are in progress The main schemes and activities of CPI are construction of link roads, street pavement, construction of main drains and street drains, Installation of communal afridio hand pumps, irrigation water stoppers (nakkas), and construction of culverts, small bridges and capacity building of COs. SDF has implemented total 46 schemes in 46 backward communities of district Mardan and Tehsil Takht Bhai.

    Methodology The project staff consists of one CPI coordinator, one social organizer, one engineer and an accountant. The CPI Coordinator is responsible for all project implementation activities, planning and management with the assistance of social organizer. Social organizer attends community meetings and gatherings. He is especially responsible for social mobilization and in fact he is the person of the community. The job description of engineer is to analyze COs proposals, project area survey and preparation of estimated budget for schemes. Accountant maintain all project accounts and he also facilitate COs for accounts maintenance.

    Opening of Water Tank Construction in Pirano Dag work Takht Bhai.

  • 8 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Social organizer is the match stick and burn the fire of sensitization. He goes to the community and meets with project stake holders i.e community leader, teachers, social workers, religious leaders, Imam Masjid, youth and farmers for choosing an activist. He meets individually and collectively with community members of project area for social mobilization and organization purposes. Social organizer and CPI coordinator prepare community for 20 % shares against 80 % grant from SDF. This process usually takes 3 months. After the period of 3 months the CO becomes well equipped for project implementation. The COs pass a resolution in a BBCM for a prioritized scheme. They send the resolution to SDF head office and the CPI project staff analyze the proposal and finally project approval Committee (PAC) approve the proposal. The project work begins under supervision of CPI project staff and concerned CO. In case of hand pump installation schemes, volunteers are trained from the community for hand pumps repairs and maintenance in case of fault in hand pumps.

    SDF Criteria for CPI schemes

    Formation of CO

    Bank Account

    Need based and justified schemes

    Maintained official records of COs


    20 % share of total cost of the project

    Community Resolution by the CO

    3 % from community for maintenance and repair work

  • 9 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    A flow of CPI Procedure

    SDCC Peshawar. SDCC Mardan. Political Edu;n SNI NATPOW TVO Net Work M & E SPCS NGOs

    Network and




    COs Formation

    Capacity Building

    of COs at least for

    3 months

    Social / Village


    Resolution By COs

    for Schemes

    Proposal By the


    Meetings with COs

    (at least 3)

    Joint Bank Account

    MOU b/w SDF and


    Audit Project &



    formation for the



    Implementation by

    the COs

    Monitoring by the

    F.E or other

    member of SDF



    certificate by SDF Activities


    Water supply link

    roads, sanitation,

    irrigation & flood


    Donor Aid 80 % &

    Community Share

    20 %

    Maintenance 3 %

    from community


    implementation of


  • 10 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Detail of CPI Projects Phase IV (From July 05 to June 06)

    S.No Project


    CO name UC Tehsil District


    Male Female

    Phase IV 1st Quarter ( From July to September 05 )

    1. Sanitation, H.P, R.W

    CCB Doran abad

    Dagai Mardan Mardan 300 1224 1176

    2 San; , St

    Pav; R.W



    Pat Baba T.Bhai Mardan 190 745 775

    3. San; St Pav;



    Abdullah Jan




    T.Bhai Mardan 90 353 367

    4. San; St Pav;


    SDU Ghar




    T.Bhai Mardan 150 588 612

    5. DWSH Itifaq



    Swabi Swabi Swabi 90 353 367

    6 Link Road &


    SDU Karnal



    Narai T.Bhai Mardan 180 666 734

    7. Nacca


    SDU Saro




    T.Bhai Mardan 95 372 388

    8 DWSH SDU Shagai




    T.Bhai Mardan 80 314 326

    9 DWSH CDO Shagai




    Swabi Swabi 85 333 347

    10 DWSH SDU Takht-


    Pat Baba T.Bhai Mardan 170 666 694

    Phase IV 2nd

    Quarter (From October to December 05 ) 11 DWSH SDU Gujar




    T.Bhai Mardan 88 344 360

    12 San: & St


    Tehsil Bar





    T.Bhai Mardan 40 157 163

    13 DWSH Al-Khair




    Dehri )



    T.Bhai Mardan 140 549 571

    14 Sanitation &

    L. Road

    SDU Baidu




    T.Bhai Mardan 200 784 816

    15 Link Road Itihad






    Pat Baba T.Bhai Mardan 600 2352 2448

    16 San: L.R and





    Patti Kallan

    Takkar T.Bhai Mardan 310 1215 1265

    17 Sanitation Falahi





    Kaniza Peshawar Peshawar 200 784 816

    18 Sanitation , Hamdard Kaniza Peshawar Peshawar 200 784 816

  • 11 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06 DWSH Welfare



    19 Sanitation ,

    St Pav;






    Peshawar Peshawar 40 157 163

    20 Sanitation ,

    Dust Bins

    Ihsas Welfare





    Peshawar Peshawar 64 251 261

    Phase IV 3rd

    Quarter ( From January to March 06 ) 21 San; St; Pav;


    SDU Amir


    Takar T. Bhai Mardan 200 784 816

    22 Sanitation,

    St Pav





    Pat baba T.Bhai Mardan 70 274 286

    23 DWSH SDU Gul

    Shan Abad



    T.Bhai Mardan 155 608 632

    24 DWSH ,

    Dust Bin

    Hatian Social



    Hatian T.Bhai Mardan 245 960 1000

    25 Sanitation &



    Welfare Org;

    Pir Abad



    T.Bhai Mardan 300 1176 1224

    26 San & St.


    SDU T.Bhai



    Sharif Abad

    Pat Baba T.Bhai Mardan 600 2352 2448

    27 San & St


    SDU Takkar


    Takkar T.Bhai Mardan 120 470 490

    28 DWSH SDU Sher




    T.Bhai Mardan 145 568 592

    29 DWSH Spilano Dheri



    Makori T.bhai Mardan 142 557 579

    30 Link Road Kaloo Shah




    Naray T.bhai Mardan 400 1568 1632

    31 Link Road SDU Sardar


    Naray T.Bhai Mardan 95 372 388

    32 Link Road Bizey



    (Mian Eisa)



