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    Rev. Grzegorz Podsiadlo Administrator Steve Gunther Deacon Eileen Wyss Parish Secretary Diane Francis Religious Ed. Director Kevin McCann Music Director

    Welcome to our Church!

    Phone 908-637-4269

    Fax 908-637-6896

    Office Hours Monday - Friday,

    9:30 am to 3:00 pm

    PARISH REGISTRATION Every family should be properly registered. New parishioners should register at the Parish Office. Children 18 and over should be registered as adults. Envelopes are the only means we have to verify parishioners attendance at Mass. Please use your envelope regardless of the amount you are able to include. Without verification of Mass attendance we cannot issue sponsor certification for Baptism, Confirmation, or any character references, etc. Please notify the Parish Office of any address change as soon as possible.

    MASSES: Saturday Evening: 5:00 pm Sundays: 7:30, & 9:00 am (English), 10:30 am (Polish) Holydays: 7:00 am & 6:30 pm, 8:00 pm (Polish) Weekdays (including Sat.): 8:30 am

    CONFESSION: Saturday, 4:00 - 4:50 pm (before the 5:00 pm Mass) and before the 8:30 am Mass (by appointment only).

    BAPTISMS: Class and arrangements must be made by contacting the Rectory. If you are a newly registered family you are required to be attending Mass for at least three months and using offering envelopes.

    MARRIAGES: Requirements... Marriage preparation classes and Confirmation (if you are Catholic). Arrangements are to be made at least six months in advance. At least three meetings with the priest are required.

    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Classes are held for Parish registered members only on Sunday mornings from mid September to May. Children seeking their Sacraments must attend all 8 years of a Religious Education Program. Call 908-637-4269.

    R.C.I.A.: Anyone interested in adult religious education or becoming Catholic. Call Marilyn Gorski at 459-4483.

    VISITATION OF THE SICK: Every first Friday of the month, at home or in the hospital, please call the church office, 908-637-4269.

    SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH NIGHT PRAYER: In Polish from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am.

    BLUE ARMY PRAYER GROUP: Every Monday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm in the Chapel. New members are

    OUTREACH PROGRAM: If you are in need please call Lisa French at 908- 343-7831. All calls kept confidential.

    ALTAR ROSARY SOCIETY: New members are always welcome! We meet every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Call Walt at 908-459-5861.

    POLISH ROSARY SOCIETY: Meets every first Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. New members are always welcome!


    Religious Education E-mail


    Walking Pilgrimage

    3 6 0 U S H W Y 4 6 - G R E A T M E A D O W S , N E W J E R S E Y 0 7 8 3 8


    SAT – Aug 29 (Passion of St. John the Baptist) 5p -Return to good health of John Barton req Gail

    & Frank McMahon SUN – Aug 30 7:30a -Birthday blessings for Beata & Elzbieta on

    their 50th birthday req Bielecki Family 9a (Eng) +Raymond Hendershot req sons & family 10:30a (Pol) -Dziekczynna za przyjecie 1 kom

    Olafa od rodziny MON – Aug 31 8:30a +Stella Lencewicz req Genevieve & Joseph,

    Jr. Godlewsky TUES – Sept 1 8:30a +Cezary Makac WED – Sept 2 8:30a +Irene Wyss req her family

    THUR – Sept 3 (St. Gregory the Great) 8:30a -God’s blessings for Helen Baldwin on her

    96th birthday FRI – Sept 4 8:30a +Wladyslaw Kuczek req children & family SAT – Sept 5 (St. Teresa of Calcutta) 8:30a -For the intentions of Pres. Mr. Donald

    Trump & for his successful re-election 5p +Alberta J. Kurnath req mom Alice & family SUN – Sept 6 7:30a +Helen Hendershot req sons & family 10a +Walter Kendra 11:15a +John Dragowski req wife & children 10:30a (Pol) +Za zmarlych Antoni & Maria Wawer

    od rodziny Szmigielski


    Altar Flowers are available Bread & Wine is offered this week in memory of Raymond Hendershot req sister-in-law Arlene Olenick Sanctuary Lamp is available Divine Mercy Candle is available

    MASS TIME CHANGE Beginning NEXT Sunday, September 6th, Masses will return to our Winter Schedule which will be: Saturday 5pm, Sunday mornings 7:30am, 10am, 11:15am, and in Polish at 12:30pm until the end of this year. Please make a note.

