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SAINT LUCY CATHOLIC CHURCH ... 2020/06/14  · paraan nang pagtanggap at bukas-palad na pagtulong sa ating kapwang nangangailangan ay matamo nating lahat ang masaganang buhay sa Panginoon

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Text of SAINT LUCY CATHOLIC CHURCH ... 2020/06/14  · paraan nang pagtanggap at bukas-palad na...

  • SAINT LUCY CATHOLIC CHURCH 2301 Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810 | Office #: (562) 424-9051

    Mailing Address & Parish Office: 2344 Cota Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810 st luc ypar | [email protected]

    REVISED MASS SCHEDULE SUNDAY ENGLISH — 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:15 am SPANISH — 6:30 am, 1:00 pm

    DAILY MASS (MON-FRI) — 7:30 am only

    Per CDC Guidel ines , St . Luc y Church has a maximum occupanc y of 90 attendees on a

    f i r s t come, f i r s t ser ve bas is . Ever yone in attendance must wear a f ace mask.

  • Vis i t our website to v iew cur rent or previous bul let ins & most up to date infor mation at: lucypar

    Administrator: Fr. Budi Wardhana Assistant Pastor: Fr. Joseph Vu Resident: Fr. Thaddeus Agbasonu Emeritus Pastor: Fr. John Quy Tran Deacons: Francisco & Herminia Gonzalez, Joseph Thien & Hanh Pham Administrative Assistant: Clara Verdin St. Lucy Outreach Center: Clara Verdin Director of Religious Education: Santa Rivera Director of Adult Education: Lyn Garcia School Principal: Ms. Angelica Izquierdo Asst. Principal: Angie Gonzalez Bookkeeper: Estelita Celis Bulletin Editor: Marlene Guzman

    The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ ST LUCY CATHOLIC COMMUNITY Page 2


    Thank you for your prayerful giving!

    WEEKLY DONATION $7,237.00

    PARISH RECTORY OFFICE HOURS Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday - Sunday CLOSED





    RCIA (562) 673-3485

    RICA (562) 243-2382



    Help us reach our 2020 goal!

    Par ish Goal : $43 ,168 .00

    P ledges Made: $26,885.00

    Amount Paid: $18,740.03

    Under Goal : $24 ,427 .97

    M I S S I O N S T A T E M E N T We the people of St. Lucy multi-cultural community, called by the Lord, share our gifts, talents and abilities

    through, Prayer, Liturgy, Education, & group activities as a means of welcoming and reaching out to all in need, bringing all to more abundant life in the Lord.

    Tayong mga mananampalataya sa parokya ng Santa Lucia, isang pamayanan binubuo ng maraming kultura, ay tinatawagan ng Panginoon na ibahagi ang ating mga biyaya, talino, at kakayahan. Sa pamamagitan ng sama-samang panalangin, pagsamba, paghahasik ng karunungan at paglahok sa mabubuting gawain bilang

    paraan nang pagtanggap at bukas-palad na pagtulong sa ating kapwang nangangailangan ay matamo nating lahat ang masaganang buhay sa Panginoon.

  • The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020 Page 3

    "As we enter this new moment, It is important to remember that the coronavirus is still out there, it is still contagious, and it is still dangerous.

    So, we need to proceed with prudence and cau- tion and concern to protect our most

    vulnerable parishioners. Let us continue to pray and stand together with our people as we begin to reopen our church- es and our society. Know that I am praying for

    you and I ask you to please pray for me and my ministry."

    - Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

    Most Reverend José H. Gomez Archbishop of Los Angeles

    Holy Virgin of Guadalupe,

    Queen of the Angels and Mother of the Americas. We fly to you today as your beloved children. We ask you to intercede for us with your Son,

    as you did at the wedding in Cana. Pray for us, loving Mother,

    and gain for our nation and world, and for all our families and loved ones,

    the protection of your holy angels, that we may be spared the worst of this illness.

    For those already afflicted, we ask you to obtain the grace of healing

    and deliverance. Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful,

    wipe away their tears and help them to trust. In this time of trial and testing,

    teach all of us in the Church to love one another and to be patient and kind.

    Help us to bring the peace of Jesus to our land and to our hearts.

    We come to you with confidence, knowing that you truly are our compassionate mother,

    health of the sick and cause of our joy. Shelter us under the mantle of your protection,

    keep us in the embrace of your arms, help us always to know the love of your Son, Jesus.