    T.bhai Mardan 100 392 408

    33 Sanitation SDU Muslim


    Naray T.Bhai Mardan 25 98 102

    34 Sanitation Hamza


    Society Saro




    T.bhai Mardan 355 1392 1448

    35 Sanitation Khedmat-e-


    Welfare Org;

    (CCB) Hatian

    Hatian T.bhai Mardan 110 431 449

    36 Sanitation Dosti


    Saro Shah




    T.bhai Mardan 660 2587 2693

  • 12 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Phase IV 4th

    Quarter ( From April to June 06 ) 37 San &


    Social Health

    and Deve;


    Pirano Dag



    T.Bhai Mardan 150 588 618

    38 Link Road Itihad






    Pat Baba T.bhai Mardan 600 2352 2448

    39 San; LR,





    Patti Kallan

    Takkar T.bhai Mardan 310 1215 1265

    40 San; St Pav.


    Naya Sawaira





    T.bhai Mardan 320 1254 1306

    41 San &


    SDU Qudrat




    T.bhai Mardan 210 823 857

    42 San & St Pav Khidmat-e-




    Khan Kallay

    Takkar T.bhai Mardan 250 980 1020

    43 San & Link


    Zlan Welfare






    T.bhai Mardan 150 588 612

    44 San &





    Shahi Bag



    Mardan Mardan 300 1176 1224

    45 DWSH Rural





    T.bhai Mardan 40 157 163

    46 Link Road Social


    Unit Tehsil




    T.bhai Mardan 124 486 506

    47 San &


    Gareeb Dost





    Mardan Mardan 60 235 245

    48 San & Link





    Bakhti Abad



    T.Bhai Mardan 135 529 551

    Detailed Break ups of Schemes

    Sanitation Schemes = 24

    DWSH (Hand Pumps) = 15 Link Roads = 07

    Irrigation = 01 Link Road & Sanitation = 01

    Total = 48 Schemes completed

  • 13 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Social Development Coordination Council (SDCC) SDCC is a network of civil societies based on district Mardan. Its monthly meeting is held every 2nd date of the month at SDF office. All COs members participate in the meeting. The aim and objectives of SDCC is to strengthen developmental activities in district Mardan, Information sharing and sustainable coordination.

    Specific Objectives of SDCC

    Strengthening Coordination between COs and SDF

    Experience Sharing to facilitate each other

    Capacity Building of COs

    Future Planning for CPI schemes

    Group discussion on issues and finding sustainable solution

    Meeting Methodology The reminder for meeting is given to all COs before a few days and they are asked for agenda, the COs members give points for agenda and finally the CPI staff prepare agenda for SDCC monthly meeting. In the meeting all COs members describe their progress, saving status and constraints faced during implementation. The problems are discussed and valuable suggestions are given by participants. On this occasion the CPI staff members facilitate all members of COs for the solution of the problem and future planning. Total strength of the SDCC Community organization is more than 60.

    A view of the ongoing work on link Road

  • 14 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Social Mobilization and Organization

    The CPI social organizer and Coordinator visit the community before schemes. They meet community leaders and common people. The main problems and issues of the community are discussed with the facilitation of SO & CPI Coordinator. The community members are sensitized by the CPI staff for the solution of their problems. And finally a community organization is formed after the period of at least three months. Generally the methodology for social organization is adopted by the CPI staff is as follow.

    Procedure of Social Organization

    Step-1: First Contact

    Step-2: Identification of contact person

    Step-3: Situation Analysis {Transit walk, social mapping, Base line information collection, etc)

    Step-4: Identify the entry point/common interest

    Step-5: Series of dialogues and completion of base lines data

    Step-6: Organize the community (CO, VO, interest group etc.)

    Step-7: Identification of activist

    Step-8: Develop objectives of organization by community

    Step-9: Elect office bearers or representatives of organization

    Step-10: Decide meeting dates, time, venue and bank for organizational


    Step-11: Identify priority needs of community

    Step-12: Prepared community action plans /list of activities at :

    a. Village level

    b. Household level

    c. Individual Level

    A view of Street Pavement

  • 15 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Step-13: Monitor and evaluate the progress of community organization on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Tools will be CO meeting, activist workshops, special review meetings, record of CO etc

    A view of the ongoing work of Prirano Dag, Takht Bhai

    Water Reservoir

    A view of the community meeting

    Children are taking Clean Drinking Water from Hand Pumps

  • 16 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Visit Pictures of Mr. Asim Aziz ( PPAF ) During the Phase IV Schemes

    Mr. Asim Aziz ( PPAF) with SDF Staff

    Mr. Asim Aziz (PPAF) with Community

    Members During the visit of Kamran


    Mr. Asim Aziz (PPAF) is talking with

    Community visit during the visit.

    Mr. Asim Aziz (PPAF) with CommunityMembers

    During the visit of Bajawro Korono T.Bhai

    Mr. Asim Aziz (PPAF) is Examining

    the water Quality of Hand Pump.

