Saint Matthew Catholic 2019-09-18آ  Saint Matthew Catholic 215 Kirkley Road, Tyrone, GA 770.964.5804

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  • Saint Matthew Catholic

    215 Kirkley Road, Tyrone, GA 770.964.5804 (Office)

    May 26, 2019


    Monday & Wednesday


    Thursday - Communion Service


    Sunday 8:30 am & 11:00 am & 2:00 pm Daily and Weekend Readings can be found at

  • Saint Matthew, Tyrone, GA

    Anointing of the Sick—Anyone facing surgery or dealing with a serious illness should contact the parish office or Fr. Kevin for the reception of this sacrament. Communion to the Sick and Homebound—If you or someone you know is ill, in the hospital, or homebound, please notify the parish office so a visit can be arranged. Reconciliation—Saturday at 4:15 m or by appointment. Sacrament of Marriage—Please contact Parrish Office at least six months in advance for planning of wedding. Baptisms—Please contact Parrish Office to schedule a baptism. Rosary Group —Thursdays after the 9:00am Communion Service Eucharistic Adoration— First Friday of each month from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Request for Mass Intentions—To schedule a Mass intention, please contact the Parish Office at 770.964.5804 . Bulletin Deadline—Announcements for the bulletin must be submitted by 10:00am on Monday for the following Sunday bulletin. Bulletin announcements will run for 2 weeks. Email them to Membership—Please stop by the Parish Office to fill out a Registration Form or complete online on our website. Changed Your Address or Phone Number? —If you have moved or changed phone number please notify the church office with new information at or 770.964.5804 . Thank you for keeping us up-to-date! Stephen Ministry— The Stephen Ministers provides spiritual support to people facing a crisis or going through tough times. The care you receive is free, confidential and helpful. To learn how you or a friend, neighbor or family member can receive care, please contact Jacquie Stahler - 770-490-7064 or Unción de Enfermos— Cualquier persona que enfrenta cirugía o enfermedad seria debe ponerse en contacto con la oficina parroquial para la recepción de este sacramento. Comunión a los Enfermos—Si usted o alguien conocido esta enfermo, en el hospital, o confinado en casa, notifique a la oficina de la parroquia para convenir una visita. Confesión—Sábados a las 4:15pm o por cita. Sacramento de Matrimonio—Por favor contacte a la Oficina de la Parroquia con 6 meses de anticipación para planear la ceremonia. Bautizos—Por favor contacte a la Oficina de la Parroquia para la preparación de bautismo. Quinceañera—Por favor contacte la Oficina de la Parroquia con 6 meses de anticipación. Grupo de Rosario—Jueves después de servicio de comunión de 9:00am. Exposición del Santísimo—Primer viernes de cada mes de 6:00pm a 9:00pm. Intención de Misa—Para ofrecer una Misa de intención, por favor contacte a la Oficina Parroquial al 770.964.5804. Anuncio de Boletín—Anuncios para el boletín deben llegar a la Oficina el lunes antes de las 10:00am para el boletín del próximo domingo. Envíe el anuncio a Membrecía—Pase por la Oficina Parroquial para llenar la Forma de Registración o complete en línea en la pagina web. Cambio de Dirección o Teléfono? - Si usted se a mudado o cambiado de teléfono, por favor notifique a la Parroquia con la nueva información a o 770.964.5804. Gracias por mantenernos al día!

    Rev. Kevin Hargaden, Pastor Deacons

    Rev. Mr. Jim Weeks Rev. Mr. Bill Hampton Rev. Mr. Gayle Peters Rev. Mr. King Cooper Rev. Mr. Leon Roberts Susana Ikhwan Director of Operations and

    Hispanic Ministry Leila Wathen Director of Music Mario Camarillo Communications Specialist

    Meiling Familo Coordinator of Elementary

    Faith Formation

    Parish Office Hours / Horario de Oficina

    Monday –Thursday, 9 am to 3 pm

  • May 5, 2019, Third Sunday of Easter

    MASS INTENTIONS / INTENCIONES DE MISA Monday, May 27, 7am Communion Service Requested by

    Tuesday, May 28, 9am Communion Service Requested by

    Wednesday, May 29, 7am Communion Service Requested by

    Thursday, May 30, 9am Communion Service

    Friday, May 31, 9am Communion Service Requested by

    Saturday, June 1, 5 pm St. Matthew Parish Family Requested by

    Sunday, June 2, 8:30 am Sharon Habach Requested by Sandra Habach Sunday, May 26, 11 am Jose de Jesus Rodriguez Requested by Marta Rodriguez