  • The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ LITURGY, WORSHIP & PRAYER Page 4 LOS SANTOS Y OTRAS CELEBRACIONES Domingo: El Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo; Día de la Bandera Lunes: Undécima Semana del Tiempo Ordinario Viernes: El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Sábado: El Inmaculado Corazón de María; Jornada Mundial de los Refugiados; Inicio del verano LECTURAS DE HOY Primera lectura — El hombre no vive solamente de pan (Deuteronomio 8:2-3, 14b-16a). Salmo — Glorifica al Señor, Jerusalén (Salmo 147 [146]). Segunda lectura — El pan es uno, y así nosotros, aunque somos muchos, formamos un solo cuerpo (1 Corintios 10:16-17). Evangelio — El que come mi carne y bebe mi sangre, tiene vida eterna (Juan 6:51-58). Salmo responsorial: Leccionario Hispanoamericano Dominical © 1970, Comisión Episcopal Española. Usado con permiso. Todos los derechos reservados. LECTURAS DE LA SEMANA Lunes: 1 Re 21:1-16; Sal 5:2-3ab, 4b-7; Mt 5:38-42 Martes: 1 Re 21:17-29; Sal 51 (50):3-6ab, 11, 16; Mt 5:43-48 Miércoles: 2 Re 2:1, 6-14; Sal 31 (30):20, 21, 24; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 Jueves: Eclo 48:1-14; Sal 97 (96):1-7; Mt 6:7-15 Viernes: Dt 7:6-11; Sal 103 (102):1-4, 6-8, 10; 1 Jn 4:7-16; Mt 11:25-30 Sábado: 2 Cr 24:17-25; Sal 89 (88):4-5, 29-34; Lc 2:41-51 Domingo: Jer 20:10-13; Sal 69 (68):8-10, 14, 17, 33-35; Rom 5:12-15; Mt 10:26-33

    ALIMENTO CELESTIAL Dios sostentó al pueblo de Israel por cuarenta años en el desierto con maná venido del cielo, y Moisés no quiere que lo olviden. Dios hizo brotar agua de la roca para que bebieran, y Moisés tampoco quiere que olviden esto. Y Moisés se lo dice – dos veces—que el alimento que Dios envió era comida que ni ellos ni sus antepasados jamás habían probado antes. Jesús, también habla del pan venido del cielo, comida que el pueblo judío jamás había probado antes. Recordando el maná del desierto, Jesús tampoco quiere que ellos lo olviden, explicándoles que él es pan y bebida para la vida eterna. Y Pablo les reitera a los corintios y a todos nosotros que en el pan y en la copa participamos en el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

    SAINTS AND SPECIAL OBSERVANCES Sunday: The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ; Flag Day Monday: Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time Friday: The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Saturday: The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary; World Refugee Day; Summer begins TODAY’S READINGS First Reading — Never forget the LORD your God, who brought you out of slavery (Deuteronomy 8:2-3, 14b-16a). Psalm — Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (Psalm 147). Second Reading — Because the loaf of bread is one, we who partake of it, though we are many, are one body (1 Corinthians 10:16-17). Gospel — Jesus said, “I am the living bread; whoever eats this bread will live forever” (John 6:51-58). The English translation of the Psalm Responses from Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved. READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: 1 Kgs 21:1-16; Ps 5:2-3ab, 4b-7; Mt 5:38-42 Tuesday: 1 Kgs 21:17-29; Ps 51:3-6ab, 11, 16; Mt 5:43-48 Wednesday: 2 Kgs 2:1, 6-14; Ps 31:20, 21, 24; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18 Thursday: Sir 48:1-14; Ps 97:1-7; Mt 6:7-15 Friday: Dt 7:6-11; Ps 103:1-4, 6-8, 10; 1 Jn 4:7-16; Mt 11:25-30 Saturday: 2 Chr 24:17-25; Ps 89:4-5, 29-34; Lk 2:41-51 Sunday: Jer 20:10-13; Ps 69:8-10, 14, 17, 33-35; Rom 5:12-15; Mt 10:26-33

    FOOD FROM HEAVEN God sustained the people of Israel for forty years in the desert with manna sent down from heaven, and Moses doesn’t want them to forget it. God brought forth water from stone for them to drink, and Moses doesn’t want them to forget this, either. And Moses tells them—twice—that the food that God sent was a food that neither they nor their ancestors before them had ever experienced before. Jesus too speaks of food come down from heaven, food that the Jewish people had never experienced before. Recalling the manna in the desert, Jesus doesn’t want them to forget it either, explaining that he is the food and drink of eternal life. And Paul reiterates to the Corinthians and to all of us that in the bread and in the cup, we share in the body and blood of Christ. Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

  • The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020 Page 6

    Please come to the Parish Rectory to request your Mass Intention two weeks prior to intention date. Para Ofrecer una Misa o Presentaciones favor de venir a la Rectoría Parroquial dos semanas antes de la fecha deseada.


    S , J 14, 2020 6:30 AM: INTENCIÓN