    President SDF is briefing about the


  • 17 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Health Program SDF has initiated its health program in the light of SDF goal. A peaceful, prosperous and developed society is possible when individuals have good health. And according to the Almata declaration in 1960, health is defined as by WHO that Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. In this connection all of SDF services improve the health status of a lay man. Primary Health Care (PHC) (Sub-Program) Salik Health Center established for the purpose of PHC services to poor people of Tehsil Takht Bhai and low cost quality laboratory test facility on 70 percent discount rates. The main facilities of Salik Health Center are as follow

    Medical Treatment (Male & Female)

    First Aid

    Maternal Health Care

    Child Health Care



    Laboratory Test

    Free Medical Camps

    Counseling and

    Health Education Staff Detail of Salik Health Center

    Medical Doctor 1

    Lady Doctor 1

    Lab Technician 1

    OPD Clerk 1 Dr. Muhammad Ayaz is Diagnosing a Patient in Salik Health Center

  • 18 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Progress Report of Salik Health Center

    S # Total OPD Kids < 5

    Males Females Adolescent

    > 18 CBAs 15-49

    Aged > 50

    2244 309 513 575 549 298

    1 Diseases

    1.1 Hepatitis A 17 24 19 8 3

    1.2 Hepatitis B - 2 27 12 5

    1.3 Hepatitis C - 3 31 17 5

    1.4 Malaria (Falciparum)

    - - 2 - -

    1.5 Malaria (Vivax) 193 287 281 321 178

    1.6 Malaria (Other) - - - - -

    1.7 Typhoid 7 199 97 53 21

    1.8 Diarrhea / Dysentery

    55 25 7 27 9

    1.9 Maternal Health - - - 102 22

    1.10 Infection 8 3 9 - -

    1.11 RTI 159 107 126 89 109

    1.12 Scabies 31 34 35 29 5

    1.13 STDs - - 2 - -

    1.14 UTI 7 94 59 39 42

    1.15 Anemia 15 17 24 21 11

    1.16 Sugar - - 98 31 35

    1.17 Tuberculosis - 1 - - -

    1.18 Arthritis - 18 14 5 -

    1.19 Mal Nutrition 3 9 18 23 7

    1.20 Minor Injouries 2 4 - 1 -

    2 First Aid - - 5 - -

    3 Counseling - - 20 97 69

    4 Health Education

    - - 207 197 174

    5 Referrals 2 3 7 9 3


  • 19 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Progress report of N.W.F.P Urban Development Project

    (NUDP) From September 2005 to June 2006.

    Project Name: N.W.F.P urban development Project

    Sub Component: Community Development &

    Participation(CD & P)

    Phase: 1

    Zone: 2

    Towns: Takht Bahi & Temargara

    Towns under supervision of SDF : Takht Bahi

    Duration: 29 Months

    Staff: 1 Male social Organizer & 1 Female Social organizer

    Under supervision: Deputy Director of Project

    Implementation Team

    Basic aim of the project:

    To ensure community participation on TMA level for all kinds of

    developmental activities.

    Background of the NUDP.

    N.W.F.P Urban Development Project (NUDP) has been launched in

    TMAs of 24 districts of NWFP with financial assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project aims the development of

    urban areas. 1325.656 million rupees (refundable) has been loaned from ADB for the project activities.

    For NUDP the contribution of ADB, NWFP and TMAs are 1325.656

    million, 480.277 million and 115.283 million rupees respectively.

    A consortium of civil society organizations has been established. The consortium composed of (1) Salik Development Foundation,

    Takht Bhai Mardan, (2) SAWERA organization Peshawar, (3) SESWA

    Organization, Swabi, (4) T.B Association, Charsaddah, (5) IDT Harripur, (6) SWYO Temargara (7) ASFB Kohat and (8) SWO


  • 20 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Activities: Office establishment:

    An office was established and its opening ceremony was held on 1st October 2005.

    Mr. Muhammad Akber (TMO Takht Bahi) & Muhammad Imran Deputy Director NUDP for Takht Bahi Town were the Chief

    Guest of the office opening Ceremony .

    Staff Trainings:

    Received two training by M.S.O and F.S.O arranged by CDA/ NUDP.(dated 19.09.0205 & 01.10.2005)

    Trainings were

    1. Project Orientation training

    2. Role of CCBs,LG,NGO and TMA in NUDP Survey was conducted:

    A Survey of butchers of the town area was conducted to know

    their needs and present situation.

    List of Existing CCBs & CBOs:

    Prepared a list of existing CBOs/CCBs their structure, nature, composition., aims & objectives were studied.There are total

    existing 16 CCBs and 6 CBOs in the town area(10 CCBs & 2 CBOs are in U/C Daman-e-Koh , 6 CCBs & 4 CBOs are in U/C

    of Patbaba of the Town area) Formation of New CCBs:

    So far two new CCBs are in formation stages.

    1. Women Development Council ( female CCB) U/C Dama-e-Koh

    2. Ithad welfare organization Abdur Rehman Kallay U/C Patbaba Awareness Campaign:

    Various meetings were held with elected representatives

    (male & female) of the Town area. They were sensitized about NUDP its basic aims & their role.

    Opening Ceremony of NUDP Office for T.Bhai Town.

  • 21 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Meetings were arranged in Govt & Private schools to introduce NUDP its basic aims. Students & teachers were sensitized

    about 1. Health Hygiene & sanitation

    2. Healthy Practices 3. payment of water connection bills

    4. importance of Community participation

    5. importance of Latrine 6. disadvantages of open latrine

    7. Concept of Communal septic Tank 8. importance of Community based organization


    Some Meetings were arranged with female and male social

    workers for the formation of new CCBs. Various meetings were held with DD, PIT & TMA Staff to know

    the existing Channels of communication and nature of community

    participation at TMA level.

    An Orientation training workshop was arranged for new &

    existing CCBs

    Printing Material:

    A broucher has been developed for the awareness of the

    people (health hygiene & sanitation education) Various training materials have been developed for the

    capacity building of CCBs and TMA staff.

    Mr. Arshad Ali (MSO) is facilitating the participants

    During CCBs Members Training.

  • 22 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Environmental Protection Program SDF has planted lacs of plants in NWFP especially in District Mardan. SDF has provided plants to volunteers farmers for the plantation on barren, useless and hilly land. SDF has also conducted capacity building and awareness trainings regarding Environment. SDF has conducted walks for the protection of environment too. Evergreen Nursery Farm. SDF has established a nursery farm in order to produce own nursery. The nursery farm contain the species of Popular, Equliptus, Sheeshum, flowering plants, fruit plants and decoration plants.

