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  • Theresa Ludvigson

    Sr. Director, Global Onboarding @tludvigs in/tludvigson

    Onboarding Reimagined How we use Culture + Technology to Deeply Engage New Employees

  • Purchase Recruiting

    Attraction Employer Brand

    Experience Employee Success

    Advocacy Employee + Alumni

    Adoption Onboarding

    Loyalty Retention

    Build success at every stage of the employee journey

  • "Salesforce, you have a magical brand – you need to make sure the onboarding experience matches that incoming

    employee expectation.” Geoffrey Moore, Author “Crossing the Chasm”

  • “Houston, we have a problem.” – Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Astronaut

    From: John Smith > To: Alex Thorpe >

    Bill Jones resignation

    April 29, 2014 at 10:45 AM

    New world record. 1 day. I never spoke to this candidate during the hiring process so I don't really know him. From what I can gather from his manager, Bill had all kinds of problems with his laptop on his first day and got locked out.

    I think he got so frustrated he just quit . . .

  • Our Strategy? Culture + Technology = Engagement

  • Foster a culture that helps us hire and retain the best talent

    “The business of business is to improve the state of the world.” – Marc Benioff

  • Our new app-centered world is changing our expectations

    Event-based Crowd-sourced Social Data-rich

  • Big ?: Why can’t work be more like my personal life?

    The world OUTSIDE work has changed . . . The world INSIDE work hasn’t!

  • Our Strategy in Practice

  • New Hire


    Reimagine onboarding to successfully integrate new hires

    Service Cloud Built on the PlatformMarketing CloudBuilt on the Platform Community Cloud



    New Hire



    Service App



  • Our results show we are moving in a positive direction

    94% New Hires

    Onboarded Successfully at Day 90

    (Up from 76% Exceeds our 90% Goal)

    4.6 New Hire

    Day 1 Experience Overall Rating

    (Up from 3.0 Exceeds our 4.5 Goal)

    96% New Hire

    Provisioning App filled out on time

    (Up from 64% Goal of 95%)

  • Automate onboarding with new hire success email journeys

  • • Smart: Powered by Marketing Cloud = Right message at the right time

    • Automagical: Drop new hires into Journey at T-7 and it runs for 1 year

    • Measureable: Open rates and clicks

    • Fun: Conversational tone = “I feel like I have a friend.”

    A deliciously #snackable flow of content

    90% Open Rate in the first year

    “Thanks for this and all the emails about various new hire topics. Your timing is great too btw. Not all at once and good sequencing.”

    – Tyna Chua, Sr. Consultant

  • Use V2MOM to drive transparency and alignment

    What do we want to do?

    What is important to us?

    What could get in our way?

    How will we do it?

    How will we measure success?






  • Rolled out in top 20 locations

    Day 1 Around the World – Consistent New Hire Messaging

    Ensure every new hire—in every role and

    location—experiences a smooth, engaging

    Day 1 Program that accelerates their time to

    productivity and ensures they feel a part of our

    “Ohana” from the get-go.

    Includes: Provisioning, Our Ohana Value,) interactive

    games and Aloha storyteller

    Provide hubs/regions leads with ‘Day 1 in a Box’ kit

    Day 1 Remote webinars also available

    Host bi-weekly syncs with onboarding volunteers

    4.85 Overall

    Experience Rating (Up from 3.0 & ahead of Goal of 4.5 out of 5)

  • Aloha Ambassador Program: Only the best touch the rest! Network of Culture Champions volunteer to help successfully onboard new hires


    • Selected from Koa Club members and other passionate employees – these individuals have a proven track record of success and demonstrate a strong desire to onboard and instill our culture and values with our rapidly growing Ohana.


    • Aloha Ambassadors are integral part of supporting our Day 1 and Becoming Salesforce programs. Responsibilities include:

    • Day 1 Program Facilitators and Greeters

    • Becoming Salesforce Campground staff

    • New Hire Experience VTO leads

    • Aloha Storytellers

    Exclusive Icon, Swag

    & Kudos

    700 Aloha Ambassadors

    (At locations worldwide)

  • Becoming Salesforce – 1 Day

    Culture Immersion

    Exec Keynotes Volunteering

    Interactive Learning


    Hour Camp


    Immerse new hires in our culture with a full day experience

  • We incorporate the latest technology to WOW! our new hires

  • White Glove Onboarding Experience

    Becoming a Salesforce Executive

    OhanaCommunity Plan Specific

    Online Platform for New Executives

    Customized 90 Day Transitions

    Functional and Role Training

    Sponsorship Program


    Team Work and Trusted Culture

    4.5 Overall

    Experience Rating

  • Trailhead in Day 1 and Beyond

    New hires exposed to interactive learning trails from their first day at Salesforce

    Cultivate Equality and Chatter Basics

    NEW! Becoming Salesforce Trail

  • Every New Hire has a Trail Guide

    #SalesforceOhana Support

    Trail Guide

    Hiring Manager

    because onboarding is a team sport!

  • Place



    Calendar based


    Employee eyes only


    Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Feedback




    5 Qs monthly

    1-4 scale + comments

    Anonymous (for 3+ teams)

    Visible to Management

    My Manager Upward Feedback




    4 Qs monthly

    1-4 scale + comments

    Non- Anonymous

    Visible to Management

    My Team Downward Feedback




    Summary of recent


    Cumulative MCS/ECS/PCS

    Monthly Graphs

    V2.0-> Trailhead Links

    Me Feedback Summary




    4 Qs monthly

    1-4 scale + comments

    Top 5 peers &


    Visible to Management

    My Peers Peer Check-In

    Create a culture of feedback that is real-time, multi-directional

  • Crowd-sourced, scalable new hire support One-stop shop of onboarding resources.

    New Hire Success Community

    Easy access to Ongoing Onboarding Support

    New Hire Success Landing Page

    14,000+ Members

    (At locations worldwide)

  • Still have questions? Ask Concierge! Concierge is our go-to app for ES, Information Technology (IT), payroll, and other workplace-related questions. It’s available on Aloha (SSO) and Salesforce1.

    Desktop Mobile (Salesforce 1)

  • Employee Mobile Apps = An experience new hires expect

    Community Concierge Org Chart Social Sharing

  • 96% of get equipment,

    access, and

    space on Day 1 (up from 64%

    exceeding goal of


    4.6 out of 5 star

    rating on Day 1

    Experience (up from 3.0

    exceeding goal of 4.5)

    30% decrease in

    New Hire

    Help Cases

    Results of Our Onboarding Transformation

    94% say successfully


    at 90 days (up from 76%

    exceeding goal of


  • We social advocates of

  • Questions?