    Sunday, May 26, 2 pm Jose de Jesus Carrasco Requested by Elia Carrasco



    2pm 2 de Junio

    Lectores Lilia White Roman Alaniz Yaneth Fonseca Eloiza Castillo

    Ministros de

    la Eucaristía

    Maria de Santos Elida Hernandez Carmen Hernandez

    Ujieres Jonatan Cruz Cynthia Gonzalez Stephanie Gonzalez Eduardo Romo




    Yamilet Fonseca Brittany de Santos Alicia Gonzalez


    June 1 June 2 June 2

    5pm 8:30 am 11am

    Lectors John Milani Mimi Osanu Simon Hukin

    Kimberley Marchand Jacquie Stahler Sharyn Bergin



    Mike Anderson Phil Brodowski Carol Andry Hixon

    Jimmy Derichsweiler Dwight Hallock Mary Barcala

    Donna Groover Laurie Hallock Annette Ross

    Lisa Lowther Dennis Norris Rhonda Sauer

    Jenny MacKinnon Donna Norris Rick Sauer

    Melissa Parente Jim Todd Joyce Strength

    Ministers of


    Amy Anderson Jerry Magrosky Harry Kelley

    Bob Graham Ken McCarrey Olly Larson

    Jack Warber Ken Miller Angela Prado

    Lawanda Wideman Lou Todd Cynthia Welsh

    Altar Servers Marie Ozburn Dominick Brand Kate Hukin

    Steven Parente Avery Fuller Rachel Hukin

    Collin Sheehan David Nelson Vivien Hukin

    Ben Sharp Mary Whittaker Joan Karl Georgia Valkman Roland Roger Carol Haul Frances James Marian Hansen Marilyn Haggerty Kenny Lemke John Truitt Mary jo Shamas Marty Yarbrough Janet Cox Sunni & Family Chris & Family Zachary Patrick Kathleen McCarrey Darlene Nollman Gary and Sharon Creed Tammy evans Folsom Wideman Family Ingrid Adela’s Mother in Law Mary & Bill Platt Judy Pruitt and family Betty Hillmeier and family Flo and family Teresa Fr. Kevin Martin Fr. John Murphy EWTN Sam W Sara Ann Richardson

    Rosa Mae Harris Ed Stone Victor Cruz Hervey Jane Mosley Darryl Adams Charles Owens William Neuton Melanie Musante Summer Strenght Jim & Carol Balloni Viviane Bossy Ray John Milani Mike Freund Tamiko Jordan Lynch Family McCarrey Family Laura Henderson Cherie Mason Henry Mngerem Imoter Mngerem Dooshima Mngerem Lenuesse Mngerem Monica Mngerm Mary, Cliff, & Joe Craddoch Micki Ledbetter Nicole & Cassie Semple The Russ Family Louise Burrows Rene & Gee Gee Greg Gilbert The Alderman Family Wagener Family Otto Family

    All Graduates Cecilia & family NN & family Adaobi & family Iko & family Ngozi & family Louis & family Cindy B. & family Washington Family Sharon & family Mary O. Ed Lynch Angie & Carl Dellaquila Lillian bosco Theresa & Joe DeLisi Angela & Justino Beck & Bufano Families Stephanie, Dan, Lule, Lilly Michael Spataro Jr. Joanna, John, Charlie, Jack Steve Massie Sarah Berry Ron Braddock Kimberly smith Qynt Doanes Alfred Crea Passquale Tosyali Danielle Camaraty Arthur & elva Davis Clara & Aunt Theresa David E Pounds Darius Cooper Jr & Family Sharon Matthews Sandy Marvin

  • Saint Matthew, Tyrone, GA

    Noonan Scholarship

    If you are a graduating high school senior,

    and would like to receive the Noonan scholarship offered by St. Matthew , please write a letter addressed to Fr. Kevin. The

    Letter must contain the name of the high school you currently attend, that you are a supporting member of this parish, a promise to continue an education beyond high school within the next six months, mention of the school or program you are planning to attend, and your full name, address and telephone number. The letter must be submitted to the church office by Sunday, June 9th. Scholarships will be awarded at the 11am mass on Father’s Day, June 16th.

    Have Military in your family?

    As we put together the parish directory this year, we would like to highlight any of our parishioners who are currently in the military. If

    you have anyone in your family please send a professional image and name to

    Parish Directory Make-Up Day!

    If you missed our parish directory pictures, there will be a make-up day for anyone interested on Ju


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