    Ever Green Nursery Farm A School Students are Receiving Plants for Plantation.

  • 23 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06


    Project Area: Ghari Habibullah, Balakot and Shawal Najaf

    Total Beneficiaries: 2016

    Start Date: 12-11-2005

    End Date: 11-12-2005

    Collaboration: OXFAM

    Under Supervision:


    Introduction of the project

    After the earth quake Oct 8, 2006, Salik Development Foundation

    reached immediately for emergency relief activities in the effected areas. The team of Salik Foundation and more than 40 volunteers of Salik

    Foundation served the effected people day night and the medical team of SDF gave first aid to the injoured.

    During the relief activities and intervention, Salik Foundation has

    signed and agreement with OXFAM GB for the proper disposal and management of solid waste material in the camps and surrounding

    areas, because solid waste management and proper disposal was a big issue of the time. No one had idea from the community that

    how, who and where the waste would be disposed. Due to the problem certain diseases like scabies, diarrheas etc were spreading.

    Thanks to OXFAM GB that they assisted Salik Foundation for the solution of the said problem. According to the MOU and agreement

    signed between the two parties, the solid waste management and disposal interventions were begun in 3 union councils of Tehsil

    Balakot i.e Ghari Habibullah, Balakot and Shawal Najaf.

  • 24 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Specific Objectives of the Project

    To participate in the cleaning-up of the targeted areas through the collection of old clothes, paper and cartons.

    To provide small cash opportunities to vulnerable house holds. To raise awareness about public health issues in mentioned

    areas through clean up campaign.

    Planed Results

    400 vulnerable individuals receive free cleaning gear (masks, gloves, bags)

    400 vulnerable individuals receive to clean up advice. 400vulnerable individuals receive cash in exchange of

    collected items. 10000 bags of discarded clothes, paper and cartons are

    collected and disposed of in an appropriate way.

    Planned Activities

    Setting up of 3 collection centers in Tehsil Balakot and Tehsil

    Mansehra. Liaising with local authorities to raise awareness about the

    program and identity relevant disposal options. Implementation of a information campaign.

    Provision of free cleaning gear. Collection of filled bags of clothes, papers and cartons.

    Provision of cash against each collected bag. Implementation of safe disposal pit for the disposal of

    collected items Disposal of the collected material.

    Mr. Jehan zeb (President SDF) Monitoring the collection


  • 25 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Implementation Process.

    After the approval of the project Salik Foundation hired local staff for project activities. The capacity of staff has been build. 3

    collection shop centers were established in Ghari Habibibullah, Balakot and Shawal Najaf.

    The detailed activities carried out during the project are as follow:

    1. Selection of Tent Shops Points in Balakot, Ghari Habibullah and

    shawal najaf .

    2. Appointment of one person in tent shop 3. Establishment of tent shops delivered the responsibilities of cash,

    banners and other items. 4. Coordination with

    Community Govt and Non-Govt Departments.

    Mosque Hujras

    Schools Hospitals and

    Camps / villages etc

    5. Awareness about Program Meeting


    Printing Material Micro Phone

    Use of Mosques Loud Speakers. Media.

    The SDF workers are collecting bags from the community


  • 26 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    6. Processed the collected used / reuse clothes and other

    raw material. Selected Processing points

    Diged 3 feet pits Disposed the collected clothes etc in the pits

    Separated the reusable items.

    Summary of beneficiaries participated in the collection and

    disposal of solid waste material.

    Date T.number


    T. no of




    No. of Trucks


    12-11-05 to


    6943 2016 138880 120

    Printing Awareness Material.

    Salik Foundation has designed and printed awareness pamphlets, posters and brochures about environmental protection, health

    hygiene promotion and useful messages for improvement of

    knowledge of the people. The samples are attached here with this report.

    A view of collected bags in Balakot Shop Center.

  • 27 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Health Sanitation and Environment Protection Awareness

    Walk in Balakot.

    Date: 15-12-05

    Venue: From: Shell Pump To Kaghan Bridge (Bala Kot)

    Timing: From: 10 am

    Organizations: Salik Development Foundation (SDF)


    United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF)

    Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Balakot

    District Govt: Mansehra

    Pakistan Boys Scouts Association and

    Line Departments of the area etc.

    Objectives of the Walk

    Awared quake effected community members about clean environment.

    Motivated for healthy life practices i.e washing hands with soap, solid waste management and disposal according to the

    environmental standards. Raised Self help spirit in the community members of quake

    effected areas. Information sharing and exposure of the problems of quake


    Detail of Walk

    Salik Development Foundation has arranged a ceremony and walk

    with collaboration of OXFAM United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, TMA Balakot, line

    departments, Disrtrict Govt Mansehra, Donors and Local community members of quake affected Communities. From this event also

    launched a week-long cleanliness drive in the quake-affected Mansehra district of NWFP here on.

    In this connection an awareness walk was held in Balakot. About

    2016 NGOs workers and Students and community intellectuals participated in the walk, which started, from Shell Petrol Pump in

    the quake shattered town of Balakot and ended at the Kaghan Bridge.

    A view of the participants of the walk.

    Women Participants of the walk

  • 28 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Main objective of the cleanliness drive and awareness walk is to

    combat diarrhea diseases by highlighting the importance of safe drinking water, hands washing and solid waste management in the

    camps, effected communities and its proper disposal according to the environmental standards.

    UNICEF Project Officer Mr. Mehboob Bajwa, Jehan Zeb President Salik Development Foundation (SDF) Assistant Coordination Officer

    (ACO) Mansehra Mr.Javed, executive district Officers Health and Education, Colonel Shah Ali, Secretary Pakistan Boy Scouts

    Association and Glad of OXFAM led the walk participants to Balakot main bazaar.

    Workers of Salik Development Foundation (SDF) , Philanthrope,

    International Rescue Committee (IRC) , Action against Hunger, Concern Pakistan and community members and intellectuals from

    Ghari Habibullah, Bala Kot and surrounding areas hoisted placards and banners in their hands with messages Let life smiles again,

    Wash your hands with soap before eating, Use safe drinking water, and Keep your environment clean.

    Announcements about the importance of safe drinking water,

    children immunization, hands washing with soap and solid waste management in the camps and its proper disposal according to

    standards of environment was an important segment of the walk.

    Addressing on the occasion ACO Mansehra said that in the quake-

    affected areas the chilling winter have confronted women and children with serious health problems.

    By washing hands and keeping our environment clean we can combat many diseases. Women and children need special care and

    Mr.Javed (ACO Mansehra) is addressing to the Participants of the walk.

    Mr. Mehbob Bajwa (Project Officer UNICEF) And other

    concern people from Different Departments are participating in The Walk.

  • 29 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    attention. By strengthening preventive side we can avoid outbreaks, and further disabilities, the ACO added.

    Jahanzeb Salik, expressed his concern over the deteriorating health conditions of the people living in the upper valleys of Balakot and all

    EQ affected areas and called on the government and NGOs to develop and implement water and sanitation, health, education and

    rehabilitation projects in these areas without any further delay and

    ensure correct utilization of relief goods and other donations. He said that after two months still now the EQ affected people are

    deprive from the basic needs of life like clean drinking water, sanitation, health, and other needs. He appealed to the donors and

    all concerned that may please ensure appropriate use of funds and avoid unnecessary paperwork as much as possible.

    Mehbob Bajwa UNICEF WES Project Officer said that UNICEF priorities included providing potable water people, cleaning and

    disinfecting existing water resources, providing water and sanitation infrastructure and managing diarrhea diseases by creating mass

    awareness and behavioral change among the affected population.

    At the end of walk at Kaghan bridge jehan zeb Salik paid thanked all participants and prayed for the shuhada, injured and all affected

    of EQ.The participants dispersed with this determination that they will do every possibility hard work individually and also collectively

    for the benefit of EQ affected.

    Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik (President SDF) is Addressing to the

    participants of the Walk.

    Mr. Shaheen ( MC UNICEF) is participating in Walk

  • 30 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Achievements of the project

    2016 vulnerable individuals received free cleaning gear (masks,

    gloves, bags) and they actively participated in protection of environment and they will able to keep the environment clean after

    the completion of project activities. The individuals of the said communities have sufficient knowledge

    to keep their surrounding clean and proper disposal of solid waste

    material. They know about the dangerous effects on life and diseases due to

    polluted and dirty environment. 2016 vulnerable individuals received cash honoraria in exchange of

    collected solid waste material and they helped and support

    financially their families during the trouble after EQ. 6943 bags of discarded clothes, paper, cartons, and medical solid

    waste were collected and properly disposed according to environmental standards.

    The spirit of self help created in the masses looking to national and

    international organizations came for relief activities.

    Irrigation Program Salik Development Foundation has initiated the irrigation program for the backward and poor farmers of the area. In the year 2006

    SDF has provided 300 water stoppers in UC Saro Shah, Tehsil Takht


  • 31 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Water Supply and Sanitation Name of Project:

    Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of Water Supply, Sanitation & Health Hygiene


    (SDF Earth Quake Oct 8, 2005 Relief Program)

    Collaboration With: UNICEF

    Project introduction

    The title of project is Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of water Supply Sanitation

    and Health hygiene Promotion. This project was started on January 1st , 2006 with

    collaboration of UNICEF for 6 Communities of U/C Garhi Habibullah.SDF (Salik

    Foundation) is the implementing agency for the project .SDF has started its activities

    for the achievement Goal and objectives of the project. The project activities has been

    intervened in these communities (Sanjal Dheri, Jabbi Haider Shah, Upper Palyani,

    Lower Palyani, Upper Damkacha and Lower Damkacha)

    Main Objectives of this project are the following.

    A. Rehabilitation and prosperous Society of earth quake affected project communities in 6 communities of U/C Garhi Habibullah

    B. Rehabilitation of existing water supply pipe lines of project area. C. Provision of Health Hygiene awareness in 6 earth quake affected


    D. Construction and Restoration of Latrines Sources and Storages.

    A view of the stage on the occasion of opening Ceremony

  • 32 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Project Activities

    S.No Activities Duration (5 Months) Achievements

    1 2 3 4 5

    1 Staff appointment,

    briefing and training.

    SDF has appointed health hygiene

    promoters 3 Male and 3 Female; which has been

    trained by SDF about

    Health Hygiene Promotion activities

    Meeting with

    Communities social Mobilization.


    Organization for the

    purpose of existence

    pipe line and convey person of CO

    2 Reconstruction and

    restoration of source,

    storage and latrines



    3 Health Hygiene

    Awareness session

    and distribution of

    health hygiene


    Material has

    distributed in 6

    communities in

    two phases

    4 Health hygiene



    activities in the

    project areas.

    5 Construction of

    Latrine and Source



    6 Construction of

    storage, source and


    Lower and

    Upper Palyani

    7 Fixing of pipe line Lower

    Damkacha and

    Lower Palyani

    8 Pipe line and

    Rehabilitation of

    existing water supply

    and construction of

    source and storage

    Upper Palyani

    Jabbi Haider


    9 Existing of pipe line

    for water supply

    Upper Damkacha

    and Sanjal Dheri

    10 Submitted progress

    report to UNICEF

    Each week

    submitted to

    UNICEF for

    weekly Progress.

  • 33 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Meeting with Community: SDF (Salik Foundation) team visited community and openly discussed with community to identify the problems.

    Sensitization of the Community: in this visit SDF team has sensitized the communities to work with the self basis. This visit was very fruitful for the

    affected areas.

    Mobilization of the Community: after the sensitization SDF team Mobilize the community call for a journey among partners and results in the successful

    transformation of development goals into societal action.

    CO (Community Organization)/Health Committee Formation: in this visit Salik Foundation team organized the community for the reconstruction

    and rehabilitation developed again of the affected areas.