    ALL MASSES FOR 2021 Starting in January of the new year, 2021, and continuing throughout the year, the Masses will be celebrated in our church as follows: Saturday, 5pm Sunday, 7:30am in English, 10am in English, and 11:30am in Polish.

    Thank You, Parishioners Thank you to all our parishioners that are mailing, or dropping off your weekly offerings. What a blessing! We do rely on them. May God bless you.

    WEEKLY OFFERINGS-August 1st week - $2311 2nd week - $2627 3rd week - $2970 4th week - $2473

    LIVE BROADCAST OF SUNDAY MASS this Sunday at 9am.

    LECTORS NEEDED Lectors are needed for all Masses. If you can help please call Walt, he can train you and give you some pointers. Walt can be reached at 908-763-7403.

    Warren County Food Pantry: For Warren County residents-The NORWESCAP Food

    Pantry is Open Please Call 908-859-5447

    Before you plan to arrive. Curbside pickup is available. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10a - 3p Thursday 1p- 3p 387 South Main St., Phillipsburg, NJ

    FRIENDLY REMINDER Please remember to wear your masks properly when entering our church and please wipe down your area where you were sitting after the Mass. Extra masks are available as well as alcohol wipes in the back of our church.

  • A little over 2 months until the Presidential election. Please pray for hearts to turn to God & chose candidates who promote the sanctity of life, the Christian moral code, the sanctity of marriage & family, parental choice for educating their children & uphold basic freedoms for every person.

    “You are called to stand up for life! To respect and defend the mystery of life always and everywhere, including the lives of unborn babies, giving real help and encouragement to mothers in difficult situations. You are called to work and pray against abortion.” – St. John Paul II Please join the record number of Christians who have signed up not to erase history, but to make history. The Sept. 23-Nov. 1 40 Days for Life campaign will be the largest global effort of 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion ever. Make a stand for God and our country proclaiming the value of life at this critical time in our nation. Offer time to peacefully pray during a 40-day vigil in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood, 66 East Washington Ave. Washington. There will be an opening rally on Sept. 20th from 2:30-4 outside the Planned Parenthood. Please pledge to lift the local 40 Days for Life campaign up in prayer, as well as asking for God’s protection on all human life from conception until natural death. For more information contact: Jennifer English, 973 525-6692. or visit Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be Afraid; do not be discouraged, for The Lord Your God Will be with You Wherever You go. Joshua 1:9

    WOMAN IN NEED Pregnant and parenting moms in need are in our parishes and our neighborhoods. As Pope Francis

    reminds us, our parishes need to be “islands of mercy in the midst of a sea of indifference.” Everyone in our parish community should know where to refer a

    pregnant woman in need. Join this nationwide yearlong effort from March 25, 2020 to March 25, 2021. Walking with Moms in Need – A Year of Service. For more information please visit

    Your invited to Alpha In Person or On-line What is Alpha? Alpha is a place to explore the Christian faith with others. It is a low-pressure environment designed to discuss the big questions in life about God, Faith, and Meaning. Every Alpha session has three key ingredients: food, talk, and discussion.

     So what does that look like? ■ Food – Alpha is relational. And nothing builds relationships like sharing food together. Each Alpha session starts with a meal (in person only) ■ Talk – Every week there is a video episode that explores the basics of the Christian faith ■ Discussion – After the talk is a time of discussion in small groups where guests can share their thoughts and questions

     Alpha is run all over the world.  In 2018, 1.3 million people tried Alpha, in over 100

    countries.  It’s fully aligned with our Catholic faith and values.  It’s endorsed by United States Conference of

    Catholic Bishops.  Alpha has been run in many parishes across the

    United States and we are one of 17 parishes offering Alpha in New Jersey this fall.

     Alpha makes sharing your faith easier – something as simple as sharing your faith with someone, and inviting them to try Alpha, can have a huge impact

     We will be offering Alpha in 2 ways sta