    SDF (Salik Foundation) organized the following communities/health


    S.No Date Village Name Organization Total No. of


    Male Female

    01 16-01-06 Upper Damkacha Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 20

    02 16-01-06 Upper Damkacha Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 47

    03 16-01-06 Lower Damkacha Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 16

    04 02-02-06 Upper Palyani Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 27

    05 17-02-06 Lower Palyani Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 40

    06 17-02-06 Lower Palyani Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 13

    07 28-02-06 Lower Palyani Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 50

    08 02-02-06 Sanjal Dheri

    Many an

    Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 19

    09 02-02-06 Sanjal Dheri Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 27

    10 16-02-06 Jabbi Haider Shah Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 26

    11 31-01-06 Jabbi Haider Shah Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 11

    12 16-01-06 Lower Damkacha Dehi Taraqqiati Tanzeem 27

    Health Hygiene Committee: SDF team has visited the communities and formed the health hygiene committees for the assistance to provide hygiene

    information easily each and every person of the society and there are 10 to 15

    members in each community.

  • 34 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Health hygiene Committees

    Village Name No. of




    Purpose Meetings



    Two 15+15=30 Convey hygiene


    Weekly basis



    Three 15+15+15=45 Activist trained

    for health hygiene

    Twice in a


    Lower Palyani Three 15+13+20=48 Health hygiene


    Twice in a


    Upper Palyani One 25 - Twice in a


    Sanjal Dheri Two 20+20=40 As above Twice in a


    Jabbi Haider


    Two 20+20=40 Health hygiene



    The purpose of these committees had to provide health hygiene information to the

    communities and activists who will educate common people of the community.

    Constructed latrine

    S.No Village name No. of latrine Beneficiaries

    01 Lower Damkacha 17 357

    02 Upper Damkacha 17 357

    03 Lower Palyani 8 168

    04 Upper Palyani 8 189

    Latrines superstructures are loaded for fixing in the community

  • 35 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06


    On behalf of Salik Foundation, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Mr.Jehan Zeb president SDF for their

    commitment, moral support and generous sharing of their resources in order to ensure a better quality of life for several thousands of

    effected women and children who were faced problems in their daily life for bringing water along distance.

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my female health hygiene promoter they guided the communities

    for personal hygiene and gave more information about health

    promotion for their quality of life and the beneficiaries for whom this organization has helped voluntarily. We thank them for their

    cooperation, sharing of wisdom and receptivity during the process of service delivery.

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the

    WES/UNICEF, that they were provided financial and material support for the implementation of this project.


    After the great disaster communities were faced many difficulties/problem in their damaged homes. Salik foundation has

    constructed latrines and restored the pipe line connection and provided drinking water with collaboration UNICEF for the affected

    area of U/C G.habibullah.on the statistical data one latrine has utilized three houses, so the total numbers of beneficiaries/latrine

    are 21.

    Digging for latrines

  • 36 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Staff Capacity Building Training For Health Hygiene


    (SDF Earth Quake Oct 8, 2005 Relief Program)

    Date: From Jan18 To Jan19, 2006

    Timing: 09:00 am To 2:00 pm

    Venue: Regional Office Salik Development Foundation, Ghari


    Resource Persons: 1. Muhammad Ibrahim Jan, (Prog Assistant Health Unit SDF)

    2. Shazia Mehmood (Abbotabad)

    Participants: All male and Female Project Staff and Community Social


    Main Topics: 1. Effective Communication

    2. Health Hygiene Promotion

    3. Prevention & Control of communicable diseases.

    4. Management of Infection and Scabies

    5. Handling Daily Works according to hygienic and

    environmental standards.

    6. Social Mobilization

    7. Field Interventions & Community meetings.

    Participants during the training Promotion of Healthy Life Skills.

    Mr. Mehmood Ahmad Bajwa (UNICEF Mansehra ) is awarded Honor Shield By Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik ( President SDF ) and

    Mohammad Yonas ( TMO Balakot ) for his efficiency and

    devotion to the earth quake effectees relief Program.

  • 37 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Objectives of the Training

    Health Hygiene Promotion in project area through 4 female, 6 male and the active participation of community social


    Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the support of social activists about Healthy Habits and Promotion

    of Health Hygiene Practices. Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the

    support of social activists about communicable diseases, like Scabies, Hepatitis B, C, and TB of earth quake effected project

    areas. Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the

    support of social activists about Social Mobilization and community active participation to promote sustainable the

    project objectives. Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the

    support of social activists about effective communication for insurance of uniform and accurate information delivery to the

    project beneficiaries.

    Back Ground of the Training;

    Salik Development Foundation has signed an agreement with

    UNICEF in connection of Water supply, sanitation and Health Hygiene Promotion interventions in the earth quake effected areas,

    i.e Bat sang, Sanjilian, Malyar, Khan Mohallah, Neraly and Serai. This Training was not a planned activity of the project but SDF

    arranged the said training for effectiveness, sustainability and to well equipped the project staff for field interventions and health

    hygiene promotion campaign.

    Shazia Mehmood facilitating during the session of

    Social Mobilization

  • 38 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Training Proceeding;

    Day 1.

    The training begun with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Then all

    the participants introduced theirselves.

    Mr. Jehan Zeb President SDF, welcomed and thanked the participants of the training for their interest and participation in

    time. He told to the participants that this is the time of our unity and organization for the provision of relief and basic needs of life to

    earth quake effected communities. He requested to all social activists came from project area and all project staff for active

    participation and keen interest in all project activities which are going to be carried out in near future.

    Muhammad Ibrahim Jan, Program Assistant, Health Unit,

    SDF, began the training properly with a brief introduction of Salik Development Foundation and all Project activities. Then the

    participants were asked for any comments or question regarding

    project activities. Several comments and questions came from the participants while M. Ibrahim facilitated them in a comprehensive


    Then Muhammad Ibrahim explained effective communication after a group work. He told to the participants of the training that if you

    dont know project goal and objectives then you will never get success. It is necessary for information sharing and communication

    that you make yourself awared and well equipped about project objectives, activities and basic information about health hygiene


    After the Tea Break M. Ibrahim Jan continued the session with brief feed back and started the session of communicable diseases and

    health hygiene promotion with the help of multimedia. He explained

    the topics on multimedia with the participation of all trainees. He sensitized them time to time and gave them supportive examples

    according to the local traditions and healthy practices.

    The main topics were discussed are; Health Hygiene, Safe drinking water, clean sanitation system, prevention and control of disease

    like Diarrhea, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, C, Malaria, Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARI), infections and daily works

    according to health standards.

  • 39 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    The participants were stressed for the participation of women of the project area because women of the area are more vulnerable and

    exposed to health threatening hazards than the males.

    In the end of the day Mr. Awal Khan Health educator, SDF reviewed the day one activities and discussions, after having lunch the

    participants left for their homes.

    Day 2.

    A few verses from the Holy Quran were recited by a volunteer

    participant on day two morning.

    M. Ibrahim reviewed the previous day proceeding and described the health hygiene fundamentals once again.

    After the tea break Ms. Shazia Mehmood a social activist from

    Abbotabad, started the session of Social Mobilization. She told several local and successful past case studies to the participants

    that how the local and surrounding population struggled and worked hard for their wellbeing, development and prosperity. Then she

    explained with various transparencies the socio economic cycles

    effecting basic health and due to less access to basic health facilities poor socio economic conditions of the livelihood.

    She further explained the process of social mobilization especially in

    connection of health sector. She also explained community, organizations, norms, values, community dynamics, geography and

    qualities of good leadership and field workers.

    In the end of the day Mr. Awal Khan, Health educator , SDF, explained in detail the community intervention of the said project to

    the project staff. He stressed on hard working, commitment and devotion to the job.

    All the training participants prayed for the rehabilitation and

    prosperity of the entire quake effected people and left for their

    homes after lunch.

  • 40 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Water Supply Scheme for Maidan Camp, Batagram

    (SDF Earth Quake Oct 8, 2005 Relief Program)

    Project Area: Maidan Camp and surrounding effected areas in



    Duration: 35 Days

    Total Beneficiaries: 1300 Families of maidan tent Camps and surrounding


    Total Budget: Rs.178000


    To provide clean drinking water to 1300 families of EQ affected areas in Maidan tent camp and surrounding areas.

    Activity Background

    After the earth quake Oct 8, 2006, Salik Development Foundation reached immediately for emergency relief activities in the effected

    areas. The team of Salik Foundation and more than 40 volunteers of Salik Foundation served the effected people day night and the

    medical team of SDF gave first aid to the injoured.

    Like other EQ effected areas, access to clean drinking water in Batagram was a core issues and instant need.

    Several Water Supply Organizations tried for drilling in the said area but the said area was very hard and difficult for boring and drilling

    wells because of heavy rocks inside ground.

    NCA requested Salik Foundation through UNICEF Batagram, for boring and drilling well for water supply to the maidan camp and

    surrounding EQ efffectd areas. The drilling experts of Salik Foundation started boring in the said areas but after several

    attempts the bore was succeeded in the said area after 35 days hard work. Resultantly the effected people of maidan camp and its

    surrounding population benefited with clean drinking water.

    Collaboration: NCA

    Under Supervision: Salik Development Foundation.

  • 41 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Earth Quake (Oct 8, 2006) Relief Activities

    1. Collection of Relief goods from 10 October, 05 to 13

    October, 2005, in Mardan and Peshawar District. 2. Beginning of relief Activities from 11-10-2005

    Detail of relief Activities.

    Provision of Food items i.e Rice, Pulses, Dates, Bisket, Dry

    milk, pea nuts, etc Clothes, Sweaters, Shoes

    Candles Match box etc Mats for pray

    Bedding Shrouds

    Detail of Medical relief program

    Free medical mobile teams for 30 effected villages of Muzafar Abad, (Kashmir) to Balakot.

    15 days medical camp in Gari Habibullah, Permanent Health Center at Gari Habibullah in which more

    than 100 patients get medical and treatment aid. Health Education

    Coordination and linkage development for Sanitation and

    water supply.

    Dr. Hafeez ul Wahab, volunteer of SDF is diagnosing the Patients in Singal Payi Balakot.

    A view of the Relief camp for the Earth Quake effected people in Takht Bhai.

  • 42 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Detail of Capacity Building

    Survey of effected union councils Gari Habibullah, Balakot, Karnol, Tal Ata, of Tehsil Balakot.

    Data Collection in 50 villages in the said areas. Social Organization in the said areas.

    Linkage development and coordination among the donors, Govt and effected areas for effective relief program.

    Rehabilitation Coordination Council has been established

    consisting local bodies and organization for long term rehabilitation program.

    Objectives of Rehabilitation Council

    Mutual Coordination and Linkage

    To improve mutual cooperation Information Sharing

    Awareness raising about self help and participatory development

    Ms. Catherine & Dr. Noorani Gul (Volunteer) giving treatment to local patient in Salik Health Center, Ghari Habibullah Tehsil Bala kot

    A view of the relief activities in Balakot.

  • 43 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Establishment of Regional Office at Gari Habibullah

    On October 1st 2005 a regional office of SDF in Ghari Habibullah has

    been established.

    Regional office details

    Total Rooms..8 Store ..2

    Local Hired Staff .3 Transferred Staff .2

    Head Office Regional office Address

    Near Jump, main bazaar, Gari Habibullah

    Detail of effected areas mentioned in the relief activities earlier.

    Name of effected areas Name of effected areas Name of effected areas

    Balakot Lower harhi di takhi Lower Bathang

    Singl Pine Mahian sanjal dahri Damkacha

    Dalola Uper damkacha Lower palayani

    Pandi Uper bathang But sing

    Garhi habibullah Lower jabhi Mahla Khan sahib

    Muzafar abad Uper Jabhi Bani Karnoal

    Harhi taki Roh Uper Batorha

    Shamorhi Uper palayani Dana Muhammad khan

    Totat naka Barhkot Naral Darhi baghal char

    Jabhi Hader shah Karnoal Karnoal parahna

    Bararkot Lower Damkacha Batorha

    Pathaka Lower Londa Upper Hasarhi

    Katwahi char Porh Mahla Narha

    Baer kaloni Borhaj

  • 44 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Detail of SDF Volunteers

    35 Volunteers consisting of Doctors, Dispensers. Social organizer,

    Mason, Boring & fitting expert and other skilled person day night served without any charges in the effected areas.

    Volunteers from Australia

    Mr. Tem, Engineer, and Ms. Catherine, student of MBBS, joined SDF relief activities

    in Ghari Habibullah for two weeks. They looked after the patients and worked hard

    for the relief with great spirit.

    Environmental Protection Project in EQ effected areas

    Salik Development Foundation has started environmental protection program with

    collaboration of OXFAM. There are three solid waste collection shops in Ghari

    Habibullah, Shwal Najap and Balakot. The Aims and Objectives of the program are as


    Clean and protected environment

    Employment opportunities

    Control on diseases especially epidemic diseases

    Main Activities of the program

    To establish tent shops in the said effected areas.

    Scavenging (Collection of useless clothes, cartons, papers etc.)

    Provision of free Mask, Gloves, Bag and Rs.20 to Scavengers for the collection of one bag solid waste material.

    Solid waste proper disposal.

    Mr. Jehan Zeb, President SDF and and volunteer with Doctors are

    moving towards effect communities of hilly are of Balakot

  • 45 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Estimate of given Aid



    Goods Detail Quantity Price / Value

    In PK-Rs.

    1 Medicines and Treatment 3850 persons 1155000

    2 Food Aid (detail is


    2200 families 660000

    3 Blankets 370 families 370000

    4 Kitchen wares complete


    25 families 25000

    5 Shelter Plastic 2000 meter 100000

    6 Shoes 500 (no) 100000

    7 Clothes 5200 (no) 1300000

    8 Operational Expenses Upto 11.11.05 223500

    9 Establishment of

    collection shops centers

    (paper,carton,clothes etc)

    With collaboration


    3 collection

    shop centers

    of solid waste


    Total 4511000

    Collaboration with Local Community of Tehsil Takht Bhai, Mardan and


    A view of the collection tent Shop Center (paper, carton and cloths etc) at Bala Kot .

  • 46 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Family and Students Relief Package Program for Earth quack affected people of Tehsil Balakot

    1. Program Duration: One Month (February, 2006)

    2. Area for relief activities:

    Upper Hassari, UC Talhatta, Upper damkacha, Lower damkacha, upper paliani, lower paliani, Gabi Haider Shah, Sanjal Dheri, Mania,

    Singal pai, Ghari Habibullah, Dalola, Bora Gali, Bat sing, Upper Lunda Kumrian Ibrar kot, Kambria, Ghorey Pher, Upper Batora, and

    High School for Boys Ghari Habibullah.

    3. Total Effected Beneficiaries. ..2555

    3.1. Children Relief Kits...500 3.2. Women Relief Kits..500

    3.3. Family Food Relief Kits.1555

    4. Total Budget: Rs.1207000

    5. Main Objective of the Program:

    Emergency Relief Support to the Earth quake affected people of Tehsil Balakot.

    Unloading picture of Family & Students Relief Package Program for EQ effected people of Tehsil


    6. Activities of the project

    Identification of immediate more deserving families/meetings with communities

    Purchase of emergency necessary Relief items. Packing of the relief items.

    Distribution of emergency relief items. Submission of progress and financial report to Secours Populaire

  • 47 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Francais and Pompiers De IUrgence Internationale.

    President of SDF is giving relief goods to the effected people in single payee Balakot

    Members of Pompiers de urgence and Secours Populaire Francais are packing the relief goods

    TMO Balakot is giving relief goods Mr. Jehan Zeb, President SDF is giving the relief

    goods to a child from EQ effected family.

    7. Background of Program

    After the earth quake Oct 8, 2006, Salik Development Foundation

    reached immediately for emergency relief activities in the effected areas. The team of Salik Foundation and more than 40 volunteers of

    Salik Foundation served the effected people day night and the

    medical team of SDF gave first aid to the injoured.

  • 48 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    After proper survey and need assessment of the area workers of

    Salik Foundation, 6 members of Pompiers de Urgence and Secours Populaire Francais begun food and relief goods aid program with

    joint collaboration.All the three organizations visited out reach and hilly EQ affected areas and distributed the relief goods in the said


    Beside other problems like shelter, treatment and other essential

    facilities, Food and Clothing was a core issue of the time. Children and sick women were the most vulnerable people, who deserved for

    instant and immediate relief, first aid and food items.

    During the program implementation, the staff of Salik Foundation coordinated with local TMA and activists for the proper distribution

    of relief goods in effected areas. The team of Salik Foundation reached to hard hilly areas and distributed the relief goods, which

    detail is as follow.

    8. Relief Goods



    A Family food relief kit

    1 Cocking oil 5kg

    2 Dall 5kg

    3 Rice 5kg

    4 Tea 1kg

    5 Sugar 5kg

    B Women relief kit

    1 Women blanket

    2 Dopata

    3 Underwear

    4 Breezier

    5 Cream for protection of skin

    6 Cloths

    C Children relief kit

    1 School bag

    2 Pencil

    3 Pen

    4 Rubber

    5 Sharpener

    6 Note book

  • 49 Salik Development Foundation, Annual Report 2005-06

    Children and EQ effected people are receiving the relief goods

    8. Partner Organizations 8.1 Secours Populaire Francais

    8.2 Pompiers de Urgence International

    9. Under supervision

    Salik Development